Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Minutes With ChuddyK, 'Gaga Crazy' Crooner

He gave us a feel of what R&B should sound like when he dropped his very first single titled 'SLOW SLOW', it's been great music to all ears since then on. Chuddy K is one of the few artistes with great talent out there, this is why I decided to catch up with him for a 10minutes chat. Boy, I'm I glad that I did.

ChuddyK has done some heavy rotation collaborations with several artistes, one  was the chat-bursting track 'SHAMPOO' that had sexy songstress Mocheddah on it. He went a little low after a couple of marketing deals went bad and he decided to re-brand himself so he could give his fans a feel of some of those "GAGA CRAZY" things.

The soul brotha was about jetting out for his Malaysia trip when I eventually caught up with him at the departure wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, he was very kind enough to spare those minutes I have since cherished.

Chukwudi Kent Agali better known to the public as "Chuddy K" is a down to earth and very humble fella, you just need to meet with him and you would have a fulfilled day. Enjoy my very short conversation with him: After the Jump

Q: Gaga crazy is actually making everyone crazy right now. How does it feels to be the rave of the moment?
I'm so grateful to God and my fans for the love and support so far and for the accolades given to me for the song. I feel like working even more to be a better role model for young ones out there and to reach out to the world at large.

Q: Did you foresee the song going this far while you were recording?
I knew it was a great song right from when I dropped my first line on the beat. I would say thumbs up to my producer Spells too for such a great production, because it became DJ's favorite and I am extremely grateful.

Q: What inspired the song?
Loads of my female fans and the males too all wanted a Chuddyk song to dance to. So, I decided to make my next single a dance hall/party song for them.

Q: You used to be known for the “love and slow songs" genre" why the drift all of a sudden?
I am versatile in my works! I am not just an R&B singer; I can give you the ginger to make you dance (grins). I can make you sing along. So it all depends on the kind of beat myproducer offers me and then u can't categorize me as R&B alone because as a Nigerian, I identify with Nigerian genre of music.

Q: Aside 'Gaga Crazy', what should we be expecting from you again?
Watch out for 'Egusi', 'Sunday Morning' etc.

Q:Your voice and that of wande coal sounds alike, how do you feel each time you hear such comments?
We come a long way so we are brothers from different ends and we cool. So each time the comment comes up, I just feel good knowing that it’s a positiveremark.

 Q: Final words to your fans.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the brands, and media houses that have given me the chance to be heard. To all my fans, keep dancing to my music, request for it on radios and TV stations, make it both your caller tunes and ringtones. That's the best I can wish for. God bless

Interview by Edward Fortune, SHOWBIZHUB

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