Friday, July 13, 2012

PHