Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nigeria's Hope Sinks as Blessing Okagbare Finishes 8th in Tracks at the Olympics

Blessing Okagbare represented Nigeria at this year Olympics in tracks and field, but the sprinter placed 8th position and dashed Nigeria's hope for a gold medal. We love Blessing Okagbare, she's done us proud in the past and even now her 8th position is a record breaker in Africa female 100m as she finished in a time of 11.01, one of the fastest time in from athletes in this part. Don't you go A*yimu'ing :D

Some humour - Ogoni man go jump enter water like fish, see Olympics go swim.. ZERO medal.
Hausa man go enter boat dey shout argungu fishing festival, see rowing at the Olympics, ZERO medal.

Igbo man will run from Sokoto to Aba at the slightest provocation by Boko, see long distance running at the Olympic, ZERO medal.
Agbero for park no mind pursue bus for road but see 100meters race at Olympics,, ZERO medal.

Yoruba man will remove clothe, wrist watch and pant to fight at Ojuelegba but see boxing at the Olympics, Zero medal. Who started that nonsense called NAIJA GOT TALENT sef? *** LOL, boys are angry is all I can say.. Winks


Anonymous said...

Buh seriously 9ja sports official do not go xtra mile to search,groom and breed athletes like other countries like somalia,ethiopia and the rest dah v won gold 4 marathon and other sports. They rather go 4 d "I don bellefull" ajebo athlete dah don claim to be 9ja example is our BBall team. See if U̶̲̥̅̊ look 4 fresh talent they will yield positive result. If sport reps can do woh MTN,MALtina r doin to discover talent I bet ya nothing stops us frm winning! Until dey stop dis "Man know Man" b4 9ja can make positive impact and Grow. Cheers

happyhausabunny said...

I totally agree wit u...even if u av d talent sef b4 u'll find sumthn 2 invest in u nko? Was watchn d IAAF(jnr championship tho) n I was rilly impressed @ d South African team. Dey did well in most of d sports. I think encouraging kids esp 4rm secondary schools to participate in diverse sports will do us some gud. Altho only sum private schs actually include proper gym/sports in deir curriculum n d@'s cuz dey av d fundings. The Nig system jst has 2 function properly n we can achieve all dese thns.