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Aww, Drake Breaks Bottle On Chris Brown Over Rihanna.. Details Here

When will these dudes get over Rihanna fa? Her babalawo must be a very good one.. az in :D Well, since the news broke this a.m, it's been widely reported that Drake got into a fist fight in a New York club with Chris Brown, and it was definitely messed up. Y'all know both Drake and Breezy have had romantic relationship with Riri and it appears this beef between the two is not going anywhere anytime soon. Details here
Media Take Out -Got Into a Fist Fight Over Rihanna, Bottles Broken + Some Old Wound Rapper Drake and his entourage got into a fight with Chris Brown at a popular NYC nightclub. According to eye witnesses ala snitches inside, Chris and Drake have had a difficult relationship since three years ago - when Rihanna cheated on Chris with Drake. Chris has held a grudge against Drake for years.

Well last night at Club WIP, we're told that Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake's table, as a sort of peace offering. We're not sure WHAT happened next, but we're hearing unconfirmed reports that Drake sent the bottle back to Chris with a message to the effect of - "I'm [insert expletive] the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it."

Whatever message Drake sent back caused Chris to immediately fly into a rage - and he confronted Drake and his entourage - which included another Chris Brown rival, rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill also had a relationship with Rihanna.

Well according to our snitch, Drake punched Chris in the face and before Chris could retaliate, someone (#teamnosnitch#) popped Chris in the mouth with a bottle, multiple times. And as a result, Chris was LEAKING LIKE A FAUCET!!!
Security immediately swooped in and broke up the fight. Drake and 'em immediately left the club, before police arrived. Chris, we're told left under his own power - and later went to the hospitalto get his face sewn shut.

Her fans Ri-act:

Twilight Saga Finale: Kristen Stewart & Robert Patterson Get Vampire Baby, Renesmee

Laide Bakare Shoots N30m Movie, What She Said About 9ice

Beautiful actress, and married (I had to chip that in.. Lol) granted an interview recently where she discussed her upcoming movie titled, 'Jejere'.. Whatever that means tho :D When asked how she selected her cast, who she's worked best with and how much the movie has gulped thus far, here are the answers she provided to Rosemary Ogana of Best of Nollywood.

Laide: I have a lot of people I cast for the movie, great people too. Right from the day the idea was conceived, I began to thoroughly select my cast based on who will interprete a particular role effectively. Emeka Ike, 9ice, Fathia Balogun, Ireti Osayemi and many others came to mind. I love my cast, all of them but I enjoyed working best with 9ice. I'll say getting him on board is one of the best decision I made for this production, he simply exudes the confidence of an actor and interpretes his role perfectly. For an artiste, he's done a good job of playing an actor.

On budget, we have spent over N30million and still incurring cost she says.

Wow to N30m.. For Naija ehn, our movie industry is sure improving, lets keep pur fingers crossed and hope 'Jejere' willth geat rave reviews.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lovely Photos: Abdulsalam Takes Maryam Belgore As Wife.. Beautiful People

Don't ask me where I got these lovely pictures.. anything to make you guys happy :D I've been publishing loads of people's wedding photos lately, so when I bumped into these I figured if not, why not.. LOL.

UPDATE: Apparently, Maryam went to the same school with my lil sis.. Wow, wow, wow!!!! I knew someting attracted me to her photos, but I didn't know it at the time.. (wide grin).. Congrats to Maryam and hubby, another sis from another mother.

If you need to learn more about what went down at the nuptial of Maryam and Abdulsalam, go to Maestro's Media, yea, exactly where I got the pics.. Winks. And here's how the wedding was reported.

"It was a 4 day extravaganza that the capital city of Ilorin, Kwara State would not forget in a hurry. It was the nuptial ceremony between the first daughter- Maryam of renowned Muslim cleric- His Eminence Sheikh Sulaiman Farooq Onikijipa & one of the sons of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Retired Chief Justice Alfa Belgore (Abdulsamad Belgore). Many came from far and wide to celebrate with both families. At a point, it was like a carnival had arrived in town. The young and the old, disciples of the well-loved Muslim cleric, top Alfas from far and wide, very gorgeous friends of the bride and her deliciously beautiful younger sister- Iradat, came out in large numbers to celebrate the gorgeous bride. " - SOURCE.
There's this pic of the wedding decor, its so lovely.. check it out + more photos after the jump

$620,000 Bribery Scandal: Reps Cut Short Vacation To Assemble On Friday

Members of the House of Representatives are expected to assemble in their chambers in Abuja on Friday, June 15, 2012, apparently to respond to raging bribery allegations involving its ad hoc committee on the management of fuel subsidy.

The House had adjourned on June 6 to resume on June 19.

But a notice on Wednesday by the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Sani Omolori, urged members to resume on Friday by 10a.m.

Although he did not state the reason for the sudden invitation, it may be unconnected with the raging allegations that the chairman of the committee, Farouk Lawan, and its clerk, Boniface Emenalo, collected  from an oil marketer, Femi Otedola, to influence the report of the panel.


VIDEO: Trayvon Martin's Dad Delivers Emotional Message For Father's Day.. Wipes Tears

Ahead of Father's Day Sunday June 17th, Trayvon Martin's dad who will be having such an important day without his son by his side delivers an emotional message to America. You should see this.. Hate is a crime.. Simples! May Trayvon's soul rest in peace. Amen.. Just a few days ago, Trayvon's shooter, George Zimmerman's wife was thrown in jail for lying to a judge about Zimmerman;s finances. The 25-year-old Shellie Zimmerman was charged with perjury, a third-degree felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Remember Kano Mass Wedding? Well, It Got Hit By Some Scandal

The last mass wedding in Kano State aimed at finding husbands for divorcees and widows is now mired in controversy as Hisbah Board has uncovered two fake couples in the list of those given out in marriage.
Hisbah, the Sharia implementation outfit, has equally suspended one of its field commanders believed to have planted the two married couples in the list to pave way for full scale investigations.
Director-General of Hisbah, Abba Sa’id Sufi told newsmen in the state that “the two couples were earlier married in real life,” pointing out that “they made the final list due to connivance of someone within.”
Sufi said: “The board had retrieved all the benefits including furniture, N20,000 empowerment gesture and the N10,000 bride price provided by the state government.

“Henceforth, anyone caught perpetrating sharp practices will be prosecuted according to existing laws.”

He added that the board’s screening committee had been reconstituted to include the district head, the police, and the officer in charge of State Security Services, SSS, in the 44 local government areas in the state.


Jay-Z Threatens To Drop Rihanna From Label If She Doesn’t Go To Rehab

Rihanna has been partying a lot over the past few months and it's taking a toll on her professionally. Afraid that she might be throwing her career down the drain, mentor and record label boss Jay-Z urged her to go to rehab – or else, says a new report.
Word that Rihanna might be overdoing it (drinking too much, being out too much and basically not taking proper care of herself) has been around for a long time, but she never acknowledged it in any way. Until now, however, reports never said she might have a genuine problem: they just stated the obvious, namely that RiRi was out partying a lot.

“According to reports, Rihanna’s manager and close friend Jay-Z has ordered the 24-year-old singer to seek help before it’s too late,” adds the same media outlet.

An insider confirms this – under the promise of anonymity, of course – saying that Jay is fed up with Rihanna's recent behavior because it could spell a bump in the road for her career.

“Rihanna has been out of control for months. She was supposed to catch a flight back to the UK last week, but she ended up missing it, which was the final straw for management,” says the spy.

“Jay-Z hit the roof when he found out, and told Rihanna, 'Go to rehab now or I’ll drop you from the label.' She’s not happy, but she now feels she has no choice,” adds the insider.

The Mail also quotes another report making the rounds online, which says that the problem with Rihanna might go beyond a supposed addiction to alcohol.

She's displaying the classic signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, such as “a constant need for attention and admiration,” the British tabloid argues.

As of now, Rihanna is yet to address the latest round of rumors. Considering how she shot down reports in The Sun the other day, we can only imagine what she'll have to say this time, on Twitter, of course.


Photos: Bella Naija's CEO Uche Eze's Wedding To Bode Pedro

Before you read this, I hope it's for real o cos no1 is talking about it except where I got the pics, see HERE but they say pictures don't lie.. Well, my thot.. Uche Bella Naija never fails to surprise me.. She went and got married without all the paparazzi that trails a wedding such as hers.. Issorait o :D Thing is, being a celebrity's celebrity herself, Uche just did the unthinkable with this one, cos I didn't see it coming, not like this I mean.. LOL> Well, that's cos I was so looking forward to her wedding, was even on a friend's case that we gon publish all the photos here and give upto the minute gist like Funke Akindele's wedding. I wish her all the best in her marital life but beef dey sha, until I see all those fab pictures and all the people that made it to her wedding. We have to, scratch that, we must celebrate your big day girl, share them photos soon. Love from someone who likes you plenty.

