Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sahara Reporters and Oyo State Governent FACEOFF

Late yesterday, we received a rejoinder [see below], written by Festus Adedayo, Special Adviser to the Governor of Oyo State on Media.

Characteristically, the rejoinder was a poor job at blackmail and failed to address the central issue around of our report, which was the bloated size of Mr. Ajimobi’s delegation to the London Olympics.
In the entire response written and published on Mr. Adedayo’s Facebook page, he failed to prove that we lied in stating that the governor went to the Olympics jamboree with 15 aides. Rather, Mr.

Adedayo said, “A team that follows the governor comprises of officials who were carefully selected to represent all the sectors and ministries relevant to the numerous engagements”

According to the Oyo governor’s spokesperson, these individuals were selected and shipped to London by the governor to attend three separate exhibitions for “foreign investors”. He admits implicitly that we correctly compiled the list of aides on the trip. In his rejoinder, Mr. Adedayo claimed that we said the aides were all commissioners, this is

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