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Twitter Extract: Davido Denies Fighting with Taxi Driver and Assault on Girlfriend

Nigeria's Hope Sinks as Blessing Okagbare Finishes 8th in Tracks at the Olympics

Blessing Okagbare represented Nigeria at this year Olympics in tracks and field, but the sprinter placed 8th position and dashed Nigeria's hope for a gold medal. We love Blessing Okagbare, she's done us proud in the past and even now her 8th position is a record breaker in Africa female 100m as she finished in a time of 11.01, one of the fastest time in from athletes in this part. Don't you go A*yimu'ing :D

Some humour - Ogoni man go jump enter water like fish, see Olympics go swim.. ZERO medal.
Hausa man go enter boat dey shout argungu fishing festival, see rowing at the Olympics, ZERO medal.

Igbo man will run from Sokoto to Aba at the slightest provocation by Boko, see long distance running at the Olympic, ZERO medal.
Agbero for park no mind pursue bus for road but see 100meters race at Olympics,, ZERO medal.

Yoruba man will remove clothe, wrist watch and pant to fight at Ojuelegba but see boxing at the Olympics, Zero medal. Who started that nonsense called NAIJA GOT TALENT sef? *** LOL, boys are angry is all I can say.. Winks

Overheard: Davido Assaults Cab Driver And Slaps Girlfriend.. Details Here

PUNCH - This is not looking good for Davido, he was accused of being very disrespectful towards women last year, this year he is already getting... his share of bad press, Punch reports that:
A taxi driver, Femi Ajibola, will never forget July 1, 2012 in a hurry. At about 5.30 pm on that day, he received a phone call from a young woman in the Lekki area of Lagos and had quickly answered the subsequent invitation to pick her up.

“The lady introduced her as Susie. She called me to come and pick her and her friend. They told me to come pick them up at Mobolaji Estate near Lekki Second Roundabout. Later, I took them to a hotel at Lekki Phase I to meet one of their friends. Click to continue reading..
“From there we left for Beni Apartment in Victoria Island. They said that I should wait for them and promised to be back soon. Not long afterwards, one of the girls began to scream as she was coming towards my car. Behind her, I saw David Adeleke (Davido) and four of his bouncers.

“The girl was running towards me. I think the men had assaulted her. She said I should open the door for her so that she would enter. I opened the door for her; as she was about to enter the car, Davido caught up with her and slapped her face,” Ajibola said.

In a bid to save the girl from further assault, Ajibola switched on the engine of his cab and was about to drive off when the youthful singer suddenly CONTINUE AFTER THE JUMP

Serena Williams Done Did It!!! Clinches Olympic Gold Medal in Tennis

Serena Williams clinched her first Olympic singles gold medal with a 6-0, 6-1 demolition of Maria Sharapova in the most one-sided women's final in the history of the Games on Saturday. Williams' victory surpassed Suzanne Lenglen's 6-3, 6-0 win over Dorothy Holman in the 1920 final in Antwerp.

The American's win, which came just a month after she had captured a fifth Wimbledon crown, also allowed her to become just the second woman to win a Golden Slam of all four majors and an Olympic singles title.

The 30-year-old emulates German legend Steffi Graf, who achieved the same feat in 1988 when she won the five titles in the same year.

Daily Trust

Photo: Funke Akindele Drops "Hafengas"; Think American "Avengers"

Funke Akindele is set to release another blockbuster, so the suppossed "Hafengas" to be filmed under her production will have us believe. Well, she has since denied she's working on anything like it, she stated via twitter that it was some creative person (she said she figured this out hersefl) who decided to photoshop her picture and have it captioned with the title "Hafengas" spelled 'Ha-Fen-Jahs' in Funke Akindele's *Jenifa's voice... Lol. Must be some cool guy tho (Hehe!), the artwork gets a pass mark from me :D
You'll recall "Avengers" as an American superheroes movie, it grossed over a $1billion at the box office in combined local US and international sales. It would be quite a thing to have Nigerians produce a movie on that level too.. I know this is some wishful thinking but whoever said Impossible is Dead!

