Saturday, June 23, 2012

Interesting Read: "Slippers Get Size" by Alibaba.. This One is for 'The Aristo' Girls

A very interesting read and perspective of one who would know better about an issue such as this.. Lol. Apologies to the granddaddy of comedy in Nigeria bhet he didn't get all these info from his friends only, no? I'll allow you read now :D
I Trust u are good. Pls spare me some time. Just a few things bothering me. If u finish reading and it makes no sense... Please delete or just ignore.
A lot of guys in my generation (40-60+) are messing up the perception of life, moral and cutural values of these young ladies (19-30). They have used their affluence and generosity which they
shower on the girls to get between their legs to totally confuse them on what love and essence of life is all about. These girls are now so mixed and messed up, they don't relate well with females their mate who don't lead their kind of life. A young girl who drives a Range Rover Sport, courtesy an Aristole, now thinks she is better than a girl who still takes taxis or manages a Kia Rio. And whistles Wizkid's "My money and your money.. No be mate" anytime they go past each other. True. Your body and her body no DEY the same grade too. Or you forget that wear and tear shows with

To worsen the matter, young men (25-35) who should be their suitors (marriage partners) are now "not on their level". Now these young guys are looking for whatever it is that can help them muster some edge in the relationship. This is one major reason that pushes these young men into all sorts of activities just to measure up to the competition of the Aristoles. Like Yahoo yahoo, gigolo runs, pimping, drugs, fraud, stealing, just name it! These young men, have been pushed to the lower rungs of the babe hustle that girls easily discard them like a bad tweet. Why do you think the boys are not smiling? KEMI, NKECHI, ZAINAB, continue after the jump

ESE, LARA, TIWA, MABEL, AND CO, have tasted the proceeds of runs and the wahala of dating a young guy will expose them to a different kind of runs... Diarrhoea!

Am suspecting, no I lie, I have come to know that once the girls have been thoroughly corrupted, my guys(40-60+) just move on to the next one. They leave the young girl with a lifestyle that she has now gotten used to and MUST be maintained because she can not let people tell her LOBATAN! That is "I hate to say I told you". Or like they will say in Warri, "shebi body done phone you, ansa the call na!". Consequently, the young girl looks for the next Aristole and when she finds one, she does all she can to keep him, which includes not giving him any reason to leave her such as being caught with a hustling guy, and she also does anything she can not to let any other desperately-searching-for-an-ATM kinda babe snatch him. Not to mention that she equally keeps 1 or 2 more Aristoles as back up. No law says you can't have a MasterCard, Visa and Diners at the same time, in a handbag.

Which begs the question, why don't these guys (40-60) date their female age-mates (40-60)? Why the small small girls?

U hear excuses like, the older babes have passed their prime. They prefer young blood. Bla bla bla.

All lies.

I think their female peers are now mature. Not as gullible as the young girls they dangle generosity to. Independent. Can stand up to them. Can't be impressed with anything and they also (may just may) have their own dough if not more sef. Besides, the older babes could be friends with their wives and you never know she just may tell. Some of these older babes, the older guys run from, may not be in the game for fun, which is what the Aristoles are in it for, the babes want marriage or a serious relationship.

Or could it be that the Aristoles need the young babes to prove that they can still be called active guys? In case my guys missed the memo, all those girls that shout "Oh you are killing me!" "Please stop! Let me rest?" "You're the best" "Wow! Where do you get the strength from?" "My whole body is on fire!"... IT'S LIES! LIES! They will say that to a 96 years old man too. It's an ATM template. Those are the passwords that make it rain. And if that is what you like to hear, Im not holding brief for anybody, but I have been told, by many that some of those old babes have experiences that have been earned over the years that the young girls of these days can not match even with the best monosyllabic moans and passwords. Like I said, I was told.

Oh! Hold on! Scratch that

Could it be KARMA? Could my guys also have suffered the "not on our level phase" back in the days as well with these older babes? Did these older babes turn them down then because they did not have the things to compete back then with the Aristoles of the time?


Isnt it funny that the same guys, who some babes did not see anything in back then, continued hustling.... stepped on fortune and embraced opportunities and BLEW... Became a big boy and all of a sudden those same babes ( who were the darlings of aristoles back then) that told them SLIPPERS GET SIZE, are now the ones beefing them for running after small small girls!

What goes around comes around abi?

Sorry I wasted your time, because I don't know what I'm saying right now!!!!


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