Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brad Pitt’s Secret to Waking Up the Kids: U Can Learn From This.. LOL

Every parent has his or her tricks -- things that must be done to keep the house running. Brad Pitt is no different. In a recent interview with America's CBS 'This Morning', the Oscar-nominated actor ("Moneyball") revealed that he sometimes has to rely on a certain carbonated beverage to get his kids moving in the morning.

Meet Ioana Spangenberg, Woman With 20-inch Waist

30-year-old Ioana Spangenberg weighs just six stone, with 32 inch hips, despite eating three square meals a day, including pizza and kebabs.

I Present You The World's Best Wedding Costume By A Groom

This I'm still laughing over o, kai.. Who is *doing this guy?.. Laughs

Blogging Ruined My Writing - Tafa Osisiye

‘SEGA ruined my basketball game’
It is the year 1998. Diallo is playing on the stereo. I am in third heaven. Lemme say it this simply, Wyclef’s ‘Diallo’ is to 1998 as Davido’s ‘Dami Duro’ is to January 2012.
You told me your mother was an …..’

Former Governor of Bayelsa, Timipre Sylva vs GEJ.. #Yeye!

The former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva, Saturday,  said he (Sylva) performed far more than Jonathan’s tenure given the challenges he faced in office as the  governor of the Niger Delta state.
Reacting to President Goodluck Jonathan’s comment at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign rally Saturday in Yenagoa in which he (Jonathan) cited the stoning of the former governor and the Five Star Tower Hotel project as monument of disgrace, Chief Sylva said it was the same President Jonathan that came back and spoke glowingly of his achievement at the January primaries of the party.

The Antelope Shoes: Stylish High Heels That Can Help You Lose Weight

The Antelope shoes, f

Best Places to Go to Prison - Don't Think Nigeria : )

Before you read this, I have a question. Isn't it funny some Homo Sapien would pen an article with headline like 'Best Place to Go to Prison'?, imagine, Americans sha.. How about someone discuss the best place to go to prison in Nigeria?! Like prison is some cool place to consider several options over.. Na college, or abi na vacation spot? *eyes rolling*.. #Yeye. Okies, pls proceed to read  : )

Nkwo Onwuka's Designs Featured in New African Woman Magazine

Nkwo Onwuka needs no introduction, she's a reknowned designer, her work speaks for her. She has featured in numerous international fashion shows. Well, I hope to bring you an interview with her one of these days, watch out.. Find the featured works here and some of her other designs.. 

Winner, Nigeria Prize for Literature 'Mai Nasara' Returns to Receive Honour

Mai Nasara: Wole Soyinka, others join presentation of Nigeria Prize for Literature

The 2011 winner for the Nigeria Prize for Literature Adeleke Adeyemi(pen name, Mai Nasara) returns to the country on Saturday February 3 after a brief sojourn in the United States. The now popular author won the prestigious Nigeria LNG-endowed award for his children's novel 'The Missing Clock' in August.

LL Cool J & Taylor Swift Beatboxing to Prepare for the Grammys

#iLike... Funny. LL Cool J & Taylor Swift have a little fun beatboxing to prepare for the Grammys. 54th Annual Grammy Awards Live! Sunday February 12th, 2012.. Its a date!!!

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Critically ill, Struck By Stroke. He May Have Lost an Arm & a Leg

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Critically ill, Struck By Stroke. He May Have Lost an Arm & a Leg
There is palpable fear in the homestead of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, over his failing health. Information reaching us has it that the heavy weight politician has been in a very unhealthy condition for some time and that the situation was being managed by medical experts,only for the condition to get worse last week.

7 Things That Turn Off Employers During an Interview

US News - First impressions still count when it comes to nailing the interview for that new position, but there are several other things you need to think about as you settle into the hot seat. It only takes a few minutes for a prospective employer to size you up and decide whether you'll be a good fit for the position. A single quip, remark, or even a facial expression could send the wrong message and knock you out of line for the job. Polishing your interviewing skills can help you communicate better and ensure the interview is smooth sailing.

