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Celebrating the Life of Whitney Houston - See Pages from Her Funeral Program

View pages of the program that was distributed at Whitney Huston's funeral service today.

These are a portion of Whitney’s funeral program that were released and inside, her mother writes a very short but endearing message. Check it out after the break, its the last image on the list!

VIDEOS: Kelvin Costner's Speech at Whitney Houston's Funeral, the Best Speech of them All

TMZ Kevin Costner fought hard for Whitney Houston to land the role of his leading lady in their 1992 blockbuster, "The Bodyguard," and the actor traveled to New Jersey to pay tribute to his former co-star at her funeral on Saturday.

After recounting stories of their fun on the set, the 57-year-old actor told how Whitney, despite her supernova success, still doubted whether she was "good enough," "pretty enough" -- fears he attempted to quell.

Watch video after the cut and another of Clive Davis.. RIP Whitney Houston

I Didn't Collect Money from GEJ - Dbanj's [Cool orDumb?] Interview with Sahara TV

Here's extract from Dbanj's interview with Sahara TV this afternoon, he spoke about his position as face of African pop music and his view on the last fuel subsidy removal protest.
The interview was anchored by Chika Odua for Sahara TV

Chika: Did you ever dream of being this big in music?

Photos - Beautiful Pictures of Whitney Houston

A collection of Whitney Houston's pictures over the years. RIP Whitney Houston.. We love you!

Bobby Brown Left Whitney Houston's Funeral - Details Here

TMZ Whitney Houston's funeral: Bobby Brown left the church. It is unclear if Bobby left on his own accord or if he was asked to leave. Our camera guys outside the funeral spotted Bobby ever-so-briefly on his way in and his SUVs returned a short time later, though Bobby cannot be seen leaving (see video below).

Photoshop Overdone - Adele on VOGUE March Cover

Isn't this overdone ni? I believe it is sha. View bigger pic here --->>

'What's Your Celebrity Dream?' by Aminat Yusuff.. Hilarious

You ever go to bed, wake up and find yourself in the most bizarre places? Some appeal to you, some make you cringe. Some of us are smart enough to know we're only dreaming yet we do whatever to resolve the conflict, you know, a resolution, the climax you're satisfied with (hey! Dirty minds,

Asiwaju Conferred Agbaakin Adini of Ijesaland

You would think this is a slow nes day, but no, I consider this some news noni.. Whatever Agbaakin means sef.

Bobbi Kristina to Enter a Live-In Rehab Facility ASAP + Other Update

According to TMZ, Whitney Houston's family wants Bobbi Kristina to enter a live-in rehab facility ASAP. Claim is sources connected with the family, Bobbi has struggled with substance abuse issues for the last three or four years -- and the family wants her to seek out professional help at a 60-day live-in treatment facility before her problems get worse. The family says they don't want the same fate that

Mystery Pregnancy: UK Based Nigerian in a Hot Mess

Mysteries appear to the dogging the lives of a Nigerian couple living in the United Kingdom. The woman had developed a protruding stomach, which grew to the size of full pregnancy. Doctors in the UK had confirmed they heard and felt the heartbeat of a baby. However, a scan, urine and blood tests showed non-existence of a pregnancy.

Staten Island PS 22 Chorus Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston

This brought me to tears, beautiful rendition by these children. RIP Whitney
The Public School 22 Chorus from Staten Island burst into YouTube fame performing jaw-dropping renditions of popular songs that rivaled the original recordings by artists like Adele, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many others. Watch Video Here

Khloe Kardashian Basically Admits She Has No Clue Who Her Real Dad Is

Khloe Kardashian
Although her family has teased her entire life about not being a real Kardashian, Khloe admits she’s never gotten a DNA test to confirm if the late Robert Kardashian is her pops.

“I actually DNA tested my mom, but now people are saying ‘No, we’re not questioning your mom, we’re questioning your father,’” she said. “She’s my mom, but yeah, I have no idea who my dad is, I guess?” Despite our confusion on her self-professed

Photo: Whitney Houston Funeral Scheduled Speakers List

ViNames of people on the list includes Rev. Donnie McClurkin, Clive Davis, Tyler Perry, Alicia Keys, RKelly, Stevie Wonder, Cece Winans. News has it that Aretha Franklin, Whitney's godmother won't be able to make the funeral again because she's taken ill. It must hurt especially as they were very close and being her godmother afterall. ew larger pic after the cut.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I don laff taya over this ehn, az in... How people come up with wisecrack like this beats me.. Nice 1

Bobby Brown is Coming to Nigeria!