Boko Haram Will Be Finished By June Ending - Bishop David Oyedepo

I sure have all sorts of quotes to share today, here's one statement Bishop David Oyedepo allegedly made. Thing is, if this comes to pass, Nigeria will be better for it but erm.. with the crop of leaders we have, I'm not so sure about this sir but I'm willing to trust your judgement, don't sha fall my hand tho, June ending is near.. Quote here ---> 
“This month (June) ends their activities in the country and calamity will rain on their camp beginning from now, any attempt to Islamise the country will surely fail.
Enough is enough. Whoever is their sponsor, they should expect the wrath of God over them before the end of this month, except, I’m not called by God.” Bishop David Oyedepo

Facebook Status Of The Day: TB Joshua's Prophesy On Aristo Girls

You know stuff you get on social media.. Lol. I bumped into this on facebook, one of my friends had it as an update but that TB Joshua said this may or may not be true.. Depends on if you believe everything and anything.. BTW, its interesting tho, and here it is in screaming headline --->


Wow.. Lol. How many former governors are there in Imo State? How many chicks have been with them as sidekicks? **Eyes rolling** If you're reading this and you know a friend who's guilty, in ur best interest, go see a babalawo :D or visit with Pastor TB Joshua.. ROTFL

The World's Dumbest Criminals On Facebook.. Oh, Well!

An Englishman has been convicted after testifying his innocence in court, then coming home and posting “I think I get [sic] away with it” to Facebook.
Michael Ruse, 21, initially pled not guilty to assault charges involving a 45-year-old man in Hampshire, England. But an anonymous person who’s Facebook friends with Ruse printed out the update and delivered it to the court, forcing Ruse to change his plea to guilty.

Afterward, Ruse updated his Facebook status to call the case’s judge, Ian Pearson, “stuck up. In his ruling, Pearson ripped into Ruse. He said, “[Y]ou were stupid enough to put on Facebook what amounted to a full confession” and “your stupidity really is not much mitigation.”

Pearson sentenced Ruse to 46 weeks in prison, plus by six months of strict curfew.During the trial, Ruse’s lawyer admitted his client “needs help with regards to thinking skills.”

And maybe a copy of Facebook for Dummies.

FarouqGate: Otedola Submits Audio And Video Evidence To IGP

"Oil magnate, Femi Otedola, yesterday, stoked his charge against embattled Rep. Farouk Lawan, by handing over to the police, audio and video evidence of how Lawan got the first installment of the bribe and how he demanded the balance.
Sources close to Otedola said that besides submitting the video and audio evidence,he told Police investigators inAbuja how Farouk mounted pressure on him with a list of senior officials of the House who he claimed were to be settled with the bribe money.

Meanwhile political leaders from Lawan’s political base in Kano have

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Photos: Prince William Doing 'The Azonto', Tonto Dike Steps To Same + More

Wooozzaaah!!!! Now, the very wealthy and famous are taking everything away from us ordinary people, this has to do with the photo making the rounds now of UK's Prince William stepping to the Azonto dance while his wife Kate Middleton watches and have a good laugh. Here's GOODBYE to the poor man's swag, Azonto may never be the same again if you're stepping to it and you are not royalty.. Lol.

Prince William seems real cool in that pic, I think the finest he's ever looked in any of his pictures.. Marries life things :D
Oh, bet you've seen that last photo, the one at the bottom left.. Winks. Before I touch on Tonto Dike, lets discuss this :D I kinda look fat in it, no? I'm tryna watch my weight tho but I've been eating like some fool for a couple of weeks now.. God help you if you can't say anything nice about that pic, I love it is why and you should too unless you're hating.. Wide grin. Photo credit @Lizmani. She didn't mess this one up unlike my 'Wendy Williams Show' photos.. LOL continue after the Image

I'm feeling sleepy right now, its nearly 2am, so here's all you need to know about Tonto Dike's pic in brief: She co-anchored the recently held 'Stand Up Ghana ' concert alongside America's Keri Hilson, I overheard her hosting skill wasn't much to be desired but the crowd reacted positively to her when she did the Azonto dance which turned out to be one of the highlights of the show. Great going girl, nice outfit too.

