Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photos: Bride Of The Day, Mariam Adewuyi.. Pretty!

These are good times for babes, and Mariam Adewuyi is one of such chicks.. She tied the knot with boyfriend of several years at a memorable event in Lagos, Anchor Hall, Ikeja. Find photos after the jump.
I remember back in boarding school, Mariam was one of the quiet but mischievous ones among our circle of friends (incase you're wondering, I was one of the loud ones). We had great fun back then. Here's wishing her a happy married life. May God bless your union girl.
That brings me to the question, and in my father's voice, "Balkiss, WHEN ARE YOU GON MARRY?". Just the other day, he called to remind me my birthday is coming up fast and he was wondering if I'm ever going to settle down anytime soon.. Heheh. That's what you get when your younger sis weds before you (eyes rolling).. I said, pops (I call him Alhaji tho.. Winks), that time is coming. you might want to chill.. (I didn't say that honestly.. Lol). Anyways, just incase I don't invite you when the times comes (yea,YOU reading this), I'll share the HOT pics here.. OkBye :D

Remember, photos after the jump


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