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Pls Read: Family Responds To Ogochukwu Onochukwu's Letter From The Grave

Do you remember the story of Ogochukwu Onuchokwu (RIP), the woman that her letter by a friend made the news a couple of weeks ago? If you do, I'm sure you'll remember some if not all the details. See story here This Will Make You Cry, Pls Share - Ogochukwu Onuchukwu (Nee Onugu).  Someone, Barr. Mrs Nnenna Okafor (PHD) has written a letter of her own in defence of Ogochukwu's husband, Kelvin and his mother, late Ogo's mother-in-law. Please read and share. 

It's important we do the former as the content of the initial letter titled "My Story: A Voice From The Grave" spread all over the internet, we should give the same attention the first received to this one as well, you can draw your conclusion after reading it. I have formed my own opinion, and that is, Ogochukwu's husband Kelvin may not be bad afterall, this is informed based on the content of the second letter you're about to read. Remember to share. Thanks.

Late Ogochukwu Cecilia Onuchukwu never and could not have written such false and fabricated lies against Kevin from the grave or before, dragging the names of their little children and husband to public debacle. • That the Facebook page was never posted by Ogochukwu nor supported by her in any form.
That the publications and contents there-in were all false and baseless and Ogochukwu had no input to them
Those individuals that sponsored these false / fabricated website publications are hiding under the name of late Ogochukwu to cause damage to the families. They should therefore come out with their names and contact information / proofs.
The real facts are stated below.
Written by Barr. Mrs Nnenna Okafor (PHD)
After much investigation and findings from both Onugu and Onuchukwu families, I decided to put together the facts and respond to the scurrilous allegations against this young man, Kevin, his dear wife Ogochukwu and the Onuchukwu family that resulted in the anonymous false and unfounded stories fabricated on websites / Facebook against these persons. I knew both Ogochukwu and Kevin before and during their marriage and was part of their support, and like a bigger sister to both of them during their marriage.
1. Ogochukwu's lung problem started before her marriage to Kevin on December 12, 2000. But due to the love Kevin had for his wife, he proceeded with the wedding despite her pre-existing medical conditions. She was moved to UNTH after 2 weeks of marriage and a chest tube was used to draw off fluid from her lungs. The UNTH doctor then advised that she should be flown to Washington DC otherwise, she would die. Kevin and his family swung into action gathering money to save Ogochukwu life.
2. Kevin, his family and friends of Kevin supported Ogochukwu throughout her medical history. The first N15M that was raised for her to travel to Washington DC for surgery came from Kevin, his eldest brother, the Onuchukwu family and Kevin's friends at ExxonMobil. It was at the Washington DC hospital, that Ogochukwu was diagnosed in 2001 as having Endometrioses – Fluid in the lungs. She had surgeries in more than 5 hospitals across the World – South Africa, Washington DC, Houston TX, London, etc. While Ogochukwu was abroad and uptil her death, her 76 year old mother
inlaw was praying for and contributing on her behalf towards her membership of church groups in Ihiala amongst other women organization levies in the village. She had bought clothes for her, which Ogochukwu showed to me at one time. So, the reports from the Author that she was not received by Kevin's mother and sister-in-law are all fabricated lies and did not emanate from Ogochukwu.
3. There was no pressure from Kevin's family for children or for Kevin to remarry (which some people would have done) as Kevin's family members are Christians and believe in the will of God. In 2002 when Ogochukwu returned from the hospital, Kevin's mother and elder brother were there to receive Ogochukwu in Lagos They advised her to know that the priority then was her health and that when her health was normalized, God will give her and Kevin their own children someday. So the Author's claim of being under pressure for children is false as well as malicious.
4. Kevin is a caring and loving husband, a very responsible young man with integrity. For his love and care to his wife, he made sure that he was with Ogochukwu wherever he went for work assignments. Also, due to Ogochukwu's health, he ensured that Ogochukwu had Nannies doing everything for her and provided a driver for Ogochukwu. So the statement from the Author that Kevin tied his sick wife with rope and used belt on her is baseless and fabricated lies to sway the innocent readers and bloggers to believing them and tarnishing the image of Ogochukwu and Kevin.