Interesting Read: Dele Momodu Takes On Reuben Abati

Dele Momodu & Late Chf. MKO Abiola
Note, these are excerpts from the original articlea and rejoinder:
"A day after D-Day, the joke on Twitter, Facebook and online (the essential scourge of our time) was that Dele Momodu got only one vote at the polling booth in his ward, and that even his wife who followed him to the polling booth voted for someone else – Goodluck Jonathan, most probably. But he has trudged on since then like a man of faith, proclaiming his undying faith in Nigeria." - By Reuben Ababti

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nigerians Top The List of Biggest Foreign Shoppers in the UK .. SMH

With Average Transaction pegged at £1,648, Nigerian elites, their sons and daughters top the list of UK's biggest shoppers. One other reason why we'll still #OccupiyNigeria, no?
Grrrr.. Here's what ThisIsLondon wrote about it!!! Nigeria's oil industry is boosting the pockets of an affluent elite who are increasingly coming to London to spend that cash. In February last year, sales to Nigerians were up 50 per cent in London shops on a year earlier, while overall in 2011 Selfridges

Rihanna Is Nearly Unrecognizable As A Blonde

Rihanna transforms into a blond bombshell for her upcoming Elle magazine cover shoot and totes her new locks all over town Thursday night! You Like?!

'YOUWIN': FG Shortlists 6,000 Applicants

Over 500 applications were received from Nigerians in the Diaspora among the 24,000 who applied to participate in the Federal Government youth entrepreneurship programme, YOUWIN. Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala disclosed this at an agreement signing ceremony between the Federal Ministry of Finance, Youth Development and ICT and participating banks, in Abuja, on Wednesday.

How Do People Remain Friends With Their Exes?

Everyone has a movie that speaks to them. For some, it’s a movie frame or just a title. Well, I have certain movie frames that speak to me-in different ways. In ‘Top Gun’, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, there’s this frame I really like. It’s that part where

Meet Gabriel Afolayan: Veteran Actor Ade Love's Son

Gabriel Afolayan in Naija Edition T-shirt
 Gabriel Afolayan is an actor with pedigree and we can almost say its in his genes as his father Ade Afolayan known back in the days as 'Ade Love' was a great film maker and actor and headlined the hit movie 'Taxi Driver'. It is also worthy of note that his father also wrote, produced and sang quite a

Husband Pays Neighbour to Get Wife Pregnant, 72 Attempts Later...

I'm grinning here so badly..

In Stuttgart, Germany, a court judge must decide on a case of honorable intentions in a situation where a man hired his neighbor to get his wife pregnant. It seems that Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, wanted a child badly, but Demetrius was told by a doctor that he was sterile.

Happy Birthday Reverend Sam Adeyemi

I used to love this man from afar ehn, but I only like him now sha : ) If only a Christian MOG can marry a second wife, I wouldda created a TV commercial and broadcasted nationally to let him know that I'M AVAILABLE! scratch that, I was but not anymore.. Wink. Happy birthday sir, you are one special role model. Have a great one

War is Imminent In Nigeria But God Forbid (2)

Once again let me plead that I am writing this article as Joe Igbokwe, a native of Uruagu Nnewi in Anambra State , Nigeria and I speak strictly for myself only. I am 55 years old and a 1985 graduate of Mechanical Engineering from University of Nigeria Nsukka. Without sounding immodest, I am an advocate for rule of law, social justice, equity and fair play. By the grace of God I was brought up to believe in the

Robbers cart N96m at Lagos Airport: Blame it on Subsidy? Wink

Robbers Wednessday night, carted away US$600,000 (N95, 969, 998.17 million) from a Bureau De Change operator inside Murtala Muhamed International Airport Lagos. The robbers stormed the car park which is usually in darkness and shot sporadically into the air, wounding a woman, before dispossessing their victim of the said amount at about 8.30pm.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Former Militant, Boyloaf, Becomes Presidential Envoy

For agreeing to drop his arms and join the amnesty programme of the Federal Government, Ebikabowei Victor Ben, aka Boyloaf, has become a Presidential envoy embarking on international inspection visits on behalf of the Federal Government. As part of his visits, Boyloaf recently led a delegation to Rotterdam to inspect proposed venues for the training of former militants.

