Thursday, June 14, 2012

Laide Bakare Shoots N30m Movie, What She Said About 9ice

Beautiful actress, and married (I had to chip that in.. Lol) granted an interview recently where she discussed her upcoming movie titled, 'Jejere'.. Whatever that means tho :D When asked how she selected her cast, who she's worked best with and how much the movie has gulped thus far, here are the answers she provided to Rosemary Ogana of Best of Nollywood.

Laide: I have a lot of people I cast for the movie, great people too. Right from the day the idea was conceived, I began to thoroughly select my cast based on who will interprete a particular role effectively. Emeka Ike, 9ice, Fathia Balogun, Ireti Osayemi and many others came to mind. I love my cast, all of them but I enjoyed working best with 9ice. I'll say getting him on board is one of the best decision I made for this production, he simply exudes the confidence of an actor and interpretes his role perfectly. For an artiste, he's done a good job of playing an actor.

On budget, we have spent over N30million and still incurring cost she says.

Wow to N30m.. For Naija ehn, our movie industry is sure improving, lets keep pur fingers crossed and hope 'Jejere' willth geat rave reviews.

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