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Kaffy Weds Today In Lagos, Peep Her Wedding Cake

The pic here <--- (top right) is Kaffy's wedding cake according to theNetNG.. wow right? iLike but these days where pple do large one hundred (100) storey building-like cakes :D, seeing one this size makes you wonder what the whole fuss about wedding cake is. Congrats girl, happy married life.

Question Of The Day: On Three Girls Having Their Bath

Three girls were bathing at the same place, suddenly wind blew their towels away. Unfortunately, a guy was passing by. One covered her breast, one covered her private while the third one covered her face. Of all three, who do you think is the wisest?

Send this to your friends and see what their answers will be, do share yours in my comment section.

Wow!!! Whose Baby Is Genevieve Carrying?

1. Lol.. I see why this post will get a lot of hits cos Genevieve is the subject of the post :D - She's not carrying a child o, not preggie as far as we know.. So, none of you should quote me in error.. Heheh .. I was only trying to draw attention to the baby in her hands [see photo below], Genevieve will be a good mother if she tries again : ), she should too cos I'm sure her fans will love the idea.. Yep, I mean we her fans (smiles) even tho it's her decision to make but we gotta remind her we would luv to have her bear a baby we'll all grow to luv like we heart her.. Okies, I'm so running away now cos I see you rolling your eyes now.. Lol. BTW, Baby Pink Lily will be nice for a name.. Blue Ivy things*
2. What's wrong with this man eh? I don't feel this at all, can't say he'll be respectful in their marriage.. well, just saying. I still don't dig those hands touching erm.. Coughs.

3. Yaay!! MAULAG gets a branded busstop... So, I gotta ask, 're we ever gon see UNILAG again? In name I mean, I still say the name should be reverted and MKO honoured with the proposed Abuja Stadium.. Not that anyone is listening tho. Have a beautiful weekend fam.. Hugs

Video Of The Day: Think Like a Man - JHud, Neyo, Rick Ross

I love this song gaan, since I first listened to it, even after seeing the movie"Think Like a Man, my love for it trippled :D Enjoy!!!

Yoruba Actor ‘Dento’ Needs N250,000 To Survive After Stroke

SOURCE - Veteran Yoruba movie actor Hammed Oduola, also known as Dento, needs N250,000 to survive after suffering a stroke.
The Ibadan based actor has been in critical condition since Monday, March 5, 2012, and his family has been unable to raise the money needed for his treatment.
Speaking on behalf of the actor, publicist Seun Oloketuyi said people will be able to donate soon, once an appropriate account has been opened, adding that ‘whoever wants to help can call or sms 08027764847′.
Artistes have showed their love and support by visiting the one time vibrant actor at his home in the Owode area of Ibadan, Oyo State.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Lagos chapter of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP), Jide Kosoko has established contact with the actor’s family in Ibadan, to see what can be done for Mr Oduola.
The veteran actor, who is mostly known for his comic roles in movies, started as a trained tailor before crossing into acting in the early 70s. Dento has featured in many Nigerian movies, including Tunde Kelani’s movie ‘Ti Oluwa Ni Le‘, which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.
He was also the former Governor of the Lagos State chapter of the ANTP.

Anita Hogan Speaks Out About Nude Photos, Married Life And The Strong Woman She Has Become

Actress Anita Hogan is happily married to hubby Ted, a Dutch, she revealed in a recent interview to Nonye Ben-Nwankwo Entertainment Reporter for Punch that she's had to learn the Dutch inorder for her to blend properly to her husband's culture and has since taken the integration exam. She lives in Holland and now speaks Dutch fluently. Anita Hogan holds a  Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts and a Master’s Degree in International Law and Diplomacy. Anita finds a lot of inspiration in her father who she says has encouraged her to become the woman she's become now.
Excerpt from the interview
There is nothing unique about marrying a foreigner. He is just like every other man. It is not that I have always dated a foreigner. I had dated Nigerian men and other Africans. Men will always be men, no matter the colour of their skin, origin or physical features. If a man needs attention, you will give him the attention. A man’s needs are the same everywhere. Now, my home is Holland. I have to be very partial. That is where I want my children to grow up. Education in Holland is free and it is

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabulousity: Jackie Apiah Wears Crayons And Sharpners On The Cover Of Complete Fashion Magazine

