Friday, February 3, 2012

Nigerians Top The List of Biggest Foreign Shoppers in the UK .. SMH

With Average Transaction pegged at £1,648, Nigerian elites, their sons and daughters top the list of UK's biggest shoppers. One other reason why we'll still #OccupiyNigeria, no?
Grrrr.. Here's what ThisIsLondon wrote about it!!! Nigeria's oil industry is boosting the pockets of an affluent elite who are increasingly coming to London to spend that cash. In February last year, sales to Nigerians were up 50 per cent in London shops on a year earlier, while overall in 2011 Selfridges
says their spending was up by over a quarter and that Nigerians have been among its top 10 overseas shoppers for the past five years.

On their shopping lists: Suits and formalwear but also jewellery, cosmetics and childrenswear.
Labels include Paul Smith, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Rolex while Vertu phones are a popular purchase. Although they trust established brands, they are also happy to buy across the price spectrum - hence Debenhams started putting signs up in Hausa, the language spoken by 45 million West Africans.
Their top time to shop: all year round - a consistent presence in our stores.

Average transaction in the West End:

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