Thursday, August 2, 2012

Twit Fight: Nigeria vs Ghana - Only Nigerians Can Insult Nigeria!

True or False? That's the submission by one Nigerian on the tweet fight between Nigerians and Ghanains. Peep the extracts below for more interesting tweets pertaining to the feud. So, on this note I'm going to have to call it a day :D I should be in bed, should have been hours ago. Running into Manhattan early this a.m, leaves me not much time to get desired rest.. Okies bye


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happyhausabunny said...

Lol! I guess it's sum unwritten rule. But rilly, wat were dey expecting? Dey did nt qualify 2 play in d olympics so ow dare dey diss us! @ least we made it dis far. If dey can dish it, den dey shld b able 2 tk it too!
On anoda note, we Africans don't encourage ourselves, it's lyk we r all fightn 4 supremacy, which is jst stupid rilly. We so much hate eachoda ehn! We cannot advance if we cont @ dis rate.