Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boko Haram Will Be Finished By June Ending - Bishop David Oyedepo

I sure have all sorts of quotes to share today, here's one statement Bishop David Oyedepo allegedly made. Thing is, if this comes to pass, Nigeria will be better for it but erm.. with the crop of leaders we have, I'm not so sure about this sir but I'm willing to trust your judgement, don't sha fall my hand tho, June ending is near.. Quote here ---> 
“This month (June) ends their activities in the country and calamity will rain on their camp beginning from now, any attempt to Islamise the country will surely fail.
Enough is enough. Whoever is their sponsor, they should expect the wrath of God over them before the end of this month, except, I’m not called by God.” Bishop David Oyedepo

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