Thursday, September 6, 2012

PHOTO: Funke Akindele Is Pregnant, Check This Out Urself

It won't put butter on your bread o but I have come to realise most people like to read any news about celebs like Mrs. Oloyede, infact anything and everything to do with her especially. I took this pic off Ladu Liadi's blog, and quite obvious too this sister sure looks PREGGARS. Congrats to her from here.. That wil be all now : ) BTW, she was spotted at the NEA.. #OkBye!!!

PS: [You prolly av read the ffg on the Dbanj post, but indulge me still :D] For those who missed it.. My blog these past weeks, I have been working hard ni o and sista gotta pay some bills at the end of every month, tuition one of them.. Well, now, that I have ur attention : ), should you notice me missing here again, y'all NOW know why. Phew! Ok, thanks for *reals.. Cheers

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