Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guess Who's Having a Live Media Chat Tomorrow? President Goodluck!! Details Here

Mr. President is back from Rio+20 where he went and mingle with other world leaders and hot Brazillian chicks.. Hehe! I didn't just say that.. (covers face). His spokesperson, Rueben Abati made the announcement on Twitter that  the C-in-C will be meeting - already did - with the National Security Council this afternoon. He went on to inform that  tomorrow Sunday at 7pm, a Presidential media chat will hold on live broadcast on all networks.

Well, We goota ask, is this chat for real? Uncle Abati can't goof with this one like others in the past where Mr. President didn't turn up for scheduled broadcast. Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day tho, we wait! Wonder what will make a difference?!

Timaya Shaves Off Famous Dreads, Peep What He Looks Like Now.. Cool or Not?

Aww, bet why Timaya?!! We all liked you just the way you were, this new look does you some justice tho, you're still cool like that but sincerely ehn, you *was so fine with the dreads.. Is it some cruel fate (LOL) that demanded you cut them off, cos mhen that fate is so not on point. iLike still

Twitter Extract: Wiz Khalifa to Amber Rose.. Cute!

I've been looking for an excuse to publish a post on Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa just *went and provided me one:D - Just a few minutes ago, he tweeted something so sweet, directed to fiance Amber Rose.. He is definitely a BAWWWSE!!! I like the two of them together, and dislike Kimye, atleast the idea of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West :D Peep the tweet below + some cool pics of the couple.

Interesting Read: "Slippers Get Size" by Alibaba.. This One is for 'The Aristo' Girls

A very interesting read and perspective of one who would know better about an issue such as this.. Lol. Apologies to the granddaddy of comedy in Nigeria bhet he didn't get all these info from his friends only, no? I'll allow you read now :D
I Trust u are good. Pls spare me some time. Just a few things bothering me. If u finish reading and it makes no sense... Please delete or just ignore.
A lot of guys in my generation (40-60+) are messing up the perception of life, moral and cutural values of these young ladies (19-30). They have used their affluence and generosity which they
shower on the girls to get between their legs to totally confuse them on what love and essence of life is all about. These girls are now so mixed and messed up, they don't relate well with females their mate who don't lead their kind of life. A young girl who drives a Range Rover Sport, courtesy an Aristole, now thinks she is better than a girl who still takes taxis or manages a Kia Rio. And whistles Wizkid's "My money and your money.. No be mate" anytime they go past each other. True. Your body and her body no DEY the same grade too. Or you forget that wear and tear shows with

Facebook Status Update of the Day.. Interesting

Find facebook update in the image below.. True that or not?

French Ship Impounded In Bayelsa for Stealing 8.5m Barrels of Nigeria's Oil

A French ship, MT Vannessa has been impounded by a special Naval team in Bayelsa. The ship has been stealing 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day from the country since June 9. According to SATURDAY PUNCH, investigations on Friday showed that six crew members, including two Britons; two Nigerians and two Togolese, were also arrested. A top naval officer, who pleaded anonymity, said the arrests were made at Brass Loading Terminal, Bayelsa State.
Since June 9, when it had been loading 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day to Thursday when it was impounded, the naval team suspected that the ship might have stolen 8.5m barrels of crude oil.
It was gathered that the suspects, who had made useful confessional statements, indicted some political office holders, many fuel marketers, some officials of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Department of Petroleum Resources.

TB Joshua Faces Trial Over Ex-Malawian President's Death

Former ruling party in Malawi are currently pushing for the Probe of TB Joshua over the death of his friend and the late President of Malawi, Bingu wa Mutharika. 

In a report from Nyasa Times, President Joyce Banda announced an inquiry to probe the circumstances around the controversial leader’s death on April 5, including the medical attention he received. TB Joshua prophesised Mutharika’s death. The new Malawian leader frequents Nigeria to visit the prophet. DPP spokesman Nicholas Dausi, has insisted that TB Joshua should be quizzed. Mutharika died in a sudden cardiac failure on April 5 exactly two months before this date in which TB Joshua said an old African president would die in two months’ time.

“We must find out how he can foretell those things,” Dausi, Mwanza.. Continue after the jump

Photos: Much Ado About Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Not Getting Along

It's official, Beyonce has been spotted with Kim Kardashian, about time? I'm defintely one of those who think they should get this 'meet and greet' or whatever it is over with already :D If King Bey thinks hanging out with Kimye will butter her already made bread, then so be it, afterall Oprah had the Kardashian family on her show just last week, so who then is Beyonce to form unneccessary activity? Lol.. Kim is definitely WINNING!!!

