Thursday, May 31, 2012

Updated: How Tricycles, 'Keke Marwa' Is The New Wedding Get-away Cars + More

3. Moruff Alabi-Gold is one of the VERY cool people who follow my blog. A few days ago, I shared a broadcast on BB asking friends to send me pictures of their wedding, baby dedication, birthdays + more, I said I'd share these pics for them.. Gold is the first person to take me up on the offer. Baby Rahyan was born April 21, 2012. Here's wishing father, son and mother a happy life. May your baby live up to your expectation for him and may he be celebrated in life. Amen
1. It appears Keke Marwa is the rage now as wedding get-away cars for Naija brides and their groom (tongue in cheek). The photo is proof.. I posted another one here a few weeks ago, where a bride was getting off one of the popular tricycles with help from her chief bridesmaid.. Seems funny right? Well, can't say I understand the reasoning behind this too, you would think a bride that can afford a bridal gown as lovely as the one spotted on the chick would have enough to pay to rent a cool ride for her big day, but then who am I to judge? So, I gotta ask, will you be using 'Keke Marwa' on your wedding day? Conveying you and your groom/bride to your wedding has just got cheaper noni :D More after the image, just below it...

Okay, you are wondering about the last picture, I found jt on facebook. I wish I had gotten the bride and groom's name, this has to be the best bridal decor that I've ssen in a while.. Its so beautiful but I wouldn't go for blue tho. Congrats to the couple too, see larger pic after the jump.

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Anonymous said...

this particular keke Napep is classy; its a Convertible.