Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brad Pitt’s Secret to Waking Up the Kids: U Can Learn From This.. LOL

Every parent has his or her tricks -- things that must be done to keep the house running. Brad Pitt is no different. In a recent interview with America's CBS 'This Morning', the Oscar-nominated actor ("Moneyball") revealed that he sometimes has to rely on a certain carbonated beverage to get his kids moving in the morning.
"Listen, I admit there's times like, 'We gotta get up. Get up! Here's your shoes. Here's your shoes. Drink this Coke. Drink this Coca-Cola. Drink it all. Right now! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!' Just so we could get 'em up and going," Pitt confessed.

Pitt was speaking about his chaotic life with six children. The kids, three biological with Angelina Jolie and three adopted from overseas, travel with their mom and dad everywhere. Pitt says that as the kids get older, they're becoming more aware that their parents aren't married.

Lol to 'as the kids get older, they're becoming more aware that their parents aren't married.'.. Wetin consain me with that shoo?! Anyways, in Naija context, what I meant by you can learn from this is, as opposed to waking your child up with Coca-Cola ehn, especially if the child is a naughty one who acts like a terrorist and makes your life a living hell, just find some koboko, add atagungun, (ground pepper) ontop tissue paper and some liquour, depends on how far you want to go with this tho, then repeat Brad Pitt's, Get up! Get up!! Here's koboko. Here's atagungun. Pick one, Right now! Chose, chose! or Get up!!! Come back and tell me if the child will not get up faster than Usain Bolt, I swear down, this will work better than Coca-Cola.. Wetin Brad Pitt know?!

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