Photos: If You Don't Find These Funny, You Need a Doctor.. Wide Grin

You know how I like Photos of The Day type of posts on my blog, these ones you will find quite funny.. MAULAG chicks.. apologies to the UNILAG babes will not kee me, didn't anybody tell them you don't make Ghana must go into a handbag? Heheh! I give alot away, find other interesting pictures below. BTW, the baby's pic is one I love, it doesn't fall into funny pics category, I just had to share it is all. How cute right? Lol. Enjoy

EME All-Stars lbum Drops Ft Wizkid, Banky W, Niyola, Skales & More

The first-ever EME all stars album is done and ready to be unleashed. Featuring solo and collaboration appearances by all EME acts and select friends of the house, the album, already titled ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’, is a 22-tracked LP that boasts some of the finest tracks to come out of Nigeria this year.
The label says it took almost one year to put the EME album together, and fans who have had a preview listen admit the materials are ‘a collector’s item’.

The album, to be released exclusively on Spinlet on Monday June 18, features the core EME Artistes: Banky W, Wizkid, Skales, Niyola, Shaydee, DJ Exclusive, as well as prime guest appearances from Affiliates such as Ghana-Based Rapper XO Senavoe and US-Based Singer/Actor Rotimi. The album also contains three fun skits by comedian Basketmouth.

‘We’re very proud of the EME Album. We took our time to put together a fantastic blend of our
Continue after the jump

Baby Kelechi Needs Your Help

SOURCE - Baby Kelechi (now 1 year and 3months) was only about two weeks old when his parent noticed some changes in him which included fast breathing, sleepless nights and frequent fatigue amongst other things. He had problem ingesting good and had to be fed through his nose. Hospitals they visited gave several diagnosis which included Malaria, Fever and related ailments until they were referred to LUTH. On the 21st of October 2011, the result of the diagnosis revealed that Kelechi had a grade 3/6 Systolic Murmur. Simpler terms describes it as an unusual noise in the heart commonly known as a hole in the heart.

He's got some sort of paralysis on his left hand and finds it difficult to stand. Doctor's says he might get brain damaged if he doesn't get treatment as soon as possible.
He needs N4 million for surgery in India. Please go on his website to see how you can help...HERE

Tribute: Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola 1937 - 1998

On July 7, 1998, in Abuja, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola was reported dead. MKO as fondly called by all was the winner of the annulled June 12 1993 Presidential elections. Nigeria still mourns him till this day. Its been 14yrs since he's been gone,  may his soul continue to rest in peace.  

Spanking New: PSquare ft Rick Ross, 'Onyinye'.. HOT, No?

I haven't even watched this video o but I trust it will be good.. I got some faith in Psquare is why :D BTW, if you can read this, I would have watched it too cos I will be sitting down with it just immediately after I publish the post. Just so you know, I actually luv me some Rick Ross and mostly cos of his big stomach.. Sexy huh? Hehe! Well done Psquare, well done Nigeria!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Viewer Discretion: Amateur Magician Accidentally Cuts Off Wife's Head During Show

This is really sad, I wasn't going to share but I figure if I could see the whole video, you may be able to too. Its so sad, the magician got his tricks right up until he had to saw off the head of his 26yrs old wife, which was supposed to be a decent trick, unfortunately for him, they had on loud music. The audience didn't think anything of the frantic hand gestures the magician's wife was making, this was to call his attention to how she was not properly placed. He went ahead to accidentally chop off her head : ( BTW, you'll notice her mouth was tied, could it have been a perfect murder? I read some of the comments where I got the video, alot of people there are alleging it was totally unnnecceaary to have tied it, that way she couldn't have screamed a warning.. I don't know what to think. May her soul rest in peace.

AUDIO: Capital Femi Drops 'Don't Let Go', Best Song In a While.. Seriously!

Kennis Records artist, Capital FEMI drops a new song titled 'Don't Let Go', I've listened to it 4times now and still have it on repeat. This's a great love song, I'm betting that before the end of today, I would have learnt the lyrics by heart.. It's that good. Click on play and enjoy!!!

Capital FEMI – Don’t Let Go

Photos: Comedian AY's Crib.. Nice!

Oh yea! Lol. Ay has released photos from scenes captured in his upcoming sitcom which will debut in the last quater of this year. Tagged 'AY's Crib', the show, according to NETng, will feature five characters: AY (as himself), Alexx Ekubor (as JJC), Buchi Franklyn (as KC), Ush bebe (as Ush) and the sexy Venita Akpofure (as Mimi). There will also be episodes featuring celeb appearances, including one by actress Mercy Johnson.

