Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Photos From The Wendy Williams Show

In Wendy Williams' voice.. How you doin?!! Lol. This is no news to you if you follow me on facebook, on Wednesday 6th June, my friend Elizabeth Amani and I were audience guests at The Wendy Williams Show in New York. We had madt fun. Gist over here is that this particular show which was aired the next day is perhaps the most interesting and most hilarious episode Wendy Williams has ever had.

Joan Rivers - Fashion Police Host - brought down the house with crazy jokes, some were so gross, I was shaking my head in slow motion for her.. LOL. Others were crazy hilarious, cool stuff, her jokes had everybody  on the edge of their seats and cracking up real good.

Then, there was Gary Owen, one of the cast of 'Think Like a Man', remember Wendy Williams was also on that, she was Kevin Hart's wifey in the movie. Gary Owen blew up the house with jokes of his own, infact, to
say we enjoyed ourself will be an understatement. 
Lest I forget, Elizabeth Amani whom I fondly call Liz (or Lizmani) is the best girlfriend anyone could hang out with, I was as quiet as she was LOUD.. Lol. But everybody loved her at the show. Little wonder she was the last person you see while the credits were rolling after the show, blowing a kiss into the camera. She was cool like that : )
I liked Wendy Williams before I went to sit in on her show but I have alot of love for her right now.. Heheh.. She says everything the way it is, tho she is one crazy woman, and an unrepentant gossip but she knows her business. Shout out to her.
Oh, we spotted Wendy's husband of several years who happens to be the show's producer.. Handsome bobo :D  

Things we took home from the show
1. Joan Rivers' new book, ' I Hate Everybody Starting With Me', every audience member got a copy each. [See picture above]
2. A key ring with a glitte chain to hang around the neck.. Oh BTW, this we bought with our cash o + WENDY's branded facecap
3. Phone numbers of new friends/network including a celebrity stylist who's been featured on major US magazines. Liz and I got talking to her and exchanged numbers, since I'm the one in New York, I'll be using her spa whenever I feel like spending a little on myself, opens in Queens, August 2012.. Winks.
Will I do this again? Certainly, if invited.. WE def WILL. Chances for that are high too cos the show allows people to come back again.

Have a beautiful Sunday fam.. Kisses 

Eh, just b4 you log off or navigate to another post on my blog : ) I'm not as fat as the pictures suggest, infact I only seem to look that way ni cos of my cheeks. I add all the weight on them,. Also, these are not my best pictures (covers face) but Liz just isn't that good a *photographer* is why :D

I don't like all my pics but I had to share something.. Lol.

I also didn't mention the sitting arrangement, Liz and I were seated on the 4th row to the front, it was especially cool cos the guys placing people where they should seat didn't hide the fact they were checking what people wore. It was way obvious what they were doing :D You had to be well dressed ni to get our type of seats.. Lol.. but true that. After compliments like 'Oh, I luv ur shoes'.. 'your bag is so NICE!' and 'the way you color-blocked is awesome' all from Wendy's staff to me and Liz, we knew we were gon get good seats and we did. No way you'll watch that show (check youtube) and not spot us : )

I talk too much right, LOL. okies bye now. Thanks for checking this out.


Anonymous said...

LOL this Naija gurl won't kill me oooooOoooO I'm reading this and cracking up so Hard!!!! Especially the Lizmani not a good photographer! LMAO! You the best! And I pray God will take you to where you hope to get to in Life! Luv @LizMani (smooches) said...

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Berrykiss said...
Thanks much.. Nice to know that. Checking ur site now. Greatstuff

Miss Pepeye said...

Witty article and I do agree with the comments on your shoes. They are so hoooooooooooooot. *now scanning fashion sites for them*

Berrykiss said...

Aww, thanks Miss Pepeiye.. LOL at ur name again.. Hope ur good girl. Both shoes and bag are Bakers', don't look too far :D