As Police Fire At Students, Tinubu, Gov. Fayemi Others Ask FG To Reverse The Renaming of UNILAG

Tear gas was fired at students at Moshood Abiola University earlier today, eye witnesses reported that gunshots also rented the air, fired by policemen. Students are protesting the renaming of the university after MKO Abiola, winner of the annuled June12 Presidential election.
SOURCE - Former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu; Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi; a member of the National Assembly, Gbenga Ashafa; Mohammed, son of the late legal giant Gani Fawehinmi; Abuja-based lawyer, David Agunbiade; a UNILAG lecturer, Prof. Lai Olurode; Osun State University lecturer, Prof. Siyan Oyeweso; and the leader of the Civil Society Coalition, Shehu Sani, rejected the renaming of UNILAG as Moshood Abiola University, asking the Federal Government to reverse its decision.
In a statement, Tinubu contended that though the President’s decision to rename the university after Abiola was welcome, it fell short of what was required.
He said, “We must congratulate the President for attempting to do it, but we say-do it right. MKO was elected by the entire country not just by the Yoruba – he was arrested and taken to Abuja. He was tried, incarcerated and eventually died in very controversial circumstances in Abuja under the custody of federal agents. Abiola’s mandate was a national mandate which he tried to reclaim. But we must be careful not to localise or sectionalise MKO.”

Fayemi, who is an alumnus of UNILAG, described Jonathan’s action “as an opportunistic recognition of the late winner of June 12, 1993 presidential election.”

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photos: WhizKid Spotted, Psquare Signs International Distribution Deal+ More

1. Ehen.. See little child touching big things.. who does that?!? Lol. iLike tho bet why is this cool right? SMH

2. Do you know anyone who doesn't like Whizkid? Show me that person and I'll tell you she's single or he (is a guy that is) a hater.. Lol. I just luv this kid gaan. He lands in the UK a couple of days ago to kick off his UK tour.. Thats a photo of him with fans at Heathrow Airport to receive him.. Big boy things. Best wishes out there to Whizkid.
3. Psquare is now a part of the Universal family. The pop duo have just signed a major deal with one of the biggest record labels in the world, Universal Music Group. Peter Okoye was on witter to share the news.. His tweet: "Psquare has been signed to UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP… Baba God has done it again..@JUDEENGEES @rudeboypsquare @MisterMayD"
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In The News This Week: Fashola Recalled Sacked Doctors, I Lost My Lipstick :D

Governor Babatunde Fashola, Lagos State recalled all 788 doctors that were sacked by the government few weeks back.. This is post-worthy and I'm very glad this for their reinstatement step was taken . I don't get why they had to be fired in the first place tho.. Anyways, back to work Docs, we need you to continue saving lives now. Best news this week already..
About my lipstick, I've had it for 2yrs now, I found it already.. boy was I glad!.. Smiles. See, its Revlon, 'Nude'.. and cos I don't use it often, you must understand why it's lasted for so long. You can like to say anything you like bet I'm going to see that I use up all of it.. Ask me next year, I prolly will still have it.. Winks
The large photo above speaks for itself.. Check out the 1st and smaller image after the jump.. Crazy one there with the diss s on Nigerians buy hey we asked for it. Happy New Month to the person reading this :D

Gay Lecturer In Ahmadu Bello University Arrested For Harassing Male Student

A lecturer in the Department of Public administration at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Dr Gambo Abdul, has been arrested for allegedly harassing a male student Abubakar Abdulkareem into being his gay partner.
It was gathered... that the student had severally rebuffed the advances of the lecturer who wanted him to be his gay partner but became agitated when the lecturer threatened failure if he refused to succumb. Following the threat from the lecturer who is from Minna, Abubakar reported the case to his parents. consequently, the family of the student decided to investigate further and found out that the claim of their ward was true.
It was also gathered that the student was instructed to play along last weekend when the said lecturer invited him to a hotel located at Eastern Bye Pass in Minna. The lecturer made advances and was apprehended and taken to Chanchaga police division. Abubakar told pressmen that his ordeal in the hand of the lecturer started over two years ago when he was doing his Diploma programme at the University before

