Wednesday, June 20, 2012

President Jonathan’s Delegation To Brazil Is World’s Largest, At 116!

Issorait o, this our Nigeria government of the people for the people keeps taking the meaning of democracy to another level.. How do you explain the country's delegation to Brazil, the highest of all the countries in attendance, put at 116 people? You gotta give it to CLUELESS Leadership, no? According to Sahara Reporters, here's a breakdown of the national delegation.
• 25 personal aides
• 18 aides of Patience Jonathan
• 2 members of the National Assembly
• 5 Ministers
• 2 Governors, and
• 63 officials from the Ministries of Enviroment, Foreign Affairs, National Planning and Petroleum Resources.
The junket will continue for Mr. Jonathan next week Thursday when he will be in Brussels for the World Customs Conference, scheduled for June 28-30. He will be taking with him about 57 people, including 26 aides, 3 Ministers, 8 members of the National Assembly, and 20 other government officials. Continue after the jump
From June 25 to 29, Mrs. Jonathan will be in Maryland, United States, accompanied by 36 people: 18 aides, 4 wives of Governors, and 14 friends and associates.

Nigerian political parties yesterday lambasted Mr. Jonathan’s decision to leave for Brazil, just hours after violence and counter-violence had reportedly resulted in over 74 dead and hundreds injured. On Sunday, the president called on God to intervene in the violence.

But he has also promised to see to the end of the Islamic militant group militant Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad, widely-known as Boko Haram, this month. After he made that pledge in April, the militants promised to make June a bloody month in order to prove that Jonathan has no power over them. Some helpless Christians have in the past few days resorted to reprisal attacks against Muslims.

Only yesterday, as Jonathan hopped on one of his gleaming new executive jets and left the chaos in Nigeria behind, Boko Haram notified SaharaReporters that it would launch even more devastating attacks on churches and government buildings in the coming days.

The group’s contact person said Boko Haram had line up about 300 suicide bombers to attack churches in Southern Kaduna and in Plateau State in its determination to exact considerable revenge for the Muslims killed in Christian reprisals in the last few days.

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