5. Kevin usually paid his wife Ogochukwu monthly salary in addition to paying the Nannies and driver. He spent an average of N10M / year for his wife's lungs problem.
6. Kevin usually supported Ogochukwu's sisters and her brother financially. In some instance, her sisters, Mrs. Uzoamaka Otegbulu (working in INEC) and her other sister (Mrs Ngozi Ijere in Oyibo Port Harcourt) had so much influence in their marriage. Kevin curtailed the excesses of Mrs Ngozi Ijere in the early part of their marriage as she was interfering in the affairs of their marriage through calls and instructions to both of them on what to do. As for Uzoamaka, she was difficult to handle and she deceived Ogochukwu till death. She was the one that made her to undergo surgery, connived and signed the consent letter when her husband, Kevin advised otherwise and Ogochukwu died in her laps.
7. Ogochukwu is the next of kin to Kevin and not Kevin's brother. There are documents to this effect. So the author's fabrications that Kevin elder brother was next of kin is false.
8. Ogochukwu was always appreciative of Kevin, his brother and her mother-in-law and their support to her throughout her ill health running from one country to the other. Her mother-in-law usually put in for mass service for Ogochukwu for 6 years. Abah! How can the author turn the story around to favor their wicked plan that has failed!.
9. Kevin is a responsible man, with integrity and has respect for women and will never call his wife barren because he believed that his wife will bear children. He stood by her all the years till God answered their prayers with the blessing of 2 beautiful children – a son and daughter. I remember in 2006 when Kevin told me that he knew the wife would one day have children and that he will never get disturbed because his family is not disturbed, rather some friends were asking if the sickness of his wife had not ended?. So I do not understand where the author got her information and data from as it was not from Ogochukwu.
10. Between years 2000 to 2006, Ogochukwu went to various specialist hospitals and other hospitals around the world to remove fluid in her lungs – Washington DC, Houston TX, South Africa, and London. So, she had 5 different surgeries in 6 years for endometriosis. In 2007 she had the 6th surgery during the birth of their son in USA. Also, in 2010, she had her daughter through the 7th surgery in USA. During the surgical procedure to bring out her daughter, Ogochukwu passed out and it was with God's intervention that her heart kicked in after some minutes. The entire hospital erupted with joy. Before Ogochukwu was discharged, her Doctor (in the presence of her brother, Anthony Onugu of Dover, Delaware) advised that she should never carryout surgery any more as her body is like "vegetable" and it would be difficult to pull through after another surgery. The doctor indicated that the fluid in her lungs would stop by the time she gets to menopause. Both Kevin and Ogochukwu were happy, and Ogochukwu exclaimed that both of them were accomplished with the birth of a son and a daughter. So the Author's websites are full of disjointed and false stories.
11. In 2001 while Ogochukwu was undergoing surgical recovery, she stayed in her brother's house (Anthony Onugu, then in Washington DC). As a bachelor, her brother felt inconvenienced by Ogochukwu's presence in his house. So, by the time Ogochukwu's 1-94 expired, Anthony (Ogochukwu brother) lied to Ogochukwu that he has filed an extension of stay with the Immigration services. Ogochukwu only found out that her brother did not submit her application when she was stopped by immigration from entering the USA in 2003. The Author's write up that it was their son medical that impacted Ogochukwu immigration issue is another lie. As the issue was in 2001 while their son was born in 2007.
12. Kevin was helped by the then ExxonMobil Management who intervened with the American Embassy in Lagos and that was how Ogochukwu got another US visa for a medical follow-up to resolve her endometriosis problem.
13. There was a time Ogochukwu and Kevin went to the hospital in Nigeria and the Doctor advised that the only cure to stop fluid in Ogochukwu lungs was to remove her ovaries. Her husband was not in support as he believed that Ogochukwu will bear children someday. That dream was achieved by both of them.
14. I would not want to delve into the lives / health of 2 children given to Ogochukwu and Kevin by God Almighty. So whoever posted all these stories about these children on the website is fighting God. No one can fight God and go free. Their son and daughter are fine and have settled down into a new school. Both of them are doing well in school. The statements about these beautiful children by the author has shown how wicked people can be.