Shocking: Engineering Student, 21 Kills Roommate And Eats His Brain And Heart

Wow, in myy thinking out loud in my native tongue.. 'Nkan Be.. Translation: Strange things happen... Alexander Kinyua, 21, told police he stabbed and dismembered 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie before eating his heart and parts of brain
  • Kinyua's brother told police he found hands and human head in bins above brother's washing machine
  • Then directed police to nearby church where he said he stashed rest of Agyei-Kodie's body
  • Kinyua's Facebook details troubled student who wrote that campus shootings were actually ethnic cleansings  
MAIL ONLINE - A 21-year-old electrical engineering student has been charged with first-degree murder after parts of a man’s dismembered body were found in his home a week after the man first went missing.
Alexander Kinyua confessed to police that he also ate his roommate’s heart and portions of the brain after killing him in their Joppa, Maryland town home. This is the second deeply disturbing report of cannibalism to sweep the nation within a week. In the first, ‘Miami Cannibal’ Rudy Eugene tore off and ate most of the face of down-and-out homeless man Ronald Poppo.
The 37-year-old, who had been missing for almost a week, apparently shared a home with Kinyua, though other aspects of their relationship are not immediately clear. Kinyua’s father, Antony Kinyua, alerted a detective on Tuesday night, saying that his other son Jarrod discovered what appeared to be a human head and hands in two metal tins above the washing machine.
Horrified, Jarrod Kinyua brought his father down to the basement where Antony said he saw Alexander Kinyu cleaning out the containers.

Twitter Extract: Susan Peters Cries Out, "Someone Is Impersonating Me"

Star actress Susan Peters has decried the use of her name on a blog she says is set out to tarnish her image. Find her tweets below to know what this is about.. I've also come across such comments on my favourite blog, you know whose. I also think the person posting these comments should get a life, this chick has gone through all sorts of diss in recent months, mine was one of them too but enough already.

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Updated: How Tricycles, 'Keke Marwa' Is The New Wedding Get-away Cars + More

3. Moruff Alabi-Gold is one of the VERY cool people who follow my blog. A few days ago, I shared a broadcast on BB asking friends to send me pictures of their wedding, baby dedication, birthdays + more, I said I'd share these pics for them.. Gold is the first person to take me up on the offer. Baby Rahyan was born April 21, 2012. Here's wishing father, son and mother a happy life. May your baby live up to your expectation for him and may he be celebrated in life. Amen
1. It appears Keke Marwa is the rage now as wedding get-away cars for Naija brides and their groom (tongue in cheek). The photo is proof.. I posted another one here a few weeks ago, where a bride was getting off one of the popular tricycles with help from her chief bridesmaid.. Seems funny right? Well, can't say I understand the reasoning behind this too, you would think a bride that can afford a bridal gown as lovely as the one spotted on the chick would have enough to pay to rent a cool ride for her big day, but then who am I to judge? So, I gotta ask, will you be using 'Keke Marwa' on your wedding day? Conveying you and your groom/bride to your wedding has just got cheaper noni :D More after the image, just below it...

Okay, you are wondering about the last picture, I found jt on facebook. I wish I had gotten the bride and groom's name, this has to be the best bridal decor that I've ssen in a while.. Its so beautiful but I wouldn't go for blue tho. Congrats to the couple too, see larger pic after the jump.

Photo Of The Day: This Will Make You Laugh, A Couple's Statue In San Diego

Check out the little boy in the background by  the statue..  There are two things, 1. The boy might have been checking out the giant statue trying to see the top of it (the faces) or he might be looking for badt things his eyes should not be seeking out at his young age.. Winks.. Which do you think it is?

VIDEO: How Funke Akindele Threw The Bouquet At Her Wedding

TheNetNG.. Awww, wipes tears.. I find this uniquely different that Funke Akindele rather than throw her bouquet into a crowd of teeming spinsters at her wedding, she chose to give one flower each from the bouquet to all the girls, there were even single guys who ran to get some too. Lol. Gbenga Adeyinka anchored Funke's wedding, click HERE to watch Funke Akindele share her bouquet with her single lady friends.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still On UNILAG Renaming+ Interesting Facebook Updates Of The Day