According to AY, ‘the sitcom came as a response to the yearnings of countless fans of popular AY skits such as The Kumute, Room 509 and Petrol. ‘It tells the story of a younger version of Ay who lives in a house with 2 of his university friends and a distant cousin from Warri who serves as his gateman while dating mimi, his rich, spoilt girlfriend’ Continue to see more photos after the jump

Check Out Kanye West's 'Yeezy Sneakers' That Sells For $90,000 Online

Oh ye sneaker freaks! The Nike Air Yeezy II. designed by rapper Kanye West hit stores worldwide on June 9th and has already caused a frenzy (eyes rolling). One pre-ordered Air Yeezy sneakers was sold on eBay past Wednesday for a whopping $90,300 after 84 bids. The retail price for the Air Yeezy II is $245. Issorait. BTW, the sneakers looks fugly to me tho :D I Not hating!

You Should Read This - "What Is The Worth Of a Nigerian Life?"

"The life of a Nigerian isn’t worth a lot at the moment and, truth be told, hasn’t been worth a lot in a very long time. As you read this, a Nigerian is dying needlessly somewhere, of something utterly preventable" -Chris Ehidero

A few months ago I wrote an article titled ‘Why Nigeria Cannot be Great Anytime Soon (1)‘, I haven’t written the other parts of what was meant to be a series because the pessimism became too much to bear. Somewhere, in a little corner in my heart, I hoped; I hoped that somehow the country of my birth would give me reason to hope athat I would find reasons to love the land of my forbearers again and say PROUDLY NIGERIAN with conviction, again. Alas, I should have known better.
I’m currently in faraway India, eleven hours by flight from Nigeria, but like many Nigerians at home, I am devastated by the

Court Sentenced 17yr Old Boy To Death By Hanging For Killing Own Brother

This is really sad news in the family of this young man who has been sentenced to death by hanging for shooting his stepbrother, the parent had ended up losing two children, which may have been averted if they could control their anger.

Justice Tambe Ebuta of the Calabar High Court on Friday, sentenced a 17-year-old boy to death by hanging.Justice Ebuta found the accused, Solomon Ezukwa, guilty of shooting his step- brother, Joseph Banyio, to death using a locally made single-barrel gun.
The incident took place in Aliki village in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State.
The two brothers were playing a game when an argument ensued

Subsidy Probe: Farouq Lawan's Side Of The Story, Denies Bribery Allegations,

Wow, Nigeria is in for it.. even I can't say for what exacly : ( I bet you've been following the bribery scandal involving Hon. Farouq Lawan's Ad-Hoc Committee on the House of Reps fuel subsidy probe, if you haven't, it's in your interest to follow this news/scandal.. Our sanity as a people may well depend on it. Peep the exerpt from Hon. Farouq Lawan's denial here --->

My attention has been drawn to several newspapers and internet stories alleging that a prominent member of the House ad-hoc committee on petroleum subsidy demanded and received the sum of $600,000 as bribe from an oil marketer. I wish to categorically deny that I, or any member of the committee, demanded and received any bribe from anybody in connection with the fuel subsidy probe and I believe this is evident from the thorough an in-depth manner the investigation was carried out and the all encompassing recommendations produced there from as approved by the whole House.
Continue after the jump

Subsidy Probe: Zenon Oil Boss, Otedola Owns Up To Bribing Farouk Lawan. Interesting Read

This is a long read but you might as well get to it now in case you missed it.. Hon. Farouq Lawan has denied the bribery allegations that he received money to the tune of $620,000 from a certain oil company, while oil business magnate Femi Otedola of Zenon Oil has since come out to confirm the bribery, he confirms that the said amount was given by him to members of the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on the Fuel Subsidy probe, which was part payment of the $3million the Federal lawmaker(s) had demanded from him to exonerate Zenon Oil. Full details here --->
In an exclusive interview with THISDAY, chairman, Zenon Petroleum & Gas Ltd, Mr. Femi Otedola, who hitherto was suspected of being behind the $3 million bribery scandal, blew the lid on what transpired and how chairman of the ad-hoc committee, Hon. Farouk Lawan, and the secretary of the committee, Mr. Boniface Emenalo, had collected $620,000 from him in a sting operation masterminded by the security agencies.

