Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photos: Banky W Doing Badt Things + More

1. "Having a full English breakfast and bored as hell", Wale Adebayo shared this on facebook. Sango never ate English breakfast in his days, that's why you are bored brotha.. Lol
2. Whatever Banky W is doing, it is so not cool.. *assumes straight face.. Lol. Or don't you agree. That chick too mhen, what's she doing at BankyW's place.. I'm assuming (wrongly perhaps) that's his place.. Wink. OkBye
4. Former US President, Bill Clinton out-did himself posing with two of America's famous porn stars, He must have pulled a Lewinsky on them or he was just being nice taking pictures with fans,
3. I don't know the source of this pic, think I got it from Facebook. Anyways, isn't it funny how two grown men put a baby in a bowl while they are trying to go through a flooded area? These are things you see when a government doesn't care about the masses. This could have been shot in Lagos on any rainy day cos it's no different from what Lagosians go through
raining season. Cute pic tho
5. Kanye West was spotted wearing the same outfit as a food vendor.. Looks cute on both of them even if levels still different.

6. Remember Simbi?.... Well, she's now a runs girl.. Lol. If you didn't read the books on Simbi when you were young, then you most certainly didn't have a fun childhood.. Heheh

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