Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twitter Extract: Susan Peters Cries Out, "Someone Is Impersonating Me"

Star actress Susan Peters has decried the use of her name on a blog she says is set out to tarnish her image. Find her tweets below to know what this is about.. I've also come across such comments on my favourite blog, you know whose. I also think the person posting these comments should get a life, this chick has gone through all sorts of diss in recent months, mine was one of them too but enough already.

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James Igwah said...

Linda Ikeji,

I blamed you a lot. You own the blog yes we are aware of that. And so, is that why should be posting the imposter comments here in the name of Susan Peter while you know very well she is not the right person which your supporters are referring to. Instead, you put up with the idiots to succeed in blemishing an innocent persons name for no good reason.

Don’t tell me you wittingly allowed this occurrence to disparage Susan Peter and make people to be seeing her that bad just as you wishes. Honestly, I am more disappointed in you Linda to have let your podium be used in damaging other person’s name that way, big SHAME on you. I can’t just imagine all this twaddle for goodness sake.

ANTI Susan Peters, the innocent lady is busy working hard for her life and has no time over your blogging issues as interested you all to know.

James Igwah