Source: TheNetNG - Is Bobby Brown joining his New Edition bandmates to perform in Nigeria next month? Could be, as we obtained an audio drop last night, suggesting the singer and his group are planning a major Nigerian concert next month. Listen to Audio tape Here

‘It Ain’t Hip To Be Fat!’, Wunmi Obe Confesses

SOURCE: With the way Wunmi Obe of the popular star couple, T.W.O, manages herself on and off the stage it’s difficult to imagine she bothers about being a plus-size. The Deja Vu lead songstress and better half of Tunde Obe has however admitted that ‘It ain’t hip to be fat.’

Is it Safe for Me to be 'LIN'sane too? #'LIN'sanityTins

What captivates me about Jeremy Lin's popularity in the past few days is his education background, being an Harvad grad with such prowess in Basket Ball is defo rare.. It Is 'LIN'credible! Now, it's safe for me to say I'm LINsane!!! Go KNICKS, we may #Win...tho for now we can rightly say the situation is a LIN some, Lose some.. But hey, no biggie.. BTW, I still luv me some Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Tim Duncan, and a host of others.

Photo of the Day: Ghariokwu Lemi Pose by African Rennaisance Mural

Interesting colors there, great stuff. If you don't know Lemi Ghariokwu, kindly google his name pulease. Some assignment for y'all noni.

Job: Google Nigeria Now Hiring

This position is based in Lagos, Nigeria. I believe you should give it a try, who knows?!
Large Customer Sales: The regional Large Customer Sales (LCS) teams partner closely with our major advertising clients and agencies to develop digital solutions that build our clients’ businesses

Whitney Houston's Funeral Program Has Photos of Loved Ones But Any of Bobbi Brown's

The program titled, "I Will always Love You" features photos of Whitney Houston with daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mother and Clive Davis, the man who discovered her talent but it doesn't have photos of Bobby Brown in it.. Strong message there.

What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Weren't Spotting Eyebrows

Angelina Jolie looks fugly here.. Choi
The most amazing Photoshop experiments ever: celebrities without eyebrows. That’s right. Photographs of celebrities with their eyebrows airbrushed out. You will realise how important eyebrows are to the face after going through these select photos below, the dramatic difference that one little line of hair above the eyes makes is incredible.

Waje Answers Questions About Her Hair.. Quite Interesting

This interview was conducted by Opeoluwa Akintola and culled from Here 
Although she made her debut into the music industry not too long ago; she’s however been one of the female singers to be reckoned with. Ranging from the energy she puts into her songs, to her strong voice—you could never walk away but pay attention to her melody. Here is Waje’s hair

Revealed: Osama Bin Laden Had Secret Crush on Whitney Houston, He Wanted Her as Wife - says Kola Boof

Source Like all beautiful, successful women Whitney Houston had more than her share of male admirers. But few stars could have provoked such unwanted attention as that which the singer received from one of history's most depraved and despicable men, terror chief Osama bin Laden. Extraordinary as it might seem, bin Laden is said to have lusted after Houston, dreamed of marrying her and at one point even plotted to murder her husband Bobby Brown. A world apart: In the mid 1990s, Osama bin Laden was infatuated with singer Whitney Houston, according to an

VLISCO: The Silent Empire

I have always been facinated with Vlisco ankara, never owned one but I would spend good money on getting some already. One of my plan of actions when I visit home (Nigeria) sometime this year. Here's the latest ankara styles by the company, they released the following statement

Whitney Covers People Magazine

Great stuff... RIP

Win a Ticket to Tosin Martin's 'Olo Mi Concert'

411 Entertainment's ED posted the ffg on facebook, "I will be giving away 5 VIP tickets that admits to OLO MI CONCERT WITH TOSIN MARTINS(POWERED BY STORM 360) this Sunday at Oriental Hotel... I am ready with the tickets, just tell me the name of Tosin Martin's album?" - Okies, so you want to go for the concert? You now know what to do to pick up a ticket.. Best of luck you noni :D See bigger image after the cut...

