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Interesting Read: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding?

Find fun comments below on 'How much did you spend on your wedding?', I bumped into them when I was researching the topic (LOL right?), well I immediately thot that I have to share them.. Bur really, do you have to spend N5million to N10million on a wedding? I don't mind personally but (Heheh) bet what happens after the wedding should be of more signficance. I have seen couples who held fine weddings, only to move into rented apartments, nothing even that nice enough most of the time, also heard of cases where alot was spent on the wedding where the groom doesn't even have a car to drive himself from work everyday + a wife who's not gainfully employed.. (eyes rollin').

Thing is, everybody can't have a million naira wedding o, and that's not cos I say so. Remember there's life after the jollification. As for me tho, I will have a fine, glamorous wedding sha just BECAUSE I CAN!!! Lol.

Enjoy the comments below, these are in answer to a question someone posted on Nairaland.. Some are just so funny.. After the jump tho

Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by nous(f): 9:45am On Jan 05
I am not married. I told my parents that I don't want more than 30 people at my wedding. She did a calculation of her 2 elder sisters' children which totalled 18 children, then her younger sisters' children and her elder brother's children already more than 30 people. Then add my pop's family and my husband's family. Already more than 80. I want to have a simple wedding. I believe more in life after the wedding.
Sometimes I wish I were a man living abroad, so I wont have to do the wedding in naija if my wife is not from naija. Then it will just be me, my wife and few family and friends. Other people will only hear and see pictures. (Lol.. True that)
My boyfriend and I are planning to marry into our own house, so we will use that as an excuse to do a small wedding. I am sure our parents will reason with us when we say we have spent all our money on the house. If they want to foot all the bills then good for them. But nobody should call me after the wedding asking me for money. (Hehehe)
So my advice, outline your priorities in financial terms and ask yourself if the one day or two days big wedding will dent your pocket and prevent you from achieving those important needs. Most importantly, invest in your life after the wedding.
Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by Ibime(m): 4:37am On Jan 05
I've spent £16000 so far (including honeymoon, dowry and tombolo (door knocking)) and my wedding is not due for another 11 weeks. . . not including engagement ring which also left a sizeable dent.

I estimate further spending for DJ, Grooms and Groomsmen wear (hired), photographer, wedding ring and any other unforeseen matter. . . . maybe another £2000, plus £1000 spending money on honeymoon. Wedding of only 60 guests.

Now I wish I was a member of a church where some of my "brothers and sisters in Christ" can help with certain matters. My father claims he spent zilch on his wedding cos the church did everything.

Hoping to recoup 1/5 of the amount during the wedding. Please who knows wedding gifts service that converts vouchers into cash. I dont want to ask guests for money make dem no yab me. grin
Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by JimOvia: 8:48pm On Jan 04
Congratulations @poster.
Well lots of factors to consider. I did my wedding in Abuja nov '11. When my parents entered the hall, they thought they were in the wrong place cos the decoration(#200k) and setting was off the hook. Had over 400 guests. Had a popular radio DJ (#35k), MC (#20k). Food (250k), cameraman (#100k) drinks(#200k) suit for me and bestman(#80k) wedding gown (#100k or more can't remember cos wifey paid).

All in all, including the traditional wedding and our flight tickets to Dubai I spent roughly #2.7m. And it was a very classy wedding. Guests were leaving with bottles of wine and ppl are still calling me a 'strongman' till today. But we received a lot of cash& gifts. So I recovered almost half of the expenses and I'm still getting cash gifts uptill today.

Goodluck&best wishes but cut ur coat accordingly. Though I don't think 200k can do a wedding for a graduate/educated person. Maybe for a mechanic or Vulcanizer. No offense just my opinion
Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by tit: 3:10am On Jan 05
I would say budget about 5 months income.
I guess you are working class, and have been saving up for this once-in-a-lifetime event.
then spending that much money can be excused.
(if you divorce and subsequently call us for another wedding, we shall send our regrets).

Nobody should tell you to spend either 50,000naira or 50million naira. We no know yar level.
Hey this is Berrykiss, just b4 you continue to read.. Did you find 'we shall send our regrets funny? I did, still ROFL.. :D
Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by cameronese(m): 2:02am On Jan 05
No matter your taste, no matter where you come from, No matter the time of the year you want your wedding.
No matter the number of guest, No matter your choices. You simply can't spend more than what you have!
I did my wedding with about N220,000 and we've been living happily thereafter. Had two kids already and now can afford 3-5Million for a vacation.
Think of what you can afford now and forget about figures. It's just a day event, life will be much more than that afterwards.

Good thing, you go man!
Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by Inked_Nerd(f): 2:08am On Jan 05
@OP: I haven't gotten married so as of today, I have spent $0.00 on my wedding grin

Re: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding? by NOIBMUUL(m): 12:03am On Jan 05
Millions on wedding!!! No wonder men have a lower life expectancy. 

Have a good day y'all.. And if you're planning to get m,arried, becareful with your spending. Cheers

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