Hot Photos: Rukky Sanda.. Cool or Not?

Shhh!!! That's for whoever says Rukky Sanda is not one hot chick.. I like the hair, and the way it's styled. English people have a name for it but I forget :D One thing tho, sister looks white + the blonde hair going on there.. Heavy sighs. Anyways, you like or don't?! Winks

Important Alert: Peep This Children's Book, You Will FInd Yourself In Shock!

Eww,! First of, who authored this book, who published it and got little kids reading it too? *Frowns. Someone needs to be arrested for this, SERIOUSLY tho,  be the judge! BTW, you'll understand where I'm coming from once you read the storyline in the image below.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nigerians, You Have To See This!!! Gabby Douglas The New Cover Girl For Corn Flakes

BALLINNGG!!!!! When are we going to treat our athletes like this Nigerians? When o, I mean seriously!!! Gabby Douglas just yesterday wowed the world with her fantastic outing at the OlympicGames in London, bringing home Gold for the USA in an historic win for any African-American in gymnastics.. *Simples, Gabby is the first Black person (ever) in history to win a gold medal in gymnastics, it's always been the white chicks from every and all background :D So, see why I'm excited right here, peep the picture to your left.. It is  what the  American society is doing to show appreciation to her for the great feat she achieved for country and self.

Gabby is projected to bag a minimum of $10million endorsement deals in the next 5yrs. This is a projection by advertising giants.. Wooohooo!!!

Here's how (CBS News) is reporting it.. On Friday morning, U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas woke up with her second Olympic gold medal. But now the 16-year-old Douglas stands to really strike it rich with product endorsements. Kellogg's was quick to pounce, putting the golden girl on Corn Flakes boxes just hours after the gymnast claimed the all-around title Thursday.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Twit Fight: Nigeria vs Ghana - Only Nigerians Can Insult Nigeria!

True or False? That's the submission by one Nigerian on the tweet fight between Nigerians and Ghanains. Peep the extracts below for more interesting tweets pertaining to the feud. So, on this note I'm going to have to call it a day :D I should be in bed, should have been hours ago. Running into Manhattan early this a.m, leaves me not much time to get desired rest.. Okies bye


Ghanainans React to Nigerians' Diss with Plenty of their Own

So, Ghanainas have called out Nigerians for all the diss this a.m directed at them, I don't blame them a bit too. They have only spoken the truth about our loss to USA in the Olympics basketball game.. Hehe! I wish we can all shake hands after these issues and kiss +make up. But b4 that, peep their counter-diss on us below.. Don't laugh too loud.. Winks

Twitter Extract: Nigerians and Ghanaians Go To War On Twitter


Good question! I decided to check out twitter before going to bed and this was what I bumped into - all the tweets you'll find below.. #iSad!. Well, it's about Nigerians dissing, infact cursing out Ghanaians.. Why, you would ask..? It all started when some Ghanainans openly dissed Nigerians for losing woefully to Team USA at lastnight's Olympic basketball game, obviously if you're a Nigerian, you can tell this wouldn't have gone down well with many people but to have gone this far is unfortunate.. Wait till you read the list below..

PS: Check out my next post for responses from some Ghanaians
Continue after the jump

All Hail the New Queen of Gymnastics - Gabby Douglas, USA

Congrats GABBY!!! American Gabrielle Douglas became the new queen of women's gymnastics Thursday night, winning the Olympic women's all-around title with four strong and solid routines to join a short list of women and an even shorter list of Americans to have captured the sport's most coveted prize. Douglas won gold over Russians Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina.

The Examiner

Olympic Basketball: Nigeria Lost Woefully to USA 156-73. Covers Face

The Guardian - That was the best I think I've ever seen a basketball team play. I feel bad for Nigeria having to be on the other end of that, but that was just an impossible task.

An email here from Olutosin Mustapha provides some perspective: "This is the first time Nigerian team is qualifying for basketball in the olympic so it is not too bad for them. Up Nigeria Up USA. Iam a Nigerian-America".