Suleja Emir Chased Out of Burial of Christmas Day Blast Victims

18 out of the over 40 people who lost their lives in the 2011 Christmas Day bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church, Suleja, were buried yesterday, in a single grave dug beside the church. During the church service for the burial, the Emir of Suleja, Mallam Awwal Ibrahim, who came for the service, was booed and chased out by parishioners of the church when he was called to say a few words. No one wanted to hear anything he had say. The emir and his entourage had no choice but to leave. Christians in the city are angry with the emir over what they say was his lack of concern or sympathy for the victims of the Christmas Day bombing.

I Don't Believe In Death Penalty - Hafsat Abiola on Al-Mustapha's D

Daughter of the late Kudirat Abiola, wife of the late presidential candidate Moshood Abiola who was killed in 1996, Mrs Hafsat Abiola-Costello said she doesn’t believe in death penalty. Hafsat, who yesterday in Abuja, was reacting to the Lagos High Court death sentences passed on Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, the Chief Security officer of the late Head of State Sani Abacha and personal assistant to Kudirat, Lateef Shofolahan over the murder of Kudirat. Hafsat said even though the judgements

Optical Illusion: Negative Woman

Want to give this a try? You'll be amazed! Stare at the red dot on this woman's nose for thirty seconds. Then, look over at a blank white space (a piece of paper or an empty browser tab will do). You'll see the "correct" version of the image.  Here's how it works: stare long enough at an object and the eye's photoreceptors (particularly the color-sensitive cone cells seen on her nose) lose sensitivity from overstimulation. Divert the eyes to a blank space,

The IM Conversation in Which 19-Year-Old Zuckerberg Decided to Build Facebook

The Facebook IPO filing has finally arrived. In its regulatory filing with the SEC, the social-netowrking giant said it hopes to raise $5 billion in its IPO. Facebook is so valuable mainly because more than 850 million individuals use the product each month. Half that number come back every day. In hindsight, something so massive and valuable as Facebook can seem almost historically

LASTMA Official Pushed Bus Conductor to His Death

A bus conductor this morning fell to his death after he was pulled from a moving bus by a LASTMA official. The incident happened around 11am at Motorways, Ikeja on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. The people at the bus stop where it happened turned mob action and beat the LASTMA official to unconsciousness but was rescued by the police before they could kill him. Photos when you continue.. Pics are gory, be warned!

5 people die in campus cult clash in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic

Five people were shot dead yesterday February 1st following a clash between two rival cult groups, the Eiye Confraternity and the Buccaneers, at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY), Abeokuta, Ogun State. Cause of the fight? The usual. One cult member (Buccaneers) was killed by the Eiyes and they went to retaliate. The gun battle went on for hours at the Onikolobo area of the town, leaving five people dead after it ended. The Police PRO in the state confirmed the incident and said they have restored normalcy in the area. Source

Chris Brown Named World's Worst Dressed Man by GQ + His Reaction

The British version of GQ magazine has crowned singer Chris Brown the worst dressed man on the planet. Ouch! After calling him a "thuggish rapper-slash-singer," the glossy suggests that Brown should be investing his fortune into tailoring not $15,000 phones. What do you think friends, well he's dissapointed me on more than just on e ocassion too but I think this rating is biased tho..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personality of the Day: Shoggy Tosh