15. The doctor advised Ogochukwu and Kevin to seek opportunities for their son to live with other children to improve his speech. Kevin suggested his elder brother's family where there are children. But Ogochukwu's sisters – Mrs Uzoamaka Otegbulu, Juliana Ejiofor and Ngozi Ijere instructed Ogochukwu not to allow their son to Kevin brother's home. Instead they instructed that the child be taken to Mrs Uzoamaka Otegbulu' s home (INEC coordinator Lagos) at Surulere. Kevin obliged to Ogochukwu request, took a flight from the USA to Lagos with his son and kept his son with Mrs Uzoamaka Otegbulu in Lagos, Nigeria. Ogochukwu sister, Uzoamaka Otegbulu demanded for payment if Ogochukwu's son would stay with them. Ogochukwu asked Kevin to oblige and Kevin started sending monthly payments of N50,000 to Uzoamaka for the entire period of their son's stay. This explains why the 3 sisters were against Kevin and Ogochukwu taking their son to Kevin's elder brother home – monetary gains.

16. Kevin and Ogochukwu love their children and during their daughter's christening, there was an emergency for Kevin to travel and both of them agreed that Kevin could travel while Ogochukwu go with Kevin's friend. The Author continued to spread false rumors indicating that Kevin refused to attend his daughter christening.

17. Kevin gave Ogochukwu the best and as much as he could – bought a new Lexus 450 car for Ogochukwu in America, provided Nannies so that Ogo would not do any house work, pay her monthly salary and provide food for the entire family, maintained her car, took her clothes to laundry, always there for her in terms of need. But her sisters are always interfering in their marriage, even while Ogochukwu continued to provide them with financial support, clothing, shoes, jewelries, etc.

18. Kevin and Ogochukwu love their children and he cannot call their children "these things". These are children God gave them after 7 years of marriage. So the author's note are all false and baseless.

19. Kevin spent more than N80M over the years for Ogochukwu endometrioses treatment abroad out of love and care for his wife to live longer. He was never under any duress during the stormy years (2000 – 2006) as his priority was to save Ogochukwu's life. ALL KEVIN'S FRIENDS ARE AWARE OF THIS TRUE FACT. Kevin is a responsible man and could never threaten his wife that he loved with a knife in their home. The author's statement that Kevin said he will "kill his wife and nothing will happen" is another BIG fabrication from this author of falsehood and incitement.

20. Kevin spent about N10M/year on medical expenses to keep Ogochukwu his dear wife alive. I was privileged to see some of these huge volumes in hospital receipts.
21. In November, 2011, Ogochukwu wanted to go to the USA for medical check-up and was denied visa by US embassy, Abuja citing that Ogochukwu violated USA immigration policy back in 2001 when she was in her brother's house in Washington DC to fully recover from surgery.
22. Kevin contacted Fragomen (immigration lawyers in the USA) to resolve Ogochukwu's immigration issue caused by her brother, Anthony Onugu once and for all. He has been on top of the Immigration issue till Ogochukwu died on Feb. 27, 2012.
23. In January 2012, Kevin recommended for Ogochukwu to seek for medical care in India's alternative medicine to avoid surgery from any Medical doctor based on the advice from Ogochukwu's American doctor. Ogochukwu accepted to travel to India with Kevin. However when Kevin returned from work, Ogochukwu informed him that her sister Uzoamaka Otegbulu preferred for her to go to Wellington hospital in London. Kevin informed Ogochukwu's mother, brothers and sisters of his preference for Ogochukwu to visit an Indian hospital, but all of them rejected the option and insisted on London. Kevin, Ogochukwu and Kevin's friend, a medical Doctor in London agreed for Ogochukwu to stay in his house in London. He also warned that Ogochukwu should not do surgery based on the advice from her American doctor in 2010.

