Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo: GEJ Wept 'Crocodile Tears' + Facebook Updates & Twitter Extract - Dana Crash

OH PLEASE!!! I'll be a fool to take Mr. President serious.. One year after April elections, he hasn't shown he's worthy of the office he occupies.. Shame!  This pic was taken at the scene of the Sunday plane crash that killed 153 people, Mr. President flew out to Lagos to check the damages himself.. Two days after, Nigeria still mourns. I'm sure we will not forget this in a long time.

A friend said we can't blame GEJ for the Dana plane crash, I haff heard. So, I'm just gon hold my tongue (or my fingers typing this).  Peep the exerpt of Mr. President's statement

He said: “So, this particular incident is a major setback to us as a people and here with me are members of the National Assembly because we are thoroughly going to investigate this accident. The technical people will carry out their responsibility to tell us what went wrong but we will also look at the administrative issues. That is the part the National Assembly will play. The National Assembly will play its part, the government will also play its part. So at the end of the day, we will make sure that this does not repeat itself in this country againhappen again" End quote.. Issorait : (

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