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My Photos From The Wendy Williams Show

In Wendy Williams' voice.. How you doin?!! Lol. This is no news to you if you follow me on facebook, on Wednesday 6th June, my friend Elizabeth Amani and I were audience guests at The Wendy Williams Show in New York. We had madt fun. Gist over here is that this particular show which was aired the next day is perhaps the most interesting and most hilarious episode Wendy Williams has ever had.

Joan Rivers - Fashion Police Host - brought down the house with crazy jokes, some were so gross, I was shaking my head in slow motion for her.. LOL. Others were crazy hilarious, cool stuff, her jokes had everybody  on the edge of their seats and cracking up real good.

Then, there was Gary Owen, one of the cast of 'Think Like a Man', remember Wendy Williams was also on that, she was Kevin Hart's wifey in the movie. Gary Owen blew up the house with jokes of his own, infact, to

VP Namadi Sambo Loses 40yr-Old Brother In Autocrash

Vice-President Namadi Sambo loses 40-year-old younger brother, Mallam Aliyu Sambo, in autocrash on Mando Road, Kawo, Kaduna. Aww, may his soul rest in peace. Nigeria seems to be mourning alot lately, not that you may think this affects you or your own but when people die we pray for the soul of the departed to rest in peace. Adieu brother to Mr. Vice President.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

VIDEO: Funke Akindele's Wedding.. Fabulousity

We've seen the wedding pictures, some mostly, now shall we sit back and watch the video.. LOL. In case you missed this, Funke Akindele recently got married to hubby Alhaji Al-Maroof a ceremony  people have since tagged the wedding of the year, and they are not far from the truth. Funke's wedding saw the largest congregation of the who is who in the entertainment industry, it was a glorious day for the actress. Here's wishing her a happy married life once again.. Enjoy the video


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Nigerians Attack Presidential Spokesperson Rueben Abati On Twitter.. Wide Grin

So, twitter was agog last9t when his emminence (winks) Dr. Reuben Abati was dishing out tweets praising the works of his handler in the name o Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.. Smiles. I wasn't surprised when the diss started flowing in and his timeline was full of heavy insults that my korokoro eyes even couldn't bear to read.. Heheh. I saved you a few of the very nice ones, they may appear a lil ugly but trust me, they are the really nice ones I could find among hundreds. Enjoy.. Oops, I meant somefin else tho.. LOL

D'Prince And Tiwa Savage's Hot New Photos.. Woah, Woah, Woah!!!

Wow, DPrince and Tiwa Savage have never looked better.. WHHATTT?!!! Check out that bod and the 6packs, how is it that I don't remember him ever being this hot? (eyes rolling).. Has to be one of two things, I was blind or I was very blind.. Heheh. Some chicks will def not sleep again after seeing this :D Tiwa looks gorg as always.. I know a friend who's in luv with her but she doesn't know him .. Lol.

Yay!!! EME Records Signs Niyola As First Lady, Find Out Why I'm Excited About This

Niyola happens to be a friend from secondary school.. Yea, I like discussing chicks who went to the same school with me, its much easier getting a feature on my blog if you have that close connection to me :D Ok, thats about it and why this is big news to me is cos she does deserve to be signed to a record lable as big as EME.. Niyola has paid madt dues in the industry but she never seemed to have gotten that big break she deserves.. I believe EME can do it for her, she's prety, intelligent and with talent. Y'all should watch out for her phulease.

Niyola joins the likes of Wizkid, Skales and Banky W as first Lady EME.. Go girl. If you're reading this, holla at me, let me help you with some PR sogbo.. LOlz

Beast On The Prowl At Igbinedion University, Girl Stabs Roommate Seven Times Over Borrowed Clothes

I saw this report on Linda Ikeji's blog a while ago - Apparently, a stu at the university Hope Amadi borrowed a dress shirt from her roommate Chioma but Hope refused to return it after several days. Chioma then confronted her and asked for her cloth a few days ago, Tuesday June 5th. Rather than return the shirt with a thank you, Hope allegedly became very impossible and got into a fight with Chioma, Hope . Then a fight ensued. Witnesses say Hope Amadi picked up scissors from their room and stabbed Chioma seven times on the neck, arm and other places.
Chioma was rushed to the Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital, where doctors reported that Chioma was stabbed on her artery, and that if she hadn't been rushed to the hospital when she was she would have died.

According to the report, Hope Amadi has been suspended from school.

The White House Speaks About Goodluck Jonathan Corrupt Administration, Details Here

The American government says there’s “massive, widespread, and pervasive corruption” at all levels of the Nigerian government and the security forces.

Just as the Goodluck Jonathan administration is facing mounting scrutiny at home over an illegal payment of N155 billion to cronies and associates of government officials on a presidential order, the United States of America has delivered a stringent critique of the government’s anti-graft effort.

