Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rick Ross Buys Entire Store in Obalende, Location for His "Hold Me Back" Video Shoot

Rick Ross who is popularly called "THE BOSS" has been savoring every single moment of his visit to Nigeria. The international rapper whose latest album "God Forgives but I Don't" - (oshisko** He REALLY Doesn't Forgive? Eyes rollin') - is no1 on the Billboard album charts , was in Lagos to headline the Summer jam fest on Friday.
I haven't time to do a writeup on this story but here's how Miss Petite Nigeria reported it, well written too.. Miss Petite went on as follows: "What amazes me is that, no other international act has created such frenzy like the boss. The euphoria which greeted his arrival was amazing and in minutes, his arrival in Lasgidi was trending on social networking sites."
Is his successful collaboration with Psquare on "Onyinye" the reason for this? Whatever the reason, Ricky has found a new home in Nigeria which he now calls his homeland. To buttress this, yesterday, the superstar was in Obalende shooting the video for his track. He was surrounded by locals who were overjoyed to be around him. He also bought out a whole grocery store in Mushin

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