Very true, there's really no shame in being beat by the best, even at this historical level. This was an example of some of the best players in basketball playing at a superhuman level. It was almost breathtaking to watch and certainly a night that will stay in the record books for a long while.

Important: Exerpts From New Lagos Traffic Rules

Today in Ikeja, Gov. Fashola signed the Lagos State Road Traffic Bill into law. The new law clearly spelt’s out what now constituted traffic offences in the state, as well as the penalty each attracted.
According to the document, trailers, with the exemption of fuel tankers and long passenger trucks are now prohibited from entering into or travelling within the metropolis from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Violators risk impoundment of their vehicles and payment of N50,000 fine or six months imprisonment.
Another salient provision of the law is the prohibition of eating, counting money, making phone calls and engaging in other dangerous activities while driving, prescribing a fine of N30,000 for violators.
Other highlights included the ban on operations of commercial motorcycles and tricycles on major

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Words on the Street: Davido's 'O.B.O' Concert was a Flop - Reviews by Azuka Ogujiuba

Heightened expectations and anti-climax at Davido’s album launch

If the intensity of my expectation before Davido’s launch of his album could be glimpsed this was perhaps the most instructive. I had just arrived at the Lagos airport and was in dire need of rest. But rather than going home to refresh, l rushed off to the Eko Hotels and Suites, venue of the album launch and concert, of the musician also called “Omo Baba Olowo” (Yoruba term for son of a rich man).
The pre-event buzz led me and my friends to tag it “The Show of a Lifetime.” I was worried because l didn’t want to stand through the concert which would be the case if I got to there late. I worried too that I might not secure a vantage position to see this upcoming act. I wanted to get a bird’s eye view of his stagecraft. But the excitement was soured by a disappointing performance. The show reminded me of the “High School Musicals”. Davido’s performance brought back memories of my secondary school prize giving day where the excitement to impress is not always proportional to the skill. More after the jump

Newly Elected Kogi Commissioner Dies a Day after Resumption of Office

The newly appointed commissioner for Budget and Planning in kogi State, Mr. Simon Ige Olutimayin is dead  Olutimayin was in office for only 24 hours.  He was sworn-in by Governor Idris wada on Saturday.
The deceased, according to a family source died in a Lagos Private Hospital on Tuesday night.
The Nation gathered that the late commissioner slumped while attending a church service and was taken to a hospital where a case of stroke was confirmed. Born in Egbe, Yagba West local government area of Kogi State in April 1950, Olutimayin was an alumnus of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where he graduated with a degree in economics in 1980.

 He worked with the central Bank of Nigeria and rose through the ranks to become an Assistant Director in charge of other financial institutions before retiring in 2010.  Until his appointment by Governor Wada, Olutimayin was the managing director of a Lagos-based Alpha Concept.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot Photos: Liberian Girls in New York Celebrate 'The Liberian Independence Extravaganza'

When Michael Jackson sang the song with the lyric 'Liberian Girl', I didn't think much about why he had to chose Liberia and not Nigeria.. 'Nigerian Girl' would have made more sense, no? Lol..

Anyways, I figured it out. Kinda now understand how the King of Pop music felt. Liberian chicks are cray cray fa.. They recently hosted the 2nd Annual Liberian Independence Extravaganza some place in Manhattan, judge from the photos here and you'll bet they had great fun..

You are bound to notice how they are all showing their backside? In Ibo accent, **OrrGini! Well, Nigerian girls definitely have nothing on their Liberian counterparts, infact over here in New York, Liberian girls RULE.. *Yimu** They are HOT like that tho. Shout out to Lovenia, Janice and Dr. Ope Mogaji.. Winks

Peep the pics after the jump - I mean after the main image you can see right below, there are more : ) after the break..

Hey, just befor you continue, all photos here are courtesy of FE Photography.. He's the best around here, trust my words. Enjoy

Erastus Akingbola Ordered By UK Court to Return N165 Billion Stolen From Depositors’ Fund

A London court has found former Chief Executive Officer of the defunct Intercontinental Bank PLC, now Access Bank, Erastus Akingbola, GUILTY of stealing and diverting billions of depositors’ funds to buy properties in the United Kingdom and for buying shares for himself in order to manipulate its share price in the stock market.