In its latest report on global human rights released on Thursday by the State Department, the U.S. said the three tiers of the Nigerian government was ridden with “massive, widespread and pervasive corruption,” that failed to receive appropriate punitive response from the authorities.

“The law provides criminal penalties for official corruption; however, the government did not implement the law effectively, and officials frequently engaged in corrupt practices with impunity,” the report, submitted by Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton, to the U.S. Congress said.

Covenant University Expelled Final Year Student On Grounds Of Lesbianism

The University authorities of Covenant University, Canaanland Ota in Ogun state, has sacked a 22-year old final year student of the University on grounds of lesbianism.
University Administration officer who spoke with Hope For Nigeria said that the student's activities and unquenchable desire for other ladies was disturbing and embarrassing to the University. He regrets the decision but said that sexual orientation and exploits does not give a Faith based University like Covenant, a good name.
Wow, what do you all think.. Cool or not? I don't support LGBTs but she's a final year stu, that regardless tho, but could she not have been counselled? People change BAD ways - there I said it - if shown a level of support and love. Well, do you agree with me or not? **Wide grin

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chude Jideonwo: We Are Living Like Animals In This Country

It occurred to me for the first time as I sat in the car’s front seat and felt my father’s cold corpse in the back. The nurses at the Ikorodu General Hospital had just said no to his body. He had died from heart failure an hour or two before. They needed a police report.

I couldn’t believe the coldness of it. But I had yet to see – or hear – the worst. Because I am born and bred in Nigeria, I knew that at 11pm the body of my dear father might rot if I sat there pondering the inanity of the request or stood up to argue its inhumanity, so I led the convoy to the nearest police station.
There, with the most pointed lack of compassion I had ever witnessed up onto that point, the police proceeded to haggle with themselves over how much they would extract from a 24-year-old who had just lost his father – a father whose dead body

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Campaign Against Aso-Ebi In Igbo Society Launches..Cool Or Not?

Hi friends, hope you had a swell night. I follow Mr. Uche Ezechukwu on facebook, he shares some of the most interesting status updates on the platform, the following is no exemption. You might find it quite amusing especially if you are a lady planning a wedding or any other ceremony in the near future. Here's the status:
"How many 'patriots' are willing to join me in the campaign I want to inaugurate against the Aso Ebi 'madness' that has crept into the Igbo society and is impoverishing and putting families under intense pressure and stress. Many women can do anything to get these Aso-Ebi uniforms, the regularity of which is getting alarming. Biko, do you think that this intended campaign is misguided, especially if I inform you that I intend to launch it from my own home?"
I'm sure alot of men will be quick to support him but y'all girls/women, what do you think? Will this fly in the face of all the aso-ebi you've bought for other people's parties? I believe the reason anyone would buy them is simple, it's an investment for when you do have an event of your own, those you bought theirs will buy yours too when it's time for it, no?
I'd like your candid opinion, should Mr. Uche take this campaign serious (well he is serious about it tho) or should he let sleeping dogs lie.. Winks.

I know I want Aso-Ebi for my big day, and may FG or Lagos State Government not wakeup one day banning them.. LOL.

More Bad News: Boko Haram Shot And Killed DIG In Kano, Gunmen Killed Commissioner In Ogun State

Rihanna At Her Angriest, Slams Interviewer Down For Asking Stoopid Questions. You Gotta Love Her

Peep the interesting exerpt from Rihanna's interview with Esquire Magazine UK.. BTW, she posed nude for the cover, so not sharing.. You should all know by now I don't do nude on my blog.. Winks.. bet I don't : )

Esquire: What has been the Twitter response to the Chris Brown remixes?

Rihanna: Some love it, some hate it, some love it but hate that we did it. But the response in the end has been incredible.

Esquire: Was that [the recording session] the first time you’d seen him in a while?

Rihanna: When would we have seen each other? We’ve both been working and touring. [changes the subject]. This is really good food.

Esquire: It proved quite a controversial thing.
Rihanna: Well…definitely. Definitely. It caught me a little off-guard to be honest…especially the amount of…negative attention. Because it never occurred to me

The Story Of Maimuna, Dana Crash Victim Who Died WIth Nine Family Members

One of the most tragic stories from the ill-fated flight Dana Air 992 that crashed in Lagos on Sunday revolves around Maimuna Anyene, a Connecticut-based Nigerian woman, who died along with her husband, sister, her four kids, two cousins and her mother-in-law.
Ms. Anyene, who is being mourned by friends, relatives and colleagues around the world, was described by several sources as having a boisterous laughter, a happy spirit and an infectiously cheerful disposition.
One of the late woman’s spirits closest friends captured her spirits. “When Maimuna laughed, she was always loud, joyful, and even crazy in the good sense. She laughed spontaneously and excitedly. It was a full-of-life kind of laughter that seemed to come from deep within her belly. She laughed without inhibitions. She was pretty and had

Air Nigeria Fights Back, Says Airline Is Not a Flying Coffin, Claims Former Executive Director Is a Thief And a Liar

Peep the exerpt:

The management of Air Nigeria wishes to draw the attention of the general public to the false and negative stories being spread by one of its ex- Finance Directors, John Nnorom, who is currently facing criminal charges of stealing and conversion. Mr. Nnorom is an illiterate in the maintenance of aircraft as he only worked in the finance department of the airline before he was dismissed. Mr. Nnorom after his dismissal was declared wanted by the police until his subsequent arrest and the recovery of the sum of $100, 000 from him.