I decided to share some interesting status updates from facebook on the ongoing controversy over the change of name of UNILAG to MAU Poly.. Oops, scratch that will you?!! Moshood Abiola University actually.. MAUNI.. Eww! Sounds like some cow dung to me.. *assumin' str8 facev-_-*.. God rest MKO Abiola's soul but no disrespect, I am also not in support of the change of name of the institution. Some things should be left as is, and UNILAG is one of them.   
 "OND graduates of Moshood Abiola Poly should be admitted directly into their Affiliate University without UME/Post UME..." - Tchidi Chiemeziem
"Incase we wake up tomorow and jonathan say we are chinese you can call me Wan Choo Yoo....moreso .Information reaching me says that the management of The University of Nigeria Nsukka has decided to change their name to Odimegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu University before the President changes it to Sam Loco Efe University aka Uni Loco." - Asiwaju Soj Melody
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Hot Photo: Kaffy The Dance Queens Covers 'Pregnacy & You' Magazine

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photos: Banky W Doing Badt Things + More

1. "Having a full English breakfast and bored as hell", Wale Adebayo shared this on facebook. Sango never ate English breakfast in his days, that's why you are bored brotha.. Lol
2. Whatever Banky W is doing, it is so not cool.. *assumes straight face.. Lol. Or don't you agree. That chick too mhen, what's she doing at BankyW's place.. I'm assuming (wrongly perhaps) that's his place.. Wink. OkBye
4. Former US President, Bill Clinton out-did himself posing with two of America's famous porn stars, He must have pulled a Lewinsky on them or he was just being nice taking pictures with fans,
3. I don't know the source of this pic, think I got it from Facebook. Anyways, isn't it funny how two grown men put a baby in a bowl while they are trying to go through a flooded area? These are things you see when a government doesn't care about the masses. This could have been shot in Lagos on any rainy day cos it's no different from what Lagosians go through

Interesting Read: Quote Of The Day On UNILAG's Change Of Name + More

Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), University of Lagos Branch, Dr Karo Ogbinaka, has said that the union will resist the recent change of the university's name.
We are resisting it, all the unions and the students will resist it, the Alunmus will resist it. The truth about the whole thing is that it shows the level of intelligence of those people in government. Nobody will change Harvard's name, nobody will change Cambridge's name to Winston Churchill University. University of Lagos is a brand, for 50 years. The first university established by Act of Parliament and one man trying to score cheap political point. When people go outside and you ask them what university are you from? What name will you pronounce? They'll ask is it a new university? Is it the name of a toothpaste? It's a senseless thing and are going to resist it.  
WHAT'S IN A NAME? - Osisiye Tafa

I admire the ease and boldness with which President Jonathan proceeded with the University of Lagos renaming. It shows that he is not shy to change the status quo. Good. Let me take you down memory lane a bit though.

You know when I finished from secondary school, all I wanted was to go to a mission university. They seemed ‘easy’ to me. If your parents could afford

Hot Stuff: Beyonce Performs Whitney Houston's "I'll Always Love You" At Comeback Concert

Beyonce's comeback show since giving birth to baby Blue Ivy (Baby Blue Ivy sounds like 'Baba Blue'.. Vicks' Lemon Plus.. LOL) had 5,500 die-hard fans screaming for more. She took to the stage days ago in New Jersey's Revel in Atlantic City to perform to the delight of her teeming fans who were awed by her energy to stage such a great performance.
The purpose of this post is her performance of Whitney Houston's 'Ill Alwaya Love You' as a special tribute to the late singer. I saw the video and I really enjoyed it. I'll definitely watch it again, its that goo. Enjoy!
Watch Beyonce's performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’:

Read more: Beyonce Tributes Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill At Revel | Necole

Monday, May 28, 2012

Quote Of The Day: Most Reverend Akinola's Home Truth To President Goodluck

Sahara Reporters: President Goodluck Jonathan, governors, ministers and top government officials on Sunday failed to demonstrate a public commitment to the fight against corruption.
At the interdenominational church service held at the Ecumenical Centre, Abuja, to commemorate the 2012 National Democracy Day, the guest preacher and immediate past Prelate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Most Reverend Peter Akinola, in his sermon, challenged the congregation to join him in the fight against corruption in the country by committing perpetrators to God.

