Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shemar Moore, My Definition of An Ideal Man.. Oh, How I Luv Him!

From the first time I set my korokoro eyes on Shemar Moore, I've been having madt wet dreams about him.. Oh, well, say whatever you like :D he's everything a man, infact all men should look like : )

Handsome to a fault az in, anyways, I thought to let y'all know I have a big thing for him, sadly he's married, that leaves me to still pine over Thierry Henry, my first love, always will be..

Tell me, is he a manly man or not? He's one of Hollywood's best actors and he's just so cool.. If you may,
kindly leave a comment here to advice me what to do in the event that I don't ever get to meet him to profess my wan tintin luv.. Hehehe


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