The Nigeria Police authority has since charged him for stealing and criminal conversion while the court has admitted him to bail as his criminal trial continues.

The general public is advised to disregard any such negative stories and false information by Nnorom (either in the print, electronic or online media).

Air Nigeria has been flying the air space in the last 10 years with first class record of safety, without any accidents or even emergency landings.

This record remains the integrity of our existence which cannot be compromised. The airline is also a proud member of the IATA and the oldest member in West Africa and one of the oldest in Africa.

Kaduna Governor's Office In State House And Redeemers University Hostel Caught Fire

Two fire outbreak, two key locations.. The Kaduna State's governor's private office and a student hostel in Redeemers University in Ogun State were engulfed in fire today, no lives was lost. Firefighters have since been at spotted at both places.

Shocking Revelation: Dana May Have Crashed Because Nigeria Airspace Was Shut Down For 2hrs To Allow Dame Patience Land From Presidential Jet

I got this from Stella Dimokokokuss's Blog - "Is there any way of getting confirmation about news I'm just getting that the Dana plane was distressed for a while but could not make an emergency landing because the airspace was closed for 2 hours for the Presidential Jet carrying Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan.

Private jet owners who had to hover in the air same time leaked this. This was apparently the reason local news didn't report the crash for so long till CNN and foreign news stations started reporting it.

Local news was 'blacked out' trying to kill the story of the airspace being closed while a distressed plane couldn't land. It would be shocking if so. Though there was engine failure there was still time for the plane to have landed apparently.

You do know anyway that the airspace is closed for up to 2hours each time the Presidential Jet needs to go into the air? 2 hours for a 15minute take off or landing!
And this jet is used by President, VP, President's wife and if I recall David Mark.

It's almost a daily occurrence I've been told by airline staff when it caught me out on a trip. The truth remains that the President's wife was actually in Lagos to attend the christening of their personal assistant's child at the Oriental hotel.. Lekki. Anyone living on the Lekki axis saw first hand the horrendous traffic caused by the president's wife's visit..and confirmed reports from airport staff

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rebroadcast: If You Live In Abuja, Here's One Hospital You Should Never Go To, Details Here

I am hurt and I wish to spread this news fast. If you had listened to the network news in FRCN this morning, this issue was seriously broadcasted and analyzed by the Reporter. It was also broadcast Monday last week.
The Indian operated Specialist hospital in Karu Site, Abuja are Quacks, Fake, 419 and exploiters of Niger...ians. If you know anybody going or planning to go to that hospital, please stop the person immediately.

The hospital was built by FCT as Karu General hospital but all of a sudden it was leased to this killer Indians to operate as specialist hospital.Charges in this hospital is exploitative, only registration alone in N25,000.00.

In November 2011, my sister went to the Indian Hospital for Fibroid operation. The Indian thieves diagnosed her and said her case is very complex. She was charged a total of N700,000.00. On the day

Photo: GEJ Wept 'Crocodile Tears' + Facebook Updates & Twitter Extract - Dana Crash

OH PLEASE!!! I'll be a fool to take Mr. President serious.. One year after April elections, he hasn't shown he's worthy of the office he occupies.. Shame!  This pic was taken at the scene of the Sunday plane crash that killed 153 people, Mr. President flew out to Lagos to check the damages himself.. Two days after, Nigeria still mourns. I'm sure we will not forget this in a long time.

A friend said we can't blame GEJ for the Dana plane crash, I haff heard. So, I'm just gon hold my tongue (or my fingers typing this).  Peep the exerpt of Mr. President's statement

He said: “So, this particular incident is a major setback to us as a people and here with me are members of the National Assembly because we are thoroughly going to investigate this accident. The technical people will carry out their responsibility to tell us what went wrong but we will also look at the administrative issues. That is the part the National Assembly will play. The National Assembly will play its part, the government will also play its part. So at the end of the day, we will make sure that this does not repeat itself in this country againhappen again" End quote.. Issorait : (

Nigerian Student, Olu Onemola Receives Record 7 Awards From City University Of New York

Via VANGUARD: New York – A Nigerian graduate at the Lehman College, the City University of New York (CUNY), Olu Onemola, has received seven awards at the university’s 2012 graduation ceremony.