Ray J Breaks Silence on Whitney Houston's Death

"Over the past few days, I've tried to process the emptiness that I am experiencing. What my heart feels cannot be expressed in words. The world lost an icon, but I lost my close friend. Nippy, I miss you so much!"  
 Nippy was a nickname Whitney's dad gave her. And Ray J adds, "You were so happy and full of love. Your smile will live in my heart forever." Ray J was dating Whitney in the months before she died.

Dead Fashion Designer Sued for Sexual Harassment

TMZ Dead men tell no tales and they can't really defend themselves in court either which might be why deceased Beverly Hills fashion titan Bijan is being sued for sexual harassment by his former assistant. Before Bijan died last year, he famously ran "the most expensive [clothing] store in the world" where he outfitted everyone from Obama to George W. Bush, Schwarzenegger,

Ashanti Performs Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' | Video - ABC News

Ashanti Performs Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' Video - ABC News

Great stuff... Ashanti looks real good here too. RIP Whitney.

Hilarious: I am a Nigerian, I'm Seeking the Illuminati!

The talk out there is all rich and famous people are all members of the Illuminati. They say they worship an Egyptian God, Horus, hence the eye of Horus and Baphormet, the goat head with horns. And members of the Illuminati are required to sign every now and then, this is showing either the eye of horus, pyramid style on your clothes or as vivid as Jay Z does it. Or you do the sign of the horns whether you're flashing the peace sign or just making sure the way you place your fingers when you're in public celebrates

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Photo of the Day - Iyaloko Beyonce and Baba Agbe Jay to the Z

Ko da o, who does this? Lolz. Nicee tho :D

Hakeem Bello-Osagie now Chairman of the Board of Record Label, Chocolate City

Leading entertainment company Chocolate City Group (CCG) recently reconstituted its board naming renowned entrepreneur Mr Hakeem Bello Osagie as its chairman. Other board members include Yahaya Maikori, Paul Okeugo and Audu Maikori. All pictured above Source

Shemar Moore, My Definition of An Ideal Man.. Oh, How I Luv Him!

From the first time I set my korokoro eyes on Shemar Moore, I've been having madt wet dreams about him.. Oh, well, say whatever you like :D he's everything a man, infact all men should look like : )

Handsome to a fault az in, anyways, I thought to let y'all know I have a big thing for him, sadly he's married, that leaves me to still pine over Thierry Henry, my first love, always will be..

Tell me, is he a manly man or not? He's one of Hollywood's best actors and he's just so cool.. If you may,

Photos: Nicki Minaj

This is as normal as Nicki Minaj has ever gotten since she took over our screen.. #iLike. She almost looks like a human being.. Wink. Honestly, I luv this gerl, I don't have any p with her performance at the Grammys, obviously some people were offended by it but my opinion is, it is what it is, entertaining is her art, and she choses to express it the way she did and as always done.. I hate her song 'Stupid hoe' tho, that was classless.. Simples.. One other pic after the cut

Blogger, Tokunbo Olaiya Chantle-White Gets Engagement Ring.. Congrats Girl

Tokunbo and Hubby
Ordinarily ehn, I like to mind my business but as this fine babe is one of my friends on facebook and always had this thing about sharing her blog posts on my wall (before I became a blogger myself), I thot to show some love to her on her recent engagement.. Isn't she lovely BTW? Well, if you come across this and are reading this, my answer to the question you posted on facebook will be Mrs

Chris Brown Made Rihanna's Birthday Party, Both Caught Making Out.. Wink

News has it that Chris Brown was at Riri's birthday parry in Beverly Hils, and Chris was reportedly seen nuzzling up against the 'We Found Love' singer.. Erm, I do wish them the best sha.. See pic of Rihanna's birthday cake after the cut

RnB Singer, Waje Made the Cut as Judge for this Year's #StarQuest

RnB Diva Waje has been chosen as a new judge on Nigerian breweries sponsored show – Star Quest. Waje will replace Freeze of Cool FM. She joins other judges Paul Play and KCee. Congrats gerl.

Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, Beyonce + Host of Others to Attend Whitney Houston's Funeral

Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Kelvin Costner - Whitney's co-star in the movie Bodyguard- all made the list of guests to attend the late singer's funeral. One news site reported that Elton John and Oprah Winfrey are set to lead the parade of celebrities expected to attend the funeral at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark on Saturday. I'm thinking, should I go down to Jersey which is only about 25mins away from Staten Island and mingle with the crowd that will be outside the funeral home? I might even sight one or two of the celebs, that will be somefin, no? I wish I had gotten my own car, cos this babe is free on Saturday o..

Poem: "Woman of Mud"

This poem expresses the innermost pain of a lover who has given all his life, sweat, hope and blood to a lover and still had his heart broken! My opinion ehn? The woman described here showed no mercy or remorse, I would think we all should live to love and care for our man, the one that loves us especially for once you turn

Fastest Man in Africa, Olusoji Fasuba, Joins Royal Navy

Africa's 100m record holder, Olympic bronze medallist, indoor 60m world champion, and one of the fastest men on the planet, Nigerian-born Olusoji Fasuba has just completed nine months of training to become a logistics specialist in the Royal Navy.

Abdulmutallab Sentenced to Life

Aii, Abdulmutallab, known as the “underwear bomber” was sentenced to life by a US judge yesterday. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 25, pleaded guilty in October to eight charges, including the attempted murder of 289 people on board Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines Flight 253.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lady gag Launches Social Networking Site, *LITTLEMONSTERS*

Lady Gaga has launched her very own social networking site called According to CNN, the site - which has been named after the Born This Way hitmaker's fans, who refer to themselves as "little monsters" - is currently beta testing an invite-only mode.

Whitney Houston Had Death Premonition, Told Friends She Wanted To See Jesus!

Whitney Houston told friends she "really wanted to see Jesus" in the days before her death ... and claimed she had a feeling the end was near for her this according to several of Whitney's friends.

Photo: Whitney Houston's Death Certificate Released

Here's a copy of Whitney Houston's death certificate, her funeral service will take place this Saturday in her home town, New Jersey. The funeral is billed to be a private ceremony but members of the public and her fans will be able to view the proceeding live on a tv that will be mounted outside the church where the funeral will take place and on US national television.. Whitney will be buried at the same place her dad who died in 2003 was buried.. May her soul rest in peace.. **wipes tears**

Photos - All Hail 'The Princess of Pop', Mocheddar .

Wow right? Mocheddar is one hot babe, she's young and talented, a multiple award winning artiste.. Well, to say she's come a long way is an understatement, but then she's always had it so good for herself. I was on twitter a short while ago, snooping around when I came across a tweet she posted about her new

Pastor Caught Having Intercourse With Pregnant Sheep

I want to believe that there's something to this, az in some jazz from the man's village by evil forces.. Otherwise, its not sane to have committed an act like sleeping with a sheep.. Haba!!! In all honesty, it may well be ogun idile (someone who's cursed him from his family) or anywhere else.. Just saying..

RESIDENTS OF Abesim near Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region are in a state of shock and

Angry Dad Flogs 5year old Daughter to Death

Anger has continued to trail the murder of five-year old Bethel Okoro, a kindergarten three pupil of Holy Cross Schools, Warri, Delta State. Bethel was allegedly flogged to death by her 34-year-old father, Becklin Okoro, an ambulance driver with the state-owned Warri Central Hospital, on Friday.

J.Lo and Boy Toy Casper Flaunting All in Malibu

TMZ reports Jennifer Lopez and her 24-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart were quite the lovebirds and enjoyed a Valentine's Day frolicking on the sand in Malibu on Tuesday. Besides holding hands and taking long walks on the beach, Jen even climbed up on top of Casper to ride the swing together. Hmmm, I love JLo but she should really start acting responsible.. Y'all know why!

Lil Wayne Confuses Fans With Tweet Suggesting He Was Engaged: "I'm Not Engaged!"

Whats with these celebs sef? First, it was 2face, then M.I shopping for a ring and now Lil Wayne playin around with gist of getting engaged.. Ok o, best wishes to all.. Read report here...

Having a little fun with his loyal Twitter followers, Lil Wayne made it sound like he got engaged on

Tweet of the Week - President Barack Obama's Tweet to Wife, Michelle Obama on Val's Day

Isn't this sweet? Aww, aw..

Barack Obama

Hey, : Happy Valentine's Day. -bo