The Verdict: American Coach Faces 500yrs In Jail on Conviction of 45-Count of Child Sexual Abuse

Closing a chapter in a scandal that shocked the nation and tarnished a prestigious university, PENN State, a jury convicted Jerry Sandusky on 45 counts of sexual abuse Friday night, believing the graphic testimony of8  young men over a defense team that portrayed the celebrated former Penn State assistant football coach as devoted mentor.

Moments after the verdict was read in the courtroom, Sandusky, 68, rose from his seat with tears in his eyes, one of his lawyers said. When his bail of $250,000 was revoked, Sandusky gave a small wave to his family and was led away in handcuffs to a waiting sheriff's car to be taken to the Centre County jail.

**Adieu** papa Sandusky, go learn some lesson in jail where your likes belong. Justice prevailed here. For more on this story, go to

 For more on this story, go to CBS News

Explosion Rocks Nite Club In Abuja, Presidency Fires National Security Adviser + More

An explosion was reported to have been heard in the Federal Capital Territory in the early hours of Saturday. Sources said the explosion was occurred a few minutes past midnight.

It was reported to have occurred around a popular night club, Crystal Lounge, Wuse II. However, the cause or source of the explosion could not be ascertained as at press time. So also was there no official confirmation of the blast.

It could also not be confirmed if there were casualties from the explosion.However, it was learnt that several cars were damaged by the explosion. The report of the explosion came a few hours after President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan approved the sack of the National Security Adviser, General Owoeye Azazi, and the Minister of Defence, Dr. Bello Haliru Mohammed.

While Azazi was replaced with a retired Colonel, Sambo Dasuki, a successor was not immediately named for Mohammed. The report also comes hours after a bomb scare in the FCT.

Source: TheEagleONLINE

Northern Afro Pop Star, SHAI Aabaje Releases Mubaje Remix Official

Directed by Michael Williams
With scarcely anything left to prove to his northern fans as to the veracity and versatility of his talent, North- based Afro pop star ,Abdullahi Suleiman Jimoh, aka SHAI,, has moved down to Lagos to try his luck in the industry. The smooth-talking
rapper- singer- songwriter says, “I decided to relocate to Lagos, the center of excellence, where the music business is really happening, where the drum sounds loudest. He said, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I have found the formula for mainstream staying power.
He explains I am motivated seeing how other artistes creatively do their thing and people embrace it. And I told myself I have to talk about reality and things that mean the world to me in order to make my music timeless and ever green, That is why am infusing a lot of innovative beat into my music to create a style and concept that is fresh, unique and urbane.
It took me over eight months to study and figure out what the industry needs,now I believe am mature and experienced having come a long way since 2007 when I did my first hit.

Mubaje Remix song is a dance track, video’s story line has a traditional feel based on the costumes, the theme is hilarious, sexy and it demonstrates love. One of the major attraction in the video is one where the dwarf prove his ability to add fun and drama to the video, which prove that your disability doesn’t limit what you can achieve in life.. Watch video after the jump

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man To Hang For Stealing N1,705 and Two Rolls of Peak Milk, Where Is Farouk Lawan?

A Jos High Court, on Thursday, sentenced 26-year-old Obinah John to death by hanging for robbing one Dorothy Olaniyi of N1,705 and two rolls of peak milk in sachets, valued at N400.
G. Fwonyon, the deputy director of Public Prosecution in Plateau State, had told the court that John, in company of an accomplice also named John (now at large), robbed the woman on November 18, 2005 in her shop at Gada Biu, Jos at gunpoint.
Counsel to John, Tobechukwu Kekemeke, rejected the prosecutor’s claim and accused the police of “not telling the truth about the gun” said to have been used by John.

Kekemeke pointed out that the police presented three statements, with only the last indicating a confession by the accused that he used a gun against the victim. The defence counsel further argued that the prosecution had failed to prove to the court that the accused actually used a gun to commit the act.

He asked the court to throw out the case for lack of diligent prosecution, arguing that “the circumstances of the third statement, in which John was said to have admitted ownership of the gun, is suspect.”

In a 60-page judgement, Justice Yargata Nimpa said the evidence before the court had shown that the accused committed the offence. He therefore sentenced John to death by hanging.

“The accused is hereby sentenced to death by hanging, but the judgement is liable to an appeal,” Nimpa declared.