Meet Shoggy Tosh, Nigerian making the fatherland proud in the UK. He's a force to reckon with in UK's Gospel community and the country's entertainment space. Skip several years of his life after college, he resigned from his circular job as a manager at one of the biggest retail chains in the world - TESCO just 5 years ago

Anambra, Politics: Prince John O. Emeka Wins At The Supreme Court But Still Denied Justice

The Supreme Court on 27th January, 2012 has struck out the appeal lodged by Lady Margery Okadigbo challenging the election and return of Prince John Emeka as the candidate of PDP and winner of the April Senate election in Anambra North Senatorial Zone. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court struck out the suit and awarded cost of N50, 000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) against Lady Okadigbo. The Court upheld the decision of both the Court of Appeal Enugu Division and the

Almost Funny, Very Revealing: A Slave's Letter To Former Master

A Must Read: A newly discovered letter from a freed former slave to his onetime master is creating a buzz. Letters of Note explains that in August of 1865, a Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee wrote to his former slave Jourdan Anderson, requesting that Jourdan return to work on his farm.
In the time since escaping from slavery, Anderson had become emancipated, moved to Ohio where

2 Billion Spent On Pro-Subsidy Adverts.. Huh?

A group operated by President Goodluck Jonathan’s key ministers has spent about N2 billion to run newspaper and radio/television advertisements defending the Federal Government’s aborted petrol subsidy withdrawal, Daily Trust investigation has shown.

Nicki Minaj's New Music Video BANNED from BET

Just as well, I don't feel the song myself....Don't expect to catch Nicki Minaj's latest music video "Stupid H*e" on BET -- because TMZ has learned the network is REFUSING to air it. We spoke with a rep for BET who wouldn't specify exactly why the network has banned the video -- simply saying BET will not be broadcasting it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nigeria: Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa' Forms to Tackle Boko Haram

There are indications that an ideological feud within the rank and file of the Boko Haram sect may have led to a breakaway faction. The new outfit calls itself ‘Ansaru.’

Questions U Should Ask B4 U Buy D New Blackberry Porsche at N380,000.. Wharahell?

Apparently, the new Blackberry Porsche is set to be sold at a sum equivalent of N380,000.. Like seriously ehn? Well, here's what somone has to say, copied from Facebook..
(1). Does it download food?

(2). Does it fly?

Ghanaian Star Actress Faints Over Leaked Nude Photos

Advisory: Don't put yourself out there by taking undignifying photos if you don't want them popping up over the internet, Do Not Take No Nude Pictures to start with, like wharrahell? ! *eyes rolling* BTW, I chose not to share the said nude shot of the actress, I accept her word that this was all a mistake, they had no business being seen by any 3rd party(ies). Becareful what you do in private with any guy, your boyfriend regardless. Continue to read story

Family Of Al-Mustapha To Appeal Death Sentence

The family of Hamza Al-Mustapha, the Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State General Sani Abacha has said that Monday’s ruling by a Lagos High court that Al-Mustapha must die by hanging for the murder of Hajia Kudirat Abiola is a temporary setback.“We strongly believe in the judiciary as the last hope of the common man, but I must confess to you that we are shocked by this ruling.

Senate Queries The Presidency Over N1.3 billion Budget For Food

Cassava Bread : )
The Senate, yesterday queried the Presidency over N1.3 billion budgeted for food stuffs and refreshment, including the purchase of computers and furniture, describing it as outrageous. Out of N1.3billion, N293 million was set aside for refreshment, N500 million for food stuffs, N265 million for computers and N295 million for furniture for no specific office.

Court tells Stephanie Okereke Her First Marriage Was Not Valid

Well, what can anyone say ehn?!? A high court in Lagos has rendered the first marriage of star actress Stephanie Okereke to footballer Chikelue Iloanusi, null and void. The judge told the actress who had gone to court to divorce Chikelu, that the marriage never existed, so she can't seek a divorce, only an annulment. According to the judge, the marriage between Stephanie and Chikelue wasn't valid because at the time they got married, Chikelu was legally married to another woman in the US.