The court ruled that Akingbola was liable for directing the bank to buy its own shares at a loss of about 145 billion naira ($902 million), siphoning money to companies controlled by him or his family and using Intercontinental funds to buy real estate in the U.K., Judge Michael Burton said in a ruling in London today.

“Quite apart from being contrary to Nigerian law,” Akingbola’s strategy for the bank to buy its own shares “was simply wrong-headed, and was plainly a substantial contributing factor to the collapse of the bank,” Burton said.

More on this story on Author's website HERE

Sahara Reporters and Oyo State Governent FACEOFF

Late yesterday, we received a rejoinder [see below], written by Festus Adedayo, Special Adviser to the Governor of Oyo State on Media.

Characteristically, the rejoinder was a poor job at blackmail and failed to address the central issue around of our report, which was the bloated size of Mr. Ajimobi’s delegation to the London Olympics.
In the entire response written and published on Mr. Adedayo’s Facebook page, he failed to prove that we lied in stating that the governor went to the Olympics jamboree with 15 aides. Rather, Mr.

Adedayo said, “A team that follows the governor comprises of officials who were carefully selected to represent all the sectors and ministries relevant to the numerous engagements”

According to the Oyo governor’s spokesperson, these individuals were selected and shipped to London by the governor to attend three separate exhibitions for “foreign investors”. He admits implicitly that we correctly compiled the list of aides on the trip. In his rejoinder, Mr. Adedayo claimed that we said the aides were all commissioners, this is

Read more on Author's website HERE

Photo: Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth One Hour Apart

Twin sisters, Shaakira White and Zaakira Mitchell of South Carolina, gave birth just an hour apart on July 24th - and one gave birth to twins. Mitchell was accompanying her sister to her doctor’s appointment, and then suddenly they both went into labor.

Nigerian Diasporans are the Most Educated Immigrants in the United States

FOR Woodlands resident David Olowokere, one of Nigeria’s sons, having a master’s degree in engineering just wasn’t enough for his people back home. So he got a doctorate.

His wife, Shalewa, a civil engineer, didn’t stop at a bachelor’s, either. She went for her master’s.
The same obsession with education runs in the Udeh household in Sugar Land. Foluke Udeh and her husband, Nduka, both have master’s degrees. Anything less, she reckons, would have amounted to failure.

“If you see an average Nigerian family, everybody has a college degree these days,” said Udeh, 32, a physical therapist at.. Read more on Author's website HERE

Photo of the Day: Olympic Condoms.. Hilarious

Husband: I think I'll wear Gold tonight
Wife: Why not wear Silver and Come second for a change
#lobatan :D

10 Minutes With ChuddyK, 'Gaga Crazy' Crooner

He gave us a feel of what R&B should sound like when he dropped his very first single titled 'SLOW SLOW', it's been great music to all ears since then on. Chuddy K is one of the few artistes with great talent out there, this is why I decided to catch up with him for a 10minutes chat. Boy, I'm I glad that I did.

ChuddyK has done some heavy rotation collaborations with several artistes, one  was the chat-bursting track 'SHAMPOO' that had sexy songstress Mocheddah on it. He went a little low after a couple of marketing deals went bad and he decided to re-brand himself so he could give his fans a feel of some of those "GAGA CRAZY" things.

The soul brotha was about jetting out for his Malaysia trip when I eventually caught up with him at the departure wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, he was very kind enough to spare those minutes I have since cherished.

Chukwudi Kent Agali better known to the public as "Chuddy K" is a down to earth and very humble fella, you just need to meet with him and you would have a fulfilled day. Enjoy my very short conversation with him: After the Jump

President Jonathan and 'The Dame' to Lead 70-man Delegation to Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica

Hello country people, Mr. President, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan will be off to Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica with 70 (SEVENTY!!!)-member delegation next week for the Emancipation celebrations in the regions. The President has been kind enough to invite some wellwishers and VIP guests to accompany him and wife, the 1st Lady on the trips. In my fake Benin or is it Ibo accent, Nigeria doh!!!

