Friday, August 3, 2012

Nigerians, You Have To See This!!! Gabby Douglas The New Cover Girl For Corn Flakes

BALLINNGG!!!!! When are we going to treat our athletes like this Nigerians? When o, I mean seriously!!! Gabby Douglas just yesterday wowed the world with her fantastic outing at the OlympicGames in London, bringing home Gold for the USA in an historic win for any African-American in gymnastics.. *Simples, Gabby is the first Black person (ever) in history to win a gold medal in gymnastics, it's always been the white chicks from every and all background :D So, see why I'm excited right here, peep the picture to your left.. It is  what the  American society is doing to show appreciation to her for the great feat she achieved for country and self.

Gabby is projected to bag a minimum of $10million endorsement deals in the next 5yrs. This is a projection by advertising giants.. Wooohooo!!!

Here's how (CBS News) is reporting it.. On Friday morning, U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas woke up with her second Olympic gold medal. But now the 16-year-old Douglas stands to really strike it rich with product endorsements. Kellogg's was quick to pounce, putting the golden girl on Corn Flakes boxes just hours after the gymnast claimed the all-around title Thursday.

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