Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photos: Prince William Doing 'The Azonto', Tonto Dike Steps To Same + More

Wooozzaaah!!!! Now, the very wealthy and famous are taking everything away from us ordinary people, this has to do with the photo making the rounds now of UK's Prince William stepping to the Azonto dance while his wife Kate Middleton watches and have a good laugh. Here's GOODBYE to the poor man's swag, Azonto may never be the same again if you're stepping to it and you are not royalty.. Lol.

Prince William seems real cool in that pic, I think the finest he's ever looked in any of his pictures.. Marries life things :D
Oh, bet you've seen that last photo, the one at the bottom left.. Winks. Before I touch on Tonto Dike, lets discuss this :D I kinda look fat in it, no? I'm tryna watch my weight tho but I've been eating like some fool for a couple of weeks now.. God help you if you can't say anything nice about that pic, I love it is why and you should too unless you're hating.. Wide grin. Photo credit @Lizmani. She didn't mess this one up unlike my 'Wendy Williams Show' photos.. LOL continue after the Image

I'm feeling sleepy right now, its nearly 2am, so here's all you need to know about Tonto Dike's pic in brief: She co-anchored the recently held 'Stand Up Ghana ' concert alongside America's Keri Hilson, I overheard her hosting skill wasn't much to be desired but the crowd reacted positively to her when she did the Azonto dance which turned out to be one of the highlights of the show. Great going girl, nice outfit too.

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