But the congregation, including the President, who was accompanied by his wife, Patience, the Governor of Bayelsa, Seriake Dickson and Kaduna, Patrick Yakowa, Deputy Governor of Nasarawa state, Dameshi Luka, as well as some ministers failed to respond to prayers to take corrupt officials “to the court of God.”
Apparently, expecting to hear a thunderous YES from the congregation, the Reverend, who instead got a deafening silence, exclaimed: “There you go! Oh, corruption! So, you are not ready to fight it, because you are all beneficiaries of it. Whether you steal in a small or big way, stealing is stealing."

Apparently disappointed with the response he got, the clergyman shot angrily at Mr. Jonathan and his delegation,
“See, it is very clear. You are not interested in fighting corruption. If you do, let us take our case to the court of God, if you dare. Who is deceiving who? You are only deceiving yourselves, not God. And you who is stealing government funds, subjecting the poor to untold hardship; you who steal oil subsidy money, making Nigerians pay for fuel through their noses; you who steal funds meant for improving our power supply, deliberately making Nigerians live a life in utter darkness, will you repent today? I doubt it!"

“All of you, whoever you are, greedy, arrogant politicians and officials who are in government only for what you can steal from it and virtually nothing to contribute to national development and has turned Nigeria into a wretch, repent today, and make reparations and God will have mercy on you. Don’t say Amen, only if you repent.

“It is true that ICPC, EFCC, the Police, judiciary may not catch you stealing. But believe me, the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-wise and the almighty God sees you very clearly. But, He is patiently waiting for you to return to the path of sanity and righteousness.”

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria!

Have a great one..

Rihanna Is The Ultimate Playa, Has Chris Brown, Drake & Meek Mill Bumping Heads

Words on the street (not my street.. Lol) is that Drake who was spotted out in a club with Rihanna days ago may have been tryin to make a couple of competition over Rihanna jealous, and these would be ex-lover Chris Brown and alleged ex-boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill. But in all these state of confusion, Rihanna seems to be enjoying life like she doesn't give a hoot about any of these *boys' feelings. Well, she really shouldn't.. I think she should clean up her act though . I simply, truly luv Rihanna but she needs to start being responsible is all. She's like a train wreck waiting to happen. Anyways, Chris went on twitter to express himself over an attack on him by Meek Mill which he responded to with the following tweet: 
‘She’s a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!’
And here's Meek's tweet that got Chris Brown riled up like that..
‘You took me off your song because she let me watch da throne #dreamsandnightmares’

All this while Rihanna was having a great time with Drake o, and she went on to tweet the following herself.:
“the best part is that EYE get to choose!” and “Cupid stay away from my [***expletive]!!!!” Ermm, coughs.
Rihanna's tweet explains what fools Chris Brown, Meek Mill, even Drake are making of themself drooling at every drop of her name by anyone, like they all just can't help it..*eyes rolling..  Rihanna must also be the biggest playa in the music scene, and she just doesn't seem to care about all the drama.
BTW, little wonder people are hard pressed believing Chris Brown is over her, even after they both unfollowed each other on twitter.. GF Karueche must be feeling let down by now unless she's a complete idiot, Chris Brown is definitely not over Rihanna.. Shame!
Well, enough already, be sure to check out my other posts for today.. Hugs

Hot Photo: David Beckham Covers July 2012 Elle UK, Talks About Victoria And Baby Harper

Inside the magazine, David spoke about fame:
I never thought about the money, the fame. It never interested me, and it doesn't interest me now. None of that has ever excited me. .
He also spoke on fatherhood with his new baby girl Harper:
It's great. I love to bite her legs, or shoulders. It's how a baby should be. She's so beautiful.

And when it comes to his beautiful wife Victoria, David said:
She comes home and shows me what she's been doing all day and what exciting dresses and bags she's got coming through. And then I say something boring like 'I got kicked today.'
We can't wait to read the entire article and see the rest of the pictures from the spread when the magazine is released on May 30th. In the meantime, you can check out the pictures in our gallery!

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Interesting Read: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding?

Find fun comments below on 'How much did you spend on your wedding?', I bumped into them when I was researching the topic (LOL right?), well I immediately thot that I have to share them.. Bur really, do you have to spend N5million to N10million on a wedding? I don't mind personally but (Heheh) bet what happens after the wedding should be of more signficance. I have seen couples who held fine weddings, only to move into rented apartments, nothing even that nice enough most of the time, also heard of cases where alot was spent on the wedding where the groom doesn't even have a car to drive himself from work everyday + a wife who's not gainfully employed.. (eyes rollin').