The amount was part payment for the $3 million, which he alleged

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Videos: Wow, Don't You Just Luv Tipsy, UK Based Nigerian Yoruba Rapper, JJC Got Himself a Great One

Tipsy is a UK Based Nigerian rapper, she raps in the native Yoruba language and boy is she hot?!!! She's signed into BigBoyz Entertainment, a record label owned by awards winning artiste and producer, JJC Skillz. So y;all know, I love this chick, she reminds me of DaGrin whenever I listen to her 'Emi No Ni'.. Watch her video after the jum + BigBoyz Ent All-Stars. Best wishes to her from here.

So, Genevieve Nnaji Went And Got Herself a $350K Endorsement Deal With Range Rover.. Issorait

Big girl achieving big things.. Genevieve'Nnajis endorsement deal as Range Rover's brand ambassador is what's generating heavy discuss now o. LOL> Africa's top actress can't be more happy with this development, according to Maestro Media (Blog), Genevieve Nnaji has added another feather to her list She gets one hundred thousand dollars $100,000, that’s about N16,000,000 Naira in cash in the first 6 months of her deal with Coscharis Motors, franchise owners of the Range Rover Brand of SUV’s. Thereafter another cool $250,000 cash would be paid, that’s another N40m going into her account. She also takes home a spanking new Range Rover SUV. Congrats girl.. Na your time

Get a Scoop On Your Favourite Celebrities, What They've All Been Upto Lately

ELDee poses for a pic with his beautiful wife at the NEA Nominees Black Tie Gala at the prestigious Federal Palace Hotel & Casino. I know the third guy but I forgot his name all of a sudden.. **covers face**. To think I took this pic from his wall on facebook.. The other day, I read somewhere that if you take too much information in everyday, you tend to lose concentration and forget things. This has to be one of such moments.. God help me :D CONTINUE AFTER THE IMAGE

I overheard that Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is trailing in Genevieve Nnaji's path with mouthwatering endorsement deal. The Fuji maestro has reportedly sealed a three-year endorsement deal with alcoholic beverage company Regal Dry Gin.  According to theNETng, the deal has been in the offing for about a year now. CONTINUE AFTER THE JUMP

Nigeria's Eku Edewor Favors Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor

Who's prettier? Nigeria's Eku Edewor could have been styled with iconic American actress Elizabeth Taylor in mind, whoever did her makeup did a fantastic job, girl is so pretty, not a big fan tho but she is def very HOT!!! Lindsay Lohan in case you don't know is playing Elizabeth Taylor in "Liz & Dick", a biopic lifetime movie on the life of the late actress that will debut later this year. Lindsay looks gorgeous in RED, this has to be her best look till date. So, I gotta ask again, WHO'S PRETTIER?

Another Dark, Dark Sunday.. Heaven Weeps For Nigeria

 It’s another bloody Sunday in Nigeria as reports of a bomb blast rocking the city of Jos has again taken the lives of innocent individuals. Although the number of casualties is yet unknown and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, media reports say a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Lord’s Chosen Church, Rukuba Road, Jos while gunmen sprayed a congregation with bullets in Biu, Borno state.The Plateau State Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Ayeni, has confirmed the explosion but says the casualty figure is yet to be ascertained.- Daily Times

Subsidy Probe: Word Is Hon. Farouq Lawan Is a Fraud, Takes $600,000 Bribe

VANGUARD - ABUJA-There are indications that fresh trouble is brewing at the House of Representatives over allegations that Chairman of the House’s Adhoc Committee on Petroleum Subsidy Hon. Farouk Lawan was involved in a bribery scandal worth $600,000 last month.
Already there are speculations that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) may have invited Hon Lawan over the bribery allegation which sources say have already resulted in the Speaker of the House Hon. Aminu Tambuwal disowning the legislator over the messy incident.

It was gathered that Tambuwal had confronted Lawan over the issue in a meeting of Principal officers of the House where the Chairman of the Adhoc Committee on Petroleum Subsidy was summoned to defend himself over

Sunday Testimony: Two Chinese Men Cheated My Family From Boarding The Dana Plane, They Saved Our Life

SOURCE - Ihezuo, narrated that she initially went to the Arik airlines stand, but their plane was fully booked, so she headed for Dana Air where she joined a queue for the ticket.

“We were on the queue and it was my turn to buy the ticket. I was rummaging my bag to bring out money to pay for the ticket when two Chinese men who were behind me gave money to the cashier and paid for the remaining seats. I was very angry and their action generated a verbal exchange between my husband and the cashier.

“The Chinese men were not even sorry for their action, instead they and their girlfriends made jest of us, waving the tickets in the air and making fun of us; we were so annoyed and we