Friday, May 4, 2012

Nigeria Mourns: Former Super Eagles Striker Rashidi Yekini Is Dead, Aged 48

The former Super Eagles striker dies today in Kwara after a prolonged illness, he was aged 48. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

VIDEO: Dbanj's 'Oliver Twist' Set For UK Dance Competition

Hey, wait just a minute there please, there's a dance routine you have to learn to be fit for the competition, check out video HERE. Once you have practiced and learnt the steps, follow other instructions given by Dbanj in same video. 

Best wishes if you wish to participate.. not that I know if you're going to be winning anything but this should be worth it.

Twitter Extract: 2face And Annie Are Now Officially Married Though Secretly.. Happy Married Life To Them

Thursday, May 3, 2012

VIDEO: Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" Hits Record 9million Views On Vevo Under 24 Hours

Rihanna‘s new video for “Where Have You Been” just broke the Vevo record for most views of a video in 24 hours. April 30 with a record 8million+ views.

Wow! Girl has a lot going for her, I'm one of her big fans, even with all her wey're, I still like her. I wish she would confess her sins [a la naughty ways tho].. Lol. She's as crazy as CRAZY is.. but y'all know that already.. Watch video after the jump, very creative and she actually moves that body... Hot stepper lomo :D

Twitter Extract: "I Will Marry Because I Want A Wife, Not A Housegirl" - Banky W

What a cool guy our Banky iz.. Tehehehe. Cool stuff there.

Recommended: One Of Naija's Finest Scores Another Great One + 18 Hot New Photos Of The Pop Star

Big Brother Africa makes a big announcement. Seven celebrity housemates will be part of this year's biggest reality TV show in Africa, Big Brother Africa, Star Game. Sure by now, you know who made the cut.. Susan Harvey, "Goldie". Will you be rooting for her? I know I will!!! The winner of this year's BBA will take home $300, 000. The other contestants are:

Stylish entertainer, stand-up comedian and television pro DKB from Ghana (26) - Tough, talented rap icon Prezzo from Kenya (32) - Award-winning songstress Lady May from Namibia (25) - Famed socialite, model and businesswoman Barbz from South Africa (34) - Unforgettable, highly successful R&B diva Mampi from Zambia (25) - Unique and hugely popular, soulful musician Roki from Zimbabwe (27)

SOURCE - In other news, Goldie has some mmm HOT photos from the videoshoot of her song, Say My Name.. the photos are incredible, you gotta love them. Check them out after the jump.

I think it's time someone crowns Goldie the Queen of Pop in Nigeria, I mean crown az in present a crown to her at a formal function.. LOL. I've always told friends Goldie isn't the crazy girl people think she is, she's mostly softspoken, she's kind and generous too, I should know honestly. Her stint with Big Brother Africa will reveal that much of her personality, think Nigerians will finally appreciate her, for those who still beef that is.. Winks

Spinlet Music App Goes Live , If You Are In Nigeria, You Want To Download This

According to Spinlet’s website,
Spinlet is now available on BlackBerry, Android and Symbian in Nigeria. Use your device’s Internet browser to access and follow the simple instructions to install Spinlet on your mobile device.
Spinlet is a music service that promises to give Nigeria’s Alaba boys a run for their money. See if it works for you, I got the info HERE, app works only in Nigeria at the moment..

Actress Chika Ike May Have Abandoned Her Marriage Over Alleged Beatings And Other Assault By Her Husband

Stella's Groove - New facts are emerging as to why pretty actress chika may have abandoned her marriage to her hearthrob and taken to her heels in what is referred to as 'running four-fourty without looking back'.
According to insider squealing"her case is not different from that of her colleagues in entertainment kefee obareki and monalisa chinda. Infact chikas case was worse off !"Squealed the source.
"After a series of serious beatings, she finally took to her heels after estranged hubby held her by the neck and almost choked the life out of her. No one knows what they argued about but it always ended up in beatings which the actress always had excuses to cover up for in public when asked about any scars seen. ''
My advice: Chika Ike should run as far as her legs can carry her, no woman should be a victim of violence. If story is true that is.

The Biggest Actress In Africa Turns 33 Today

Genevieve Nnaji needs no introduction, today marks her 33rd birthday, here's wishing her a happy birthday. Can't wait to see her play in movie adaptation of Chimamanda's Half of a Yellow Sun.
From Berrykiss with love xxx

In Case You Missed This: Henry Okah Tells Court Pres. Goodluck Masterminded Some Bomb Attack s

According to Okah, President Goodluck Jonathan masterminded two bombings carried out by MEND, in order to implicate leaders in the Northern part of the country. Peep the excerpt:

“It is my belief that President Goodluck Jonathan’s government, working with a faction of MEND, planned and executed the bombings of 14 March, 2010 and 1 October, 2010.
The purpose of the 14 March, 2010 bombing in my opinion was to

Lawmaker Witnessed Killings By Fulani Herdsmen, Cries Out For Government's Intervention

A lawmaker representing Riyom Constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Daniel Dem and a team of reporters yesterday narrowly escaped death at Kak village when armed Fulani herdsmen invaded the community.

Kak is in Riyom Local Government. The council has been under Fulani attack in the last three weeks and the lawmaker from the area led a team of journalists from Jos for an on-the-spot assessment of the crisis.
The Fulani men struck again at about 10:30am when the reporters were interviewing the victims and cross-checking facts with the Nigeria Red Cross personnel. They hid behind rocks from where they shot sporadically

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

42 Things You'll Only See In China.. LOL

Some of these things made me laugh.. I hope you'll enjoy them too. It would be nice to see 50 things that you'll only see in Nigeria :D.. BTW, continue after the jump, to see all the pictures, go to SOURCE for more.

Photo: Iconic Painting "Scream" Sold At $119million At Auction

It's the stuff of nightmares - and it was sold for $119,922,500 million. Edvard Munch's impressionist masterpiece, The Scream, was put up for auction at Sotheby's in New York City this evening, 2nd May, 2012 and was sold for a record-breaking price.

Mr Munch beat out Pablo Picasso for the most expensive artwork ever auctioned. Norwegian businessman Petter Olsen, whose father Thomas was a friend, neighbor and patron of Mr Munch, sold the 1895 icon to fund a new museum in honor of Mr Munch's life and work. Read more HERE

Photo: Nollywood To Produce "Hunger Game", Why Do We Lack Originality?

Well, you wonder what these peeps do sometimes with their thought level.. Eww, right? Nollywood presents "Hunger Game", grab your copy soon at Alaba Market, this is going to be a blockbuster of course.. Winks.

Sex Advice From An 84yrs Old Grandma, Don't Dismiss This..**Tongue In Cheek**

SOURCE: Eighty-four-year-old grandmother on sexual positions, STDs, and the importance of Alison DeNisco

When I was twenty years old and dating my first serious boyfriend, my grandma Carmela asked my mother point-blank if I was still a virgin. She didn't get an answer, but I came home on my next college break to find the now-infamous Grandma Sex Letter patiently awaiting my arrival, the grandmotherly cursive writing on the back of a newsletter from her senior housing facility belying its scandalous nature. What follows is explicit yet touching advice on sex and love from my eighty-six-year-old grandma. My beloved Alison,

Now that you have become a complete woman, I want to give you my thoughts and hints on sex and love and a few lessons about people, from your grandmother who has been there to you who are just beginning.

1. To know if you are both in love, you feel a "connection" in bed. If you feel ALONE in bed when having sex, you are with the WRONG man. This is CRITICAL! The connection of mind, body, soul! Continue after the jump.. Winks

"Nigeria On Fire" - By Former Defence Minister, TY Danjuma

Former minister of defense, General T.Y Danjuma yesterday at the birthday celebration of the editor-in-chief of Leadership newspaper , Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, made the following statement about the state of security in Nigeria. Peep the exerpt:
I am an optimist as far as Nigeria is concerned…but in the last two months, I began to wonder, our house is on fire. Nigeria is becoming Somalia. The Somalisation of our country is going on now. Let’s look at ourselves in the face and tell ourselves the truth and find solution to the problem. We have to sit down and tell ourselves the truth. The responsibility is on us the northerners: our house is on fire, let us not deceive ourselves. The security situation is tolling on us. Borno State is today a failed state, Jigawa state is almost a failed state and Kano is moving towards becoming a failed state.” COntinue after the jump

After Drake And Common, Serena William Says She Has Given Up On Dating

30yr old tennis star says she's done dating, atleast not for another decade.. Lol. She tells celebuzz that her past relationships have hurt her so much she will not be dating for a long time. She has been linked to rappers Drake and Common.

Serena tells CELEBUZZ
I have given up on dating. It just hasn't worked out well for me. I'm a really emotional person. I give my all and everything. I do make mistakes, like every human does, but the last relationship was just too much of a heart break for me. I just can't go through that anymore. It was hard. I just have to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so.

Complete List Of 2012 MTV Movie Awards

The list of nominees for this year's MTV Movie Awards was published reently. Check out the press release below;

The nominees are in for the “2012 MTV Movie Awards,” with The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids neck-in-neck with eight nominations each, including the categories “MOVIE OF THE YEAR,” “BEST CAST” and “BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE.” Fans will have the “Power of the

Monday, April 30, 2012

For The Love Of Lamar, Khloe Kardashian Agrees They Cancel Their Reality Show

Awww, so like someone who values family over make-believe/hollywood. I heart Khloe for this tough decision, she's decided to support hubby Lamar Odom by pulling the plug on their show inorder to allow him focus on getting his basketball career back on track. The only way they figure this's going to happen is to step back from everything TV, Best ishes from here. 

Not willing to sacrifice their marriage and sanity on the altar of reality show madness, Khloe and Lamar will be pulling the plug on their show. Not only that, they significantly limit their time on the main family program ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

After being put on the Dallas Mavericks ‘inactive list’ following a forgettable season, Lamar is keen to revive his playing career.

A spokesperson for Khloe has said the future of the show is still up in the air as ‘It will depend on their schedules as Lamar’s basketball\ schedule is a priority”

Quotes Of The Day: The Most Better Side Won - Victor Ikeba On Man U vs Man City MAtch

Manchester United and Manchester City match was on hours ago, apparently, Victor Ikpeba was one of Super Sports football analysts for the match, the following are some statements credited to him.. Be warned, you might crack some good ribs.. Winks
  • The most better side won - Victor Ikpeba
  • Messi is a amazing player if you try to brought him down in the box, it is a penarity - V. Ikpeba 
  • I was glad both managers 'shooks' hands at the end of the game" - Victor Ikpeba

Guess Who Launched A Creative Magazine? Abinibi Academy!!!

The wait is over guys!!! SKILLZ Magazine launches officially in MAY. The magazine comes out in both DIGITAL and PRINTS version. To be among the first set of people to get the digital copy FREE, head on to and spread the word. This is your Magazine! True that, I look forward to grabbing the prints one in near future.. I trust the work(s) of the publisher, James Abinibi, a lil research on him won't hurt.. Winks

Twitter Extract: Omobaba Survives Ghastly Car Accident

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Berrykiss Exclusive: "I'm Most Comfortable Wearing Nothing" - Singer, Zara Gretti

Berrykiss' correspondent Ibrahim Omotosho [twitter handle - @heem_tosh] engaged Zara Gretti in a chit-chat a while back (not quite.. but don't ask moi to explain this.. winks). This was for our "19 Questions" feature with An Interesting Personality. Enjoy!
1. What's your full name?
Margaret-Mary Joseph... there are a lot of Nigerian names in the middle, never fear for all the oyinbo-ness :D
2. Your education background?
Did my primary and some secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria. Completed high school in the Philadelphia area, and attended The University of Pittsburgh.
3. Your childhood?
My childhood was spent in Nigeria around lots of family and creatively expressive people. I won't exchange my childhood for that of a Prince William, Omo Dangote, or a Brooklyn Beckham.

Bella Naija's CEO, Uche Eze Set To Wed Femi Pedro's Son.. WOW!!!

WOW!!! Yea, that expression again.. Congrats to Uche Eze (Bella Naija) and Bode Pedro, son of former deputy Governor of Lagos on their upcoming nuptial. According to Punch Newspaper, A grand wedding is in the offing; and judging by the families and personalities of the pair involved, it will go down in history as one of the grandest weddings to hold in this part of the divide.
Exerpts from NaMyWedding.. Bode Pedro, son of the former deputy governor of Lagos State, Mr. Femi Pedro and his wife Justice

A Must Watch: President Obama At White House Correspondents Dinner, I Sustained Cracked Ribs From Laughing

President Obama in a very hilarious display of wit at The White House Correspondents’ Dinner took barbs at political opponents . In attendance were Washington who's who, media elite and a host of celebrities that include Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beats, Kerri Washington, Mary J. Blige, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardhasian, Sophia Vergara, Charlize Theron,"Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson amongst others. This is one video to watch, truly funny. After the jumpis the treasure you so seek.. Lol

Photo: She's The Cutest Lil Girl, Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes' Daughter, Suri

Photo credit: JustJared

2Face Premieres New Album At Industry Night, Holds Concert April 30 At Eko Hotel

A few weeks after releasing his newest single Rainbow and just days to the launch of his fifth album
Away & Beyond, Africa’s finest 2Face Idibia was honored by The Net newspapers and Industry Night
with an exclusive listening session at the Oriental Hotel.

The night was not short of star performances by the likes of Praiz, Iyanya and Hypertek signee Dammy Krane who paid tribute to the

Ini Edo Covers Red Sheet Magazine.. HOT!!!

View larger pics after the jump..

VIDEO: Stephanie Okereke's Glamorous Wedding, You Want To See This!

Oops, sorry again, I really can't seem to be able to upload videos today, can't say why but view the following youtube link Stephanie Okereke's wedding. Enjoy.. Baba God do my own too o, soon too. Amin ya Allah :D

Hon. Patrick Obaiahagbon's Birthday Wish To His Son, This Is Def Hilarious

 And the following are what he tweet about the ThisDay bomb attack a few days ago, this man is something else, no?

VIDEO: Chidi Mokeme's Wedding To Jean, April 28th 2012

Sowi, you have to click the following link CHIDI WEDS JEAN to view said video, something about my blog today not uploading videos.. I smiled watching it, and throughout too. The bride is so beautiful and the gbogbo ero (people) that came to celebrate with them were obviously having madt fun. Top celebs as you would expect made the grand ocassion. Well, go see it yourself. Congrats to the couple.

7 Confirmed Dead In Bayero University Bomb Attacks

These images are from the ThisDay building attack
The police in Kano said seven persons died and many others injured in the bomb attack on worshippers at Bayero University, Kano, this Sunday morning. The injured were taken to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. An eyewitness said some gunmen attacked the faithful while they were holding a service at 8.45 a.m. in a lecture theatre at the old site of the university.The witness said the gunmen threw some Improvised Explosives Devices in the lecture theatre and opened fire on those who attempted to run away from the scene.
The witness said members of the Joint Military Task Force (JTF) later arrived at the scene and engaged the attackers in a gun battle.

May the souls of the victims rest in peace.