Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Places to Go to Prison - Don't Think Nigeria : )

Before you read this, I have a question. Isn't it funny some Homo Sapien would pen an article with headline like 'Best Place to Go to Prison'?, imagine, Americans sha.. How about someone discuss the best place to go to prison in Nigeria?! Like prison is some cool place to consider several options over.. Na college, or abi na vacation spot? *eyes rolling*.. #Yeye. Okies, pls proceed to read  : )
Ever wonder what prison life is like for high-profile white-collar criminals like Bernie Madoff, or how Martha Stewart got through her time in prison? The prison experience all depends on where you wind up, according to Alan Ellis, an American criminal defense attorney and co-author the “Federal Prison Guidebook.” Ellis, who specializes in defending federal white-collar criminals, has made a career of bargaining to get his clients the lowest possible sentences and get them into the best prisons possible.

The worst federal criminals wind up behind bars in U.S. penitentiaries. But there are also medium-, low-, and minimum-security prisons. Of those minimum-security facilities, known as federal prison camps, some are adjacent to higher-security prisons and others stand alone. It’s the stand-alone ones that Ellis believes are most preferable.

“The staff is less stressed out,” he said. “As I like to say, happy staff makes happy inmates.” *[Hehe]

Federal prison camps also have limited or no fencing, and “zero” violence. Ellis cautioned, however, that these are no country-club — or “Club Fed” — facilities. The inmates are still in prison and away from their loved ones. *Trust me, they know!

It’s not just the camp accommodations that made Ellis’ list. For the low- to medium-security inmate, there are choice assignments, as well. So where are the best places to do time? Click ahead to see the names Ellis believes should be on every federal inmate’s wish-list, in no particular order.

Written by Michelle Fox
Posted 19 January 2012

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