Monday, June 4, 2012

If You've Got 30secs To Spare, You Should Read This

Hiya, I thot of a way I could get y'all to see this info, hence the post title :D Well, thing is I lost most of my 800+ BB contact, just 108 pple left, and those were the ones in my backup. Such an inconvenience abi?
I get most of my hits here from sharing my posts on BB, apart from facebook + my feeds from facebook to twitter.. one reason why I decided to inform you via this medium. Here's my new PIN - **331EEE52**.

Incase you missed that, it is **331EEE52**.. LOL.. I can be a mumu sometimes fa, its not like I dictated that over the phone.. well, don't just roll your eyes now : ) If you're wondering why I'm sharing my PIN publicly, please read the second paragraph again.. Thanks

Have a swell day out there.. Big hugs

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