Favorite Quote: I Want To Be Made Love To All The Time.

"I need to touch, to be touched, to feel safe inside. I want to be made love to all the time. Eat, sleep, act, make love." Simples.. Well, the 'simples' part is my addition but that's what Paz de la Heuerta said, she's generally known as one of Hollywood's newest bad gerlz.. Wink

Sophia Vergara, Columbian is America's Most Desirable Woman of 2012

Just so you don't know her, I can tell you Sophia deserves this rating. She's unarguably one of the funniest personalities on American TV.. I heart her!!! Sophia Vergara, 39yr old 'Modern Family' star beats Victoria's Secrets Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj as #1 on AskMen magazine's annual list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women. Perennial favorites like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were

Monday, January 30, 2012

Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie ill, Flown Abroad

Awww, get well sir. Cardinal Okogie is one of Nigeria's MOG that I respect.. and I respect only very few of them really.. 76 year old Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Okogie was flown to India some days ago for medical treatment, for an undisclosed ailment. The cardinal couldn't walk for days as a result of swollen legs before he was flown abroad to receive treatment.

National Sports Commission Spent 1.2 M to Open Facebook Account

Well, well, wee!!! Werrin we no go hear for obodo Naija ehn

The Director General of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Chief Patrick Ekeji is reportedly being summoned by the House of Representatives over the Commission’s expenditures, including N1.2 million for a Facebook account.

7 Crazy Sex Facts About The Prince Of Brunei.. WOW

  • He named his yacht S.S Tits.
  • He keeps a harem of around 40 women, paying as much as $20k for two week stints arranged through his team of "casting" associates.
  • He purchased several sculptured fountain pens featuring nude women on the lid and nude

Quote..Scratch That, 'Blunder of the Day'- Mujahid Dokubo Asari

"This is a day of shame for us all....shame on you nigeria....Al-mustapha and other innocent men will not die....they will live. Insha Allah...the treachery and conspiracy against Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan will fail. When your man Obj was there for eight years you did not get a conviction...Umar Musa Yar'Adua you did not get a conviction....Shame on you...your conspiracy will fail."- Mujahid Dokubo Asari.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sahara Reporters to Reuben Abati: You Lied!

Sahara Reporters has replied presidential spokesman, Dr. Reuben abati, that it lied in a report it carried that the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonahtna, contrary to his promise of cutting spending on foreign trips, went to the African Union Summit that ended today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a delegation that did not fulfill his pledge.

WOW, Anti-Subsidy Flakes tins

Lolz, people ehn.. I would have called this #SubsidyFlakes tho. Garri, Epa ati Sugar, nice combo.. How I miss this! Pic via Oshine Oyedeji

Nigeria Police And Boko Haram In Fresh Gun Duel In Kano

A source at the Kano State Police Command has confirmed that some men of the command this evening engaged suspected members of the Boko Haram sect in a gun duel. The Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Idris when contacted confirmed the incident but said his command will make public the number of casualties and other related issues associated with the attack. This is further confirmed by a friend of mine on facebook, Aminu Mohammad OFS, who stated the following.. "For well over an hour now, security agents and some gunmen have been exchanging shots. Well, I am in a friend's house near by with my entire family and certainly, we are by Allah's Grace safe. Why are some people bent on totally destroying Kano?

"Boko Haram Is A Multi-billion Naira Outfit", Security Source

Several top security personnel in Nigeria have exclusively told SaharaReporters on condition of anonymity that the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, popularly known as Boko Haram, is multi-billion naira organization.

Yaaaaay!!! Arsenal Beats Aston Villa to Advance in FA Cup

Arsenal kept its attempt to end a seven-year trophy drought on track Sunday, scoring three times in eight second-half minutes to beat Aston Villa 3-2 and reach the fifth round of the FA Cup. Oose!!! Kudos to my baby Thiery Henry however he played :D