Kekemeke noted that he will appeal against the judgement.

“The convict has the right to appeal against the judgement. It is not a judgement that we are satisfied with, so we are definitely going to appeal at the Court of Appeal,” he vowed.

Daily Times

Finally, [King] Lebron James Wins NBA Championship.. Yay!!!

Title No. 1 for LeBron James was clinched on Thursday as the Miami Heat overpowered the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder, beating them 121-102 in Game 5. Lebron James was named 'The world’s best all-around player' of the season, he also pulled off a rare double by being named Finals MVP [Most Valued Player] and regular season MVP in the same year. Congrats bro, we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. I'm really excited for him, I watched last season's finals and it was tears of sadness for me when the Heat lost to Dallas Mavericks, I still beef Nowitzki uptil this day.. Lol.
Peep the exerpt of Lebron's short thank you speech after he won..

"It means everything," LeBron said shortly after the game. "I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland but I understood what my future was about ... I knew we had a bright future [in Miami]. This is a dream come true for me. This is definitely when it pays off."

Photos: Dbanj and Ikechukwu Have This One Screwed Up + More

1. [See Photo after the cut] The tallest man in the world spotted with the shortest man in the world, quite nice.
2. [1st Photo on Image] I'm fairly certain Dbanj and Ikechukwu were unaware of the picture they make with this, looks kinda ridiculous to me tho, az in :D I would think it's not by force to sit down like a gentleman now.. coughs.. Just sayin!!! Well, this pose just doesn't cut it for me, and I believe one of them has to know is all. For lack of something else to say, I love Dbanj's socks.. they are clean and cute.. Hehe!

Pic 3. [Bottom Left] I took this pic on a friend's wall on facebook (Jesse Adeniji), when you live outside Nigeria, you want to reminisce about dishes that you miss.. Mine would be Amala and Ewedu.. #OKBye :D Continue after the jump
4. [See Pic after the cut] Pop singing sensation Mochedda's cover art 'Love is a Serious Mental Disease'.. Continue after the jump

Rihanna and JayZ to Perform at London 2012 Olympics.. Yay!!!

If indeed JayZ asked Rihanna to go into rehab or he would drop her from his record label, then it would appear things may not be as bad between the two as widely publicized in the media couple of weeks back. Riri and her label boss JayZ have both been confirmed to perform at the 2012 London Olympic’s Art festival. The festival will be hosted by BBC Radio 1 and is expected to be “biggest-ever free live music event.
So, London big boys and girls y'all get ready, the King and Princess of HipHop are heading your way..Lucky you! Winks

Remember DANA Airspace Lockdown? Wait Till You Read This.

Popular lawyer and human rights activist, Femi Falana, has demanded that the federal government reveal the identity of the VIP whose movement caused a partial closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, last Tuesday.

Falana, who was on an Arik Air Flight W3 271, said the plane stayed in the air for an extra 30 minutes after it approached Abuja from Lagos because the airspace was closed.
 “Having regards to the June 3, 2012 Dana plane crash in Lagos, which killed all the 153 passengers and crew on board, as well as 10 other persons in their homes, I was subjected to unwarranted mental and psychological torture,” he said.
“Most other passengers on board were equally traumatised as the Arik plane was forced to hover in the air for 25 minutes.
When the plane eventually landed, I was reliably informed that there had been a restriction of movement at the airport for over one hour. In the process, the fundamental right of hundreds of people to freedom of movement was violated by the airport authorities at the instance of the said Very Important Personality.”

In a letter he sent to the Ministry of Aviation, Falana demanded to know the identity of the said VIP so as to enable him institute

Nigeia Just Lost One Of The Few Good Ones, Amb. Olusegun Olusola (RIP)

Nigeria mouns the death of an elder statesman  this day June 21, 2012. We have just lost a very good man, one of the few ones the country could boast of, Ambassador Olusegun Olusola is dead. Rest in Peace.....

Amb. Olusola presented the United Nations,''Young Amb. for Peace' award cetificate to me, Sheraton Hotel Lagos 2010. 

The veteran broadcaster and former Nigeria's Ambasador to Ethiopia passed away today at about 6:30pm after a brief illness. Ambassador Olusola was the producer of popular Nigerian TV soap Village Headmaster, a popular 80s TV drama and founder of the African Refugees Foundation. He was 77 years old.

