Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally, [King] Lebron James Wins NBA Championship.. Yay!!!

Title No. 1 for LeBron James was clinched on Thursday as the Miami Heat overpowered the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder, beating them 121-102 in Game 5. Lebron James was named 'The world’s best all-around player' of the season, he also pulled off a rare double by being named Finals MVP [Most Valued Player] and regular season MVP in the same year. Congrats bro, we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. I'm really excited for him, I watched last season's finals and it was tears of sadness for me when the Heat lost to Dallas Mavericks, I still beef Nowitzki uptil this day.. Lol.
Peep the exerpt of Lebron's short thank you speech after he won..

"It means everything," LeBron said shortly after the game. "I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland but I understood what my future was about ... I knew we had a bright future [in Miami]. This is a dream come true for me. This is definitely when it pays off."

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