24. In January 2012, Kevin gave Ogochukwu N3M and 5,000 pounds for Ogochukwu's trip to London for check-up. By the time she got to London, her sister Uzoamaka already sent her friend to drive Ogochukwu to her house instead of Kevin's friend's house in London. Kevin called his friend to ask about Ogochukwu's arrival and was told that Ogochukwu did not come to their house.

Ogochukwu later called and informed Kevin that there was a change in plan between her and her sisters, Uzoamaka Otegbulu and Juliana Ejiofor (Abuja) – that her sisters did not allow her to stay in Kevin's friend's house. Kevin called Ogochukwu the next day and she informed Kevin that her sister's friend was demanding 80pounds/ night from her for staying in their house. Kevin frowned at the situation and was disappointed that she would listen to her sisters' advice over his. Kevin went on to pay the 80 pounds/night for 3 weeks through his friends.

25. Ogochukwu told Kevin that she visited the doctors and that the level of fluid in her lungs was not an emergency that required immediate surgery. However that the doctors advised her to perform the surgery in the London hospital. Kevin's consent was sought, but he declined and reminded Ogo of the warning from her USA doctor that she would die if she carries any further surgery. At that instance, Ogochukwu agreed not to perform surgery. She was given medicines that controlled the fluid in her lungs. She left London and returned to Nigeria on February 22, 2012.

26. Upon her return, Ogochukwu called her brothers-in-law, her sisters-in-law, her mother-in-law and informed them that she was back and her condition was not life threatening. So, the author's claim of issues with her in-laws are false and fabricated lies.

27. Ogochukwu's mother-in-law visited her only twice through their marriage of 11 years as Ogochukwu usually stayed abroad due to her ill health with endometriosis. So the author's claim of having garden egg issue with her mother-in-law or threats by her mother in law are all false. Her mother-in-law, 76 years old was so devastated by the false story from the author, as she took Ogochukwu as her child and stood by her and never pressured her son throughout her first 6 years of marriage with fighting endometriosis. She fondly calls Ogochukwu, Adaeze- nwam (first daughter of the king, my daughter).

28. Kevin loves his children and gives them the best just like he gave to Ogochukwu. Their school fees, lesson teachers, feeding and all home requirements are provided and exceeded by Kevin. Their home teacher Mr Chinedu is still working for the family till today and Kevin continues to pay him. He is alive to testify. So, the author's fabricated lies are so Unclad!

29. The email the author referred to regarding Ogochukwu hospital visit to London hospital is not true as Ogochukwu did not go to the initial hospital address she provided. So, the author's claims are all false and Kevin provided the hospital money to London in 2012 as always. So, if Kevin did not provide the almost N5M for Ogochukwu medical trip to London, WHO DID?. The author is a liar.

30. Ogochukwu has a car and I saw her car yesterday being driven by her driver. People in the estate can testify to this. So the Author's claim that Ogochukwu car was sold is a big lie.

31. My understanding is that Ogochukwu went to London for medicals and not shopping. So the claim that Ogochukwu bought shoes for Kevin from London as indicated by the Author are all lies and wants to tarnish the image of Ogochukwu.

32. Kevin never had a quarrel with Ogochukwu regarding moving out of house at any time as claimed by the author.

33. Kevin refused consent for further surgery for Ogochukwu based on the USA medical doctor's advice that further surgery would lead to her death, but Ogochukwu's sisters were all over the place, pressurizing her for surgery. Her Sister, Mrs Uzoamaka Otegbulu went with Ogochukwu and signed the consent form for surgery WITHOUT INFORMING KEVIN, the husband. That was how Ogochukwu was sent to her early grave by her sister who felt that Ogochukwu's husband Kevin's guidance of no surgery did not matter. This same Ogochukwu's sister, Uzoamaka was with her till she died. Instead, they turned around and started blaming Kevin who refused to sign for his wife's death warrant and had suffered with his dear wife Ogochukwu for 11 years.