Oh, how sad but you lived a good life and for that we honour, we loved you. Adieu

President Jonathan Responds to Outrage Over Trip to Brazil, I Can Rule From Anywhere

President Goodluck Jonathan released some statement over the outrage that trailed his trip to Rio. His spokesperson might have penned this insult but he approved it.. In related news, Labaran Maku Nigeria’s Information Minister declared that President Jonathan can rule from anywhere he chose in the world, he has asked haters like you reading this to get a life - if you are one of those complaining. Mr. Maku seems to be saying the constant spate of bomb attacks on innocent citizens is definitely not their concern, he wants us to deal with it.. Well, he might as well have said that.

Peep the exerpt from Mr. President's response 

“The conference, Rio+20, is very important and nobody can doubt that. The issues that will be discussed at this conference are also issues that are relevant to Nigeria’s interest. It is also an opportunity for Nigeria to promote its interest in terms of its place in global community.

“The crisis in Kaduna and Yobe occurred almost on the eve of the President’s departure for this event and commitments have been made.

“I think what we can do is to appeal to the opposition not to always play politics with everything; that is the major challenge we face, people always want to play politics with everything.

“If the President had refused to come to Rio, the same persons will turn around and say that there is an important conference attended by world leaders and the Nigerian President stayed away from it. “It is as if there is nothing you can do to please our people. It is not that Nigeria is going to lose anything by Mr. President’s presence here rather, the country is going to gain a lot from his presence.

“He is here serving the interest of Nigerians, it is not as if he has abandoned his responsibilities.”

Don't forget too soo that Mr. President Jonathan traveled to Brazil with the largest national delegation comprising of 116 men and women. The list of delegation is broken down below
• 25 personal aides
• 18 aides of Patience Jonathan
• 2 members of the National Assembly
• 5 Ministers
• 2 Governors, and
• 63 officials from the Ministries of Enviroment, Foreign Affairs, National Planning and Petroleum

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oops Sorry, Third Mainland Bridge Will Be Closed to Traffic for Four (4) Months

“There will be partial closure of 3rd Mainland Bridge, from 1st July till November 6 2012, for repair work.” - Daily Times

The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest of three bridges connecting Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria to the mainland, the other two being the Eko and Carter bridges. It is the longest bridge in Africa. The bridge starts from Oworonshoki which is linked to the Apapa-Oshodi express way and Lagos-Ibadan express way, and ends at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on Lagos Island. Continue to read more...
There is also a link midway through the bridge that leads to the Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba. The bridge was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and opened by President Ibrahim Babangida in 1990; it measures about 11.8km in length.
However, there were reports that the Third Mainland Bridge was vibrating, indicating that it needed urgent attention. Remedial work was commenced on the failed portions of the bridge and has been completed.
Recently, there have been rumours of cracks on the bridge. This however has been denied by authorities. However, it seems they are ready to rectify the situation by closing the bridge for about six months.

Lynxx | EME's Whizkid, BankyW Shoot Videos for 'Fine Lady' and 'Baddest Boy' Respectively

I feel kind of lazy tagging these pictures but kindly google who Lynxx is incase you don't know (LOL.. I bet you do o cos if not ehn.. Hehe!). 'Fine Lady' is Lynxx's song, he rallied industry heavyweights to make his videoshoot just recently. I overheard you would think Lynxx was getting married to the beautiful lady he had beside him all through the shoot, but you know what they say, showbusiness is make-believe. Until the video debuts, we all have to wait to see the magic that was created. 'Baddest Boy' on the other hand isfrom the stables of the EME clan, this one they shot at an hanger, with a private jet. Trust Banky W to go world-class. Enjoy checking the photos out.. after the jump

Recommended Read: Chances Are You Will Cry For Nigeria!

SOURCE - I have been harbouring a number of thoughts in my mind targeted at the actions of the trio of Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Mark Zuckerberg. Being that am a very direct person, I would channel my views directly to whom it may concern.
Let me commence with Obama. I was stupefied, to say the least, when I saw the response you dished out to the reporter that interrupted your speech last Friday. I must say that your attitude could be mistaken for cowardice. How can a mere Website reporter shout you down repeatedly while you were discussing an issue as important as immigration? Such an incident is unthinkable in my country.

Imagine my President giving a speech. I know he doesn’t do that often, but didnt you see the word ‘imagine’?

As a Nigerian, let me give you scenarios that made me fault you. First, that reporter shouldn’t have made it to the gathering because he works with a news agency based online only. Those folks always cause trouble sitting behind a computer. For you to be really

President Jonathan’s Delegation To Brazil Is World’s Largest, At 116!

