Thursday, September 6, 2012

Facebook Update Of The Day: "I'm Sick Of My Butt"

"Thinking of getting a butt reduction..... Am sick of my butt and ppl comment about it, I walk in2 a room and the first thing ppl notice is my butt, what about my FACE? I try dieting but that didn't work and I try working out too but it only made it worse.... I can't stand this anymore :( I DON'T WANT TO GET ATTENTION BECAUSE OF MY BUTT......" Lovenia Chead

ROFL.. Shildren of nowadays eh, Lovenia's QUOTE to badt.. BTW, she's my lil sis here in New York, and I had to share this, why is cos I bet some of y'all who have large bums don't feel the same way +it will be interesting to be a fly on your wall now to see you debating why anyone would want a butt reduction.. As for me o, I would love to have me a BIG ONE!!!.. Hehe! But God made us all different sha. OkBye :D

I didn't share her butt pic for good reason [see Lovenia's photo below], cos as a big sis I really don't want y'all hungry boys [apologies.. but none really.. Lol] to COME and be swooning over her anyhow ANYHOW : ) I'm outta here.. You're FREEEE to have a good laff now :D

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