Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Klint the Drunk asks Guys to Rape a Girl That Fails to Get Down Low.. REALLY?!

Please, read the twitter extract yourself, what was the brother thinking.. Will an apology suffice? I dunno that for certain cos this is so not excusable.. So sad! Comedian regardless, this is an expensive joke.. PERIOD!


Anonymous said...

quick question? are you a retard? cANt u see its a joke?

Berrykiss said...

Anon, you don't say?!? You should know my faculty works fine, thanks.

When you put stuffs that are this sensitive on social media, you should be ready for a backlash especially coming from someone who should know better. BTW, after reading your comment, I still fail to see how this can pass for a joke.

Ok bye

Anonymous said...

1st, insulting the blogger is very unnecessary. 2nd, she has a very good point. we live in a society where morons such as James Holmes cannot separate entertainment and jokes, from reality. is it in such a society, and more so, at a time when rape is on the increase that we should be toying with such ideas? people take ideas from the most stupid things, so u better understand that this is an expensive joke, an idea not to be toyed with. joking about such extreme things is not even funny. kdd should delete that tweet asap. period.