Issorait o, this our Nigeria government of the people for the people keeps taking the meaning of democracy to another level.. How do you explain the country's delegation to Brazil, the highest of all the countries in attendance, put at 116 people? You gotta give it to CLUELESS Leadership, no? According to Sahara Reporters, here's a breakdown of the national delegation.
• 25 personal aides
• 18 aides of Patience Jonathan
• 2 members of the National Assembly
• 5 Ministers
• 2 Governors, and
• 63 officials from the Ministries of Enviroment, Foreign Affairs, National Planning and Petroleum Resources.
The junket will continue for Mr. Jonathan next week Thursday when he will be in Brussels for the World Customs Conference, scheduled for June 28-30. He will be taking with him about 57 people, including 26 aides, 3 Ministers, 8 members of the National Assembly, and 20 other government officials. Continue after the jump

Photos: The Safest Church In Nigeria + More

1. Bobby Brown weds longtime girlfriend who also happens to be his manager, Alicia Etheredge on Sunday June 17th in Hawaii. The couple have a three-year-old son Cassius. Happy married life to the couple. I hope Bobbi Brown gets it right this time, everybody deserves happiness.

3. Paul and Peter Okoye when they were little, cute boys. BTW, if you were born in the 80s, you have to have a picture like this one, I know I do :D You know the background, the tone [color] of the picture and the obvious quality that's typical of photos taken from that era.. Lol to *era, I sound like an old woman already : )

2. The Safest Church in Nigeria. Apt.. oh very apt infact.  Where else can one find a safe church now but Aso Villa?! If you ask me, we have a government that doesn't care about us or our family.. If you voted this insane government into power, you did what you thought was best at the time but prosperity will judge you if you make the same mistake twice.. 2015 is not too far  now fam.. We wait!

4. CUTE!!! How we act like kids ourself, who do you think is immitating who, I say its the father.. Lol. I luv this pic, the baby is too small to deliberately position himself that way, on the other hand, it may be just a simple case of hereditary.. Heheh!

6. WWTBAM: "Who is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?"
    GEJ: "I'll phone a friend"

5. Never confuse Education with INTELLIGENCE. Have a great day out there

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mubarak ‘Clinically Dead,’ Says Egypt State Media

Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is “clinically dead,” the state MENA news agency reported Tuesday after the 84-year-old reportedly suffered heart failure at the prison hospital where he was serving a life sentence.

Mubarak suffered heart failure and his condition had deteriorated badly, but paramedics were reportedly trying to resuscitate him at Tora Prison Hospital, where has been under constant medical surveillance, the state-owned al Ahram newspaper reported on its website.

Read more here:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is a Special 'Thank You' Message From Me To You

It's my birthday today and I'm forever grateful to my parents for the woman that I've become. I'm especially grateful to God for keeping me alive. Been very ill these past days.. Worst part of that
business is I couldn't eat much of anything - those who know me will be quick to tell you I love eating gaan [Lol] - I've been mostly in bed, doing nothing, shivering from cold, battling very high fever at the same time and throwing up some (covers face).. Well, thats what it's been..........
I would always go to my mom's room back in Nigeria whenever I'm ill like this - may her soul rest in peace.. now I'm crying - I always slept in her room, even as an adult and uptil last year, I'm just the kind of person that can't be alone when they are sick. I miss her alot today more than I think I've ever done since she's been gone.. There's no one that can fill that role now, save for my man.

So, here's a special THANK YOU to y'all for the birthday messages on facebook, BBM and twitter. I'm so grateful for all the love.. God go make una bigger.. Amen

Love to my sibblings - big sis, big bro, Anike, Q and Arike. Love to Mr. Bakare (winks), Bosun, Mobola, Allwell, Toro, Remi, Foluso, Habibah, Joke, Rashydat Mustapha, Bimbo and others.

Thanks to Kayode Ogundamisi, Jesse Adeniji, Yaw, Dapo Lam Adesina, Usman Imanah,Tosyn Bucknor, Rick Nwanso, Debola Olatokun, Ola White, Ibrahemm Toshosan and those big, BIg  governement people (no names.. LOl).

Hugs from here

Wow!!! Beyonce Buys JayZ a Private Jet For Father's Day

So, it's JayZ's first Father's Day, you won't believe what Beyonce got him.. A private jet!!! According to MediaTakeOut, the jet has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and two full bathrooms. Woozzaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who does that ehn? Beyonce baby! I'm impressed.. Lol. The jet cost a whopping $40m. Cool stuff.