Thing is, everybody can't have a million naira wedding o, and that's not cos I say so. Remember there's life after the jollification. As for me tho, I will have a fine, glamorous wedding sha just BECAUSE I CAN!!! Lol.

Enjoy the comments below, these are in answer to a question someone posted on Nairaland.. Some are just so funny.. After the jump tho

Royalty: The Akinruntans Dedicate Baby Desire.. Hot Photos

Wow, meet the Akinruntans, Prince Abayomi Babatunde Akinruntan and his lovely wife, Olamide Yomi Akinruntan-Eboda. The happy couple dedicated their baby and first daughter at a service that saw loved ones troop out to celebrate with them. Check out the beautiful pictures after the jump. Congrats to couple. Just like Maryam Adewuyi (See my earlier post on her 'Photos: Bride Of The Day, Mariam Adewuyi Ajao.. Pretty!'', Lamide and I also went to the same boarding school (2ndry school) so you must understand why I'm sharing these.. Winks. I celebrate my own ni, don't start rollin' your eyes now :D. Really good times for my sisters from another mother..

Happy Children's day in arrers Nigeria to all the beautiful kids out there.

Kim Kardashian Feels Disprected By British Airways, Calls Them Out

She also tweets "I miss you" with a photo link, you won't believe whose pic it turned out to be.. you might be wrong if you guess, check pic after the jump

Photos: Bride Of The Day, Mariam Adewuyi.. Pretty!

These are good times for babes, and Mariam Adewuyi is one of such chicks.. She tied the knot with boyfriend of several years at a memorable event in Lagos, Anchor Hall, Ikeja. Find photos after the jump.
I remember back in boarding school, Mariam was one of the quiet but mischievous ones among our circle of friends (incase you're wondering, I was one of the loud ones). We had great fun back then. Here's wishing her a happy married life. May God bless your union girl.
That brings me to the question, and in my father's voice, "Balkiss, WHEN ARE YOU GON MARRY?". Just the other day, he called to remind me my birthday is coming up fast and he was wondering if I'm ever going to settle down anytime soon.. Heheh. That's what you get when your younger sis weds before you (eyes rolling).. I said, pops (I call him Alhaji tho.. Winks), that time is coming. you might want to chill.. (I didn't say that honestly.. Lol). Anyways, just incase I don't invite you when the times comes (yea,YOU reading this), I'll share the HOT pics here.. OkBye :D

Remember, photos after the jump

VIDEO: Igbo Version Of Funke Akindele's 'Jenifa' Debuts, Tagged 'Adaure'

360nobs - Go Behind The Scenes As The Igbo’s Go On Set Of ADAURE For Their Own Version Of JENIFA
Normally you hear about a Nigerian movie lifting the plot of a foreign movie however this time around its Jenifa which is definitely one of the most popular Nigerian movies in recent times that is getting a makeover from the Igbo point of view.. Should be fun

Those who saw Funke Akindele’s portrayal of Jenifa might want to see Adaure as well if only to spot similarities and differences that exist. However after seeing the making of the Igbo retelling of a naive village girl who moves to the city to **Contine after the jump

Twitter Extract: Nicki Minaj Announces She's Coming To Nigeria

Well, she did. See her tweet below. She didn't state when precisely but it's something to look forward too..

Interesting Photos: Timaya Feeds Daughter, Osaze's Beautiful Bride, Funny Photos + More

3. Timaya, of Bayelsa shared photo of him feeding his baby, he wrote: "I wanted to have a baby by Barbara because she is my kind of woman; the kind of woman I’d like to spend the rest of my life with and this was why I decided from the outset that I’d go the whole hog with her. She knows that marriage is not something we will dabble into now." End quote. Hmmm, nice but still I luv me some Empress Ijama, as crazy as she is.. Winks
1. Osaze Odemwingie Weds girlfriend 22yr old Sarrah Fallon yesterday May 267, 2012. The couple exchanged vows at Castle Ashby in Nottingham in the presence of loved ones. Congrats to them
6. President Goodluck Jonathan channeling the fly man from Otueke, he looks good but I'm not a fan.. OkBye
4. How on earth will a human being brush his teeth with Morning Fresh? **Blank stare** continue after the jump