Monday, July 30, 2012

OMG!!! Nigerians Set to Publish Comic Books, 'Avengers' Has Nothing On These

I don't know much about comic books (lately) but I'm definitely going to pick copies of these ones . I vivdly remember one that was very popular back when we was young.. Winks. Something about one Jackson I think, a crazy guy who likes to be intimate with girls in public places.. I don't remember details.. Remember I was young, we all were if you know that particular comic book.. It was just so cray cray.. Hehe!

So, here goes something entirely fresh, The BoomSquad, a sure to be very entertaining material. The Boom Squad is a set of comic books set to be launched by its creator Adeniran Adeniji Jr. The scripts on the triple package are almost ready and they will be hitting stores near you soon.

For y'all lovers of 'Avengers', 'Dark Knight Rises' and more, Boom Squad from the little I know about it will give both and others a run for their money. Expect to see more promotional stuff after the launch of the first Comic titles! Peep the Cover art and colors by Stanley "Stanch" Obende.

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