34. Their urge for vengeance and manipulations continued after Ogochukwu's death as they faked a Facebook page on behalf of Ogochukwu and with the help of Anthony Onugu in Dover, Delaware, and wrote unimaginable things against Kevin and their children to sway small minds. Abah!
35. Kevin heard of Ogochukwu's death (while undergoing surgery) and under shock, he rushed to Lagos to see his dear wife at the mortuary. Upon arrival at the mortuary and later on, Ogochukwu's sister Uzoamaka screamed at him that Kevin connived with his employers to kill Ogochukwu (another false statement). She even threatened Kevin's life.

36. In less than 4 days of Ogochukwu's death, her sister asked Ogochukwu's cousins and the Nannies to leave Kevin's and Ogochukwu's children for Kevin to care for alone. The Nannies left and Kevin rushed back from Lagos to stay with their children, then Ogochukwu's cousins left the children for Kevin also. These Nannies informed Kevin that they are willing to stay but their aunties, Uzoamaka Otegbulu and Ngozi Ijere asked them to leave in order to punish Kevin. Ogochukwu's cousin also stole the children's international passports and Ogochukwu's jewelries. Kevin stayed with these little kids and later got four Nannies for his kids through the help of his eldest sister, Amaka.

37. In less than 7 days of Ogochukwu's death, her sisters called Kevin demanding for Ogochukwu's bags of shoes, clothes and Jewelry. Kevin replied that they will have those after Ogochukwu's burial. That was when people like me told Kevin not to give out Ogochukwu's clothes as they belong to her daughter.

38. Kevin has great regard for his elder brother, his bosses and colleagues in the office. So the claim from the Author that Kevin has no regard for everyone is a LIE. People that know Kevin appreciate a humble, ready-to help, friendly, non-violent and God-fearing young man who takes his family first and is very serious at work.

39. Kevin never screamed at his wife. In the morning of Feb. 27th, Kevin called Ogochukwu to remember "no surgery" per American doctor's advice. Kevin made that call in the presence of his colleagues. He reminded her to return in the afternoon of Feb. 27th as his secretary already booked a flight for her return the same Monday, but Ogochukwu requested that the booking be changed till Tuesday morning so that she could buy rappers in Lagos. There was no plan for Ogochukwu to undergo surgery. My investigation also indicated that he never asked Ogochukwu to pay back moneies (more than N80M he spent so far) while in the hospital as fabricated by the author. Also none of Ogochukwu's brothers nor her sisters ever contributed 1 penny for Ogochukwu's endometriosis cure for 11 years. The author is a liar.

40. Kevin and Ogochukwu and their children were a peace loving family and are good example of a family with patience, love and care for each other. Kevin spoilt Ogochukwu with love and stood by her financially and morally during the stormy years (2000 - 2006) and beyond. They got married, conquered challenges in the first 6 years together and God blessed them with beautiful children. Had Ogochukwu's sisters not manipulated her into surgery, she would not have died. All friends of Ogochukwu and Kevin should keep the legacy of their marriage and respect for the children. The names and pictures of these children should not be allowed in public places as it will create social stigma for these children in the future. Adieu our friend, Ogochukwu until we meet to part no more.

Kevin and family are mourning and people should allow them to bury their dead. These authors were not as close as I am to both of them. I used to live with them for 4 years and I know every detail and how they love themselves. In every marriage, there may be issues, but the way and manner the authors fabricated lies using Ogochukwu&#39's name in vain and tarnishing Kevin's image in the website is so regrettable, and God will never leave the rumor mongers that never hear the other side before passing condemnations.


Anonymous said...

It is funny that nobody is saying anything.Men are bad , men are evil yes but is it all men? So all women are saints ? We all love stories that make d guy d devil. Now ready dis and think . Berrykiss it is nice of ur to post both sides . Keep it up. May God continue to enlighten u. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Am still in awe,her husband should not hav responded because its obvious their marriage was full of troubles,he should just clinge to his regrets of treating her badly and his family too then also ugo's sisters its nice supporting your sister but she belongs to the beast. All parties should pls let the poor girl sleep in peace. Am just so bothered about the future of those kids.

Anonymous said...

God is not and will never be partial.look and make sure you see clearly before you limb.ballikiss you blessed.