He received the awards during the graduation ceremony held on Saturday in New York.

Olu is the son of Bukun-olu Onemola, Nigeria’s Deputy Ambassador at the United Nations in New York.
A graduate of Political Science at Lehman, young Onemola received the distinguished “Golden Key’’ award, otherwise referred to as International Honour Society which is an academic honour society for high-achieving scholars.
Other awards are the Pi Sigma Alpha, National Honour Society in Political Science, and The Jacob Hammer Memorial Prize in English which is awarded to a student leading in theatre performance.
He also won the Edgar Dawson Prize in Political and Legal Theory which is an award to the outstanding Political Science graduate with the strongest portfolio of political and legal essays.
Onemola also received the CUNY Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence in Leadership Award, and he similarly received the Cum Laude award.
This is a Latin term that signifies “With Honours”, a distinction bestowed on graduates that fall within a 3.4 to a 3.59 GPA on a four-point scale.

Speaking on the awards, the elated Onemola said they had inspired him to continue to thrive in all his endeavours, regardless of any obstacles that might stand on his way.

“My impression is that hard work definitely pays off. Being able to achieve such feats, while serving as the President of the Student Government, is a testament to hard work,’’ he said.(NAN)

If You've Got 30secs To Spare, You Should Read This

Hiya, I thot of a way I could get y'all to see this info, hence the post title :D Well, thing is I lost most of my 800+ BB contact, just 108 pple left, and those were the ones in my backup. Such an inconvenience abi?
I get most of my hits here from sharing my posts on BB, apart from facebook + my feeds from facebook to twitter.. one reason why I decided to inform you via this medium. Here's my new PIN - **331EEE52**.

Incase you missed that, it is **331EEE52**.. LOL.. I can be a mumu sometimes fa, its not like I dictated that over the phone.. well, don't just roll your eyes now : ) If you're wondering why I'm sharing my PIN publicly, please read the second paragraph again.. Thanks

Have a swell day out there.. Big hugs

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Complete List Of Casualities, Dana Crash: Real People, Sisters, Brothers, Parents And More

1. Abdu Aisha
2. Abdulrazak Lawan
3. Abikalio Tatoru
4. Adekola Ayoola
5. Adekunbi Adebiyi
6. Adeleke Oluwadamilare
7. Adijolola Abraham
8. Ahmed Mbana
9. Aikhomu Ehime, son of former chief of General Staff

Victims Of Dana Crash: NNPC Spokesman Levi Ajuonuma, Northern Elder Ibrahim Damcida

Dr. Levi Ajuonuma, Group Manager Corporate Affairs, NNPC was one of the victims of today's Dana Air mishap, Northern elder Ibrahim Damcida and the Director of Mainstream. Overheard: The ill-fated Dana plane had been under repair for several weeks and the airline's station manager protested its use. German stations are reporting that the plane which just crashed should never have taken off becos of its write off state and that its a wonder the plane even made it to LLagos!

First Known Victim Of Today's Plane Crash, Ehime Son Of Late Military Vice President Of Nigeria, Augustus Aikhomu

 Former military vice persident under General Ibrahim Babangida (RTD), Augustus Aikhomu died in August of 2011, I overheard his son Ehime was one of the victims of today's plane crash. Check out the tweet below for confirmation. May his soul and those of the others rest in peace..Amen

Photos: Sad Day In Lagos, Dana Air Plane Crashes With 152 People On Board

Eye witnesses report confirmed people burnig at the scene of the Dana Air plane crash at Toyin Street, Iju Ishaga, as seen in the photos. Some houses near the crash are caught in fire while the damages to lives and property rages on. Firefighters are yet to get to the scene.. I weep for the lost souls.If you're out there, please be very careful.


Photos: 'Ultimate Luxury' Cakes For Your Wedding

Wow photos.. For your big day, these cakes will be a sight to see, All designed by Cakes By Tosan.. iLike. View more photos after the jump

Lagos: Fiance Calls Off Wedding After Wife-To-Be Is Gang Raped

For 25-year old woman Miss Eneh (not real name), her memorable day in life would probably the day she was gang-raped by three hefty men who live with her in the same area three weeks to her wedding.

Her predicament after the incident took a pitiable dimension as her fiancée because of the alleged rape called of the wedding plan, saying he cannot marry her again. The victim met her saddest moment at a popular guesthouse in Ikotun, a
suburb of Lagos.

Narrating her ordeal, the visibly angry lady lamented that she has lost her fiancé who has now cancelled the wedding and told her that he was no longer interested in the relationship. Explaining further, Eneh said Efe, one of the rapists left after several attempts to woo her failed and

HOT!!! Linda Ikeji And Noble Igwe Cover ALLURE Vanguard