Monday, July 9, 2012

Recommended Read: "Dear Men" - Letter of an Emancipated Woman

Truth be told, some women, not all o [maybe/maybeNOT sef : )] should have this written to some men [or all men.. winks].. I find this refreshing even though I don't have a problem with the menfolk but for the sisters who do, it should feel alright to pen the words in this short note.. "Dear Men"..
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Dear Men
I sat on the cold floor and and collected all the broken pieces of me today, got in shower and scrapped myself of you, I soaked the bruises of your touch off my skin. Cleared my eyes with my tears, cried away all the colors YOU said were beauty and replaced them with mine. I hugged myself and squeezed the obsessiveness and selfishness emotion you called love out of my heart. I took a breath for the first time today and as I exhaled the air from my nostrils blew away the darkness that had surrounded me before... I felt warmth for the first time as the rays of the sun danced on my skin... I felt loved... I looked at the world with my new eyes and saw opportunity for my talents in every corner. I walked into the world today free from your pain free from your chains and definitions of who I ought to be. I felt safe in an open field...safer than I did in your heart in the constriction of your ribs, a world where everything was about you. I left that world... I have found my place in the world too. I learnt that I too have a place here.... I too have a purpose. I too am important. I learnt today that I am a woman, mother of nations, mother of you.
I am emancipated
Written by Tshwetso Kaan


Bukola Adeyemi said...

Congratulations Mama!

awosam said...

Unfortunately, my dear lady, the world was not made in this your new view. Man and Woman are supposed to run the world pari pasu. You have either got on board with the wrong partner or you are not humble and patient enough to follow it through.