Peep the Government’s press release below

Incredible: Oral Sex Crashes 11-Year Old Marriage

A 66 -year old retiree, Michael Adesanya Agboola, has said that he fell apart with his ex-wife, Funke Alasiri because he stopped ***** her private part. But, his estranged wife has denied the allegation.
Agboola, whose 11-year old marriage to Funke was dissolved by the Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary

 Court, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, added that when he demanded an explanation for her unusual request, she told him it was the vogue among couples and that he must do it to satisfy her.

 The Osun State-born driver who also claims his ex- wife forcibly evicted him from a bungalow he built on 26, Apode Street, Ojodu, Lagos, about four years ago in order to inherit it, said further that it is high time he challenged her in the open over the ownership of the house because of his futile attempts to get justice at the Lagos State Citizens Mediation Centre which he said declined to act on the matter for no clear reason.

We Were Offered N20m to Kill Oshiomhole’s Aide – Suspect

A suspect in custody in connection with the murder of Olaitan Oyerinde, the Private Secretary to Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole, has reportedly told police interrogators that he was offered N20m for the job. He said he was paid N200,000 as part payment with which he recruited four.. Continue here ---> Naija Observer for more on this story

Music Premiere: Waje - I Wish

Waje is nothing short of a breath of fresh air whenever she blows us away with her vocal prowess. On her new single, “I Wish”, the vocal powerhouse takes a different route which, though its far from her comfort zone, appears to be very at home for her. “I Wish” feels like a 90′s reggae and pop mash-up with a love-inspired Nigerian, rather Waje, interpretation that.. Continue to read more on the story here + audio at Bella Naija

Photos: Popular US Blogger Necole Bitchie at Wizkid Concert in New York

As someone said on facebook “Wizkid haff go"..Necole Bitchie is one of the most popular and influential urban bloggers in urban entertainment, As far as bloggers go she is what we would consider A List. This chick has managed to turn her name and blog into a brand and a force to reckon with in black entertainment.

Read more on this and peep the photos and video here ---> that1960chick

Adams Oshiomole dancing to "Kukere" by Iyanya with Aki and Paw Paw

 Aww ahn, Governor Adams Oshiomole spotted dancing with Aki and Paw Paw to Iyanya'a 'Kukere', and he did a great job too. If you want some comic relief, you will like this.

Watch video here ---> Kanyinlinua

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Question of the Day.. Peep How Interesting This One Is!

Peep the question in the twitter extract below.. It made me laugh gaan, az in :D Which would you rather tho?

OMG!!! Nigerians Set to Publish Comic Books, 'Avengers' Has Nothing On These

I don't know much about comic books (lately) but I'm definitely going to pick copies of these ones . I vivdly remember one that was very popular back when we was young.. Winks. Something about one Jackson I think, a crazy guy who likes to be intimate with girls in public places.. I don't remember details.. Remember I was young, we all were if you know that particular comic book.. It was just so cray cray.. Hehe!

So, here goes something entirely fresh, The BoomSquad, a sure to be very entertaining material. The Boom Squad is a set of comic books set to be launched by its creator Adeniran Adeniji Jr. The scripts on the triple package are almost ready and they will be hitting stores near you soon.

For y'all lovers of 'Avengers', 'Dark Knight Rises' and more, Boom Squad from the little I know about it will give both and others a run for their money. Expect to see more promotional stuff after the launch of the first Comic titles! Peep the Cover art and colors by Stanley "Stanch" Obende.

And The Wealthiest R&B Singers Are...

Peep the list below of the wealthiest R&B singers in the world [US]. There are quite a few surprises on the list but according to R&B Magzine, this list was compiled after careful research.  Mariah Carey takes the no1 position with a net worth of $500 Million.
2. Beyoncé - $350 Million
3. R. Kelly - $150 Million
4. Usher - $140 Million
5. Rihanna - $72 Million
6. Mary J. Blige - $45 Million
7. Chris Brown - $24 Million
8. Whitney Houston - $20 Million
9. Cee-Lo Green - $20 Million
10. Keri Hilson - $20 Million

Enclosed: The best of Sade Adu, UK`s Best Selling Female Artiste Ever

Folasade Adu (OBE) on January 16th, 1959 in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State in Nigeria.All five of Sade’s albums (Diamond Life – 1984, Promise – 1985, Stronger Than Pride – 1988, Love Deluxe – 1992, Lovers Rock – 2000, Soldier of Love – 2010) have landed in the Top 10 of the official UK Top 40 and US Billboard?s Top 200 Album charts, selling

Read More here Omojuwa

Yinka Ayefele Undergoes Surgery

Top funky gospel artiste, Yinka Ayefele has just undergone a surgery. There was a growth at the bottom lid of his left eye which the singer was not comfortable with, and had to go through a surgery to get rid of it.

Full story here Ladun Liadi

INCREDIBLE! FG Inaugurates Committees on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

The Federal Government has commenced moves to end the protracted delays in the reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway by the concessionaire, Bi-Courtney Highway Services, with the appointment of an international firm as the transaction adviser and setting up of two committees to actualise the project.

Complete story here ---> Omojuwa

Star Actress Ashionye Shares Photos of her Latest Work "Journey to Self"

Ashionye Michele Racah shared some photos lastnight on her facebook wall to her teeming fans, they are pictures from the scenes of her upcoming movie starring for the first time - since she walked down the aisle with hubby - star actress Dakore Egbuson. I bet this will be one interesting movie to watch.. Fingers crossed.. Peep the photos below

Jude 'Engees' Okoye Donates N1million to Brain Tumor Patient, Ibezim Osemeke

Jude 'Engees' Okoye, the elder brother of Paul and Peter Okoye popularly known as P-Square doantes N1million Naira to  Ibezim Jude Osemeke, a brain tumour patient who needed 3.7 million for surgery in Indi.a. Jude 'Engees' Okoye, the elder brother of Paul and Peter Okoye popularly known as P-Square, saw...

Full story here Linda Ikeji

More Dirts on Reverend Chris Okotie's Marriage to Ex-wife, Stephanie Adie Henshaw

This is what Encomium magazine reported; unknown to many, expect close friends, Stephanie Adie Henshaw has never been married before Reverend Christopher Okotie in the true sense of the word. The mother of three children from two men has rather been a victim of abuse and ill-luck with a chequered history of marital woes that ended up breaking into pieces her fragile heart. Stephanie’s first love before Okotie came into the picture was a young man she met through a friend in..

Full story here ---> Ladun Liadi

Photos: Arsenal Stars Visit Nigeria

Arsenal FC fans in Nigeria will ber super excited to know that three of club’s footballers Per Mertesacker, Lucas Podolski and Bacary Sagna found time out of their busy workout schedule and match fixtures to hang out in Nigeria. The trio touched down in Lagos, Nigeria, on Saturday evening, ready for a series of events with fans and Club partners. They left the country..
Full Story here ---> theNetNG

VIDEO: Whizkid and Skales' Tour of Canada

As part of their North American tour, EME stars Wizkid and Skales made a recent stop off in Toronto for a one-night live performance. Watch below how the young stars landed in Toronto, talked about their recent endeavours and the possibility of Wizkid releasing an international album next year.

Full story here TheNetNG + Videos

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New Single - 'Pump It Up' by King Zayd, [New York City]

Saheed Jalade aka King Zayd is a unique and dynamic songwriter, executive producer, and artist from Lagos State. He moved to the US, New York where he picked up from where he left off in Nigeria. At an early age of 15, King Zayd always knew music was his first love above lots of things, his singles "Definition Of Me" and "Jogodo" enjoyed airplays from deejays and radio hosts alike. King Zayd is a very  hardworking and detailed entertainer, he strives to introduce fresh music into an already highly competitive industry. Listen to his latest song titled "Pump it Up". Enjoy

King Zayd - Pump it UP.mp3
3280K   Play   Download