Wednesday, May 2, 2012

42 Things You'll Only See In China.. LOL

Some of these things made me laugh.. I hope you'll enjoy them too. It would be nice to see 50 things that you'll only see in Nigeria :D.. BTW, continue after the jump, to see all the pictures, go to SOURCE for more.

Some dude taking a nap on a chain

A pool this crowded

A water park this crowded

A beach this crowded

A bunch of stadiums shaped like various pieces of sporting equipment. The ping pong paddle will be a hotel.

 A cat with wings

A hotel shaped like a ping pong paddle

A real tiger on a leash taking pictures with a baby

Old world and new world bathroom options

This meal

A pig that can walk on two legs.. Wow!

A sign warning you not to light off explosives at a gas station.. LOL

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