Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Testimony: Two Chinese Men Cheated My Family From Boarding The Dana Plane, They Saved Our Life

SOURCE - Ihezuo, narrated that she initially went to the Arik airlines stand, but their plane was fully booked, so she headed for Dana Air where she joined a queue for the ticket.

“We were on the queue and it was my turn to buy the ticket. I was rummaging my bag to bring out money to pay for the ticket when two Chinese men who were behind me gave money to the cashier and paid for the remaining seats. I was very angry and their action generated a verbal exchange between my husband and the cashier.

“The Chinese men were not even sorry for their action, instead they and their girlfriends made jest of us, waving the tickets in the air and making fun of us; we were so annoyed and we
decided to postpone the trip.”

She added that she had yet to reach the house when she got reports that the Dana plane had crashed.
The mother of four said that family members that were waiting for them at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos cried when they heard about the incident. They thought that both mother and daughter had perished in the crash.

She stated that her church members in Abuja also thought she had died until they were notified that she did not board the aircraft.

Ihezuo said, “Since the incident, I have just been thanking God because He was the one that kept us. I have been rolling on my knees in thanksgiving since last Sunday and my knees are sore,” she said as she lifted up her skirt to show her bruised knees.

She stated that since she started flying about a year ago, the Dana flight was the first she would see that was fully booked, “I am familiar with most of the crew members because I have been patronising the airline for some time; I feel so bad for the crew and passengers.”

Ihezuo added she had purchased a luxury bus ticket for her mother who was going to stay with her eldest daughter at Festac, Lagos following her refusal to board a flight.

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