Thursday, September 6, 2012

Twitter Extract: Lady Gaga, Nigerians React To Obama's #DNC Speech

Here's a tweet by Lady Gaga, she and several American celebrities had glowing compliments for the Democratc National Convention and President Obama's speech, and here's her sentiments. Peep more twitter extract after the photo, and check more after the jump.. Nigerians will always add their 2cents.. Wink
I swear down, I would watch even Kwara United and Mafoluku all-stars play football than GEJ's boring monologues.. Hey, don't you sit down there and call me #unpatriotic especially since you feel the same way too.. Winks. Amercans always gotta show us how everything is done!!! Oma se o.  

BREAKING: Chris Brown Kisses Rihanna At MTV Video Music Awards

Rihanna bumped into Chris Brown at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, hugs him, they both went a little extra [not locking lips] but they gave each other a friendly kiss. Make of that what you may.. I always wonder what role Karueche is really playing in Chris Brown's life, do you too?

Chris Brown picked up the award for Best Male Video while Rihanna won for Video of the Year. Congrats to both of them on their wins! Watch video after the jump..

Nicki Minaj Receives Death Threats Over Lyrics Endorsing Mitt Romney

This chick has liver sha : ), peep what Bossip wrote about this: Nicki Minaj has generated quite a response after lyrcis with her seeming to endorse Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney hit the net recently. But now, as usual, it seems some of Nicki’s “barbz” have taken their outrage a step out of bounds.
Nicki Minaj generated a firestorm in the hip-hop community when she appeared to endorse Republican candidate Mitt Romney on a verse in the song “Mercy” off Lil Wayne’s new Dedication 4 mixtape.;

While Minaj has yet to confirm or deny whether she intended to come out in favor of the GOP nominee, many listeners are lashing out via Twitter and some are even making death threats on the polarizing female emcee. Peep the tweet HERE

The Most Beautiful Baby Bump? Pregnant Amber Rose Shows Off Baby Bump At MTV VMA

WhooHOOOHHHH!!!! Amber Rose is def preggars and looks amazing too.. God, let me look this cute when I carry mine too o.. Ameen!!! She was out on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight and you could see she was glowing, missed the awards [I didn't tune in] cos I was glued to the Democratic National Convention.. That was something tho, besides I know BET will air the awards a million times until we all bored.

Amber Rose posted the tweet below, she's even given the baby an alias everybody who follows her and Wiz Kalifa would approve of... WizBUD!! #iLike : ) Congrats to her and to Funke Akindele-Oloyede, if you missed Funke's post, check it out here + Photos


HILARIOUS: How To Get Foreign Friends

You love all things foreign. But despite the repeated olive-oiled anointing your pastor gave you and your passport, you failed to get a Visa. You failed thrice- to America, Canada and Britain. You lost a lot of money trying. After the long gruelling processes, nothing. Not even when you genuinely secured admission to some small college in London. Or took loans to make your bank account like a solid how-the-hell-can-I-disappear-in-your-country account. God will judge those people who saunter into your country when they please but make you scream your life history at humiliating interviews through a glass that looks like those in prisons in American movies. If only they would have the decency to

HOT PHOTOS: Rihanna's 'We Found Love' Named Video of the Year at 2012 MTV VMAs

She WON!!! Nicee. See what Rihanna is spotting now as latest harido and that very WHITE dress she's wearing.. GEEEEZZZZZZ!!!! I say Very COOL!!! Peep more photos after the jump.

Facebook Update Of The Day: "I'm Sick Of My Butt"

"Thinking of getting a butt reduction..... Am sick of my butt and ppl comment about it, I walk in2 a room and the first thing ppl notice is my butt, what about my FACE? I try dieting but that didn't work and I try working out too but it only made it worse.... I can't stand this anymore :( I DON'T WANT TO GET ATTENTION BECAUSE OF MY BUTT......" Lovenia Chead

ROFL.. Shildren of nowadays eh, Lovenia's QUOTE to badt.. BTW, she's my lil sis here in New York, and I had to share this, why is cos I bet some of y'all who have large bums don't feel the same way +it will be interesting to be a fly on your wall now to see you debating why anyone would want a butt reduction.. As for me o, I would love to have me a BIG ONE!!!.. Hehe! But God made us all different sha. OkBye :D

I didn't share her butt pic for good reason [see Lovenia's photo below], cos as a big sis I really don't want y'all hungry boys [apologies.. but none really.. Lol] to COME and be swooning over her anyhow ANYHOW : ) I'm outta here.. You're FREEEE to have a good laff now :D

PHOTO: Funke Akindele Is Pregnant, Check This Out Urself

It won't put butter on your bread o but I have come to realise most people like to read any news about celebs like Mrs. Oloyede, infact anything and everything to do with her especially. I took this pic off Ladu Liadi's blog, and quite obvious too this sister sure looks PREGGARS. Congrats to her from here.. That wil be all now : ) BTW, she was spotted at the NEA.. #OkBye!!!

PS: [You prolly av read the ffg on the Dbanj post, but indulge me still :D] For those who missed it.. My blog these past weeks, I have been working hard ni o and sista gotta pay some bills at the end of every month, tuition one of them.. Well, now, that I have ur attention : ), should you notice me missing here again, y'all NOW know why. Phew! Ok, thanks for *reals.. Cheers

Cynthia Osokogu's LATEST: Police Recover 50 Nude Pictures

Police detectives at the Area E Command, Lagos have said Cynthia Osokogu’s killers took pictures while sexually assaulting her.

The Area Commander, Damian Okoro, said, “The pictures are contained in a recovered black Compaq 610 laptop belonging to Nwabufor Okwuomo, one of the suspects who lured the deceased to Lagos.” The laptop is also said to contain over 50 nude photographs of female victims who have fallen prey to the suspect.

Some of the photographs showed girls tied with rope and their mouths covered with cello tape with objects inserted in their private part.

Osokogu’s naked photographs also showed bites and wounds inflicted all

Beef?! - Davivo Walked Out During Whizkid's Performance @ The NEA In New York

Apparently, Davido and some of his entourage (..hehe!) walked out on Whizkid while he was onstage performing at the NEA 2012 in New York.. Don't ask why I didn't make the show, I was at a friend's barbecue and it was madt fun that I can tell you + I wasn't ready yet to mingle here on such large scale.. WInks..

Well, here's what Linda Ikeji posted about Whizkid | Davido story.. That is what US based comedian Foxy P is reporting via his Africa Today Show, where he provides a complete recap of the 2012 Nigerian Entertainment Awards which held this past Sunday September 2 in New York City. His report below.

Davido and his HKN crew including Sina Rambo and B-Red came very late to the event and instead of waiting for a lull they just bounded all the way down the steps to the front row where EME stars Banky W, Skales, etc were sitting. They were relatively calm till towards the EME performance that started with XO Senevoe, Rotimi, Skales then Banky and Wizkid. At the time Wizkid came up Davido just got up with his whole crew and they all walked

Photos Of The Day: Dbanj Partying With Ludacris, Akon And Atlanta's Finest

Dbanj goin' places, scratch that.. GONE Places!!!!! Rapper Ludacris hosted his annual‘Luda Day Weekend‘ in Atlanta and many trooped in to enjoy the scenery, food, drinks and more. I read somewhere that Dbanj was a very special guest of Ludacris.. See more photos after the jump.. If you missed my blog these past weeks, I have been working hard ni o and sista gotta pay some bills at the end of every month, tuition one of them..

Well, now, that I have ur attention : ), should you notice me missing here again, y'all NOW know why. Phew! Ok, thanks for *reals.. Cheers

Hospitalized Nigeria First Lady Was Misdiagnosed By Presidential Physicians

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked his aides to stop taking questions about the circumstances of his wife, Patience, whose health status and treatment in Germany remains shrouded in mystery.
Presidency sources said the President is not happy with the publicity that her condition has generated in both local and international media which have described her condition variously as severe food poisoning and a burst appendix.

Sahara Reportes: However, SaharaReporters sources in Germany stated that Mrs. Jonathan, who earlier underwent a procedure in Dubai, was misdiagnosed by doctors that initially attended to her at the Aso Rock clinic .

Early last week Mrs. Jonathan was airlifted to Wiesbaden, Germany as her condition grew worse shortly after returning from Dubai and was diagnosed and treated for "food poisoning". Shortly after arriving in Germany, she lost her voice and had to be placed on strong antibiotics, she was only able

Recommended Read: The Sad Story of Cancer Patient, Debbie

Debbie Osarere Idiagbonya is a 28-year-old medical lab technician who was recently diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her left breast, which was spreading rapidly to her right breast and neck.
Following a tweet on of her case on August, 23, 2012, the media, blogs and other social networks went into action to help her raise the sum of N6m needed for her surgery. [Note: This post was lifted from theNetNG.. Choi!]. I haven't blogged in so long, I couldn't dedicate a post to helping Debbie raise awareness and probably funds as several bloggers, artistes, celebs and individuals have, and just recently.. I hope this helps those people who can help her still but didn't know her story until this was put up.. Thanks.
Her Story
I discovered a mass in my left breast on 24th of May, 2011 and I went for screening @ National cancer prevention institute Ishaja road, from the screening centre I was advised to go for sonography which I did on 26th of May, 2011 @ Ojuelegba Scanning Centre where I was asked to go for Fine Needle Aspiration for cytology @ Me cure healthcare limited Oshodi.’ So my fine needle aspiration for cytology said my breast mass n lymph nodes are negative for MALIGNANT cells.. I had my first surgery 13th June 2011 and my 2nd surgery 16th November 2011 then I took my lump for Histopathology investigation on 24th November and the investigation

KWAM1 Gets Canadian Citizenship

Fuji icon K1 the Ultimate is now a full fledged Canadian citizen. I bumped into this on one of my fav websites, Here's how they reported it.. NET gathered that the revolutionary Fuji musician concluded the process four years ago. But sources say only recently was he presented with physical instruments confirming his citizenship- as seen in the photo above, obtained via a Facebook post by promoter Gbenga Adewusi.
No word yet from K1, and his reps were not immediately available for comments.
The 54-year-old Fuji icon last year celebrated his 40th year on stage as a performer. In an exclusive interview with NET, he stated he had no plans to retire as a musician or stage performer
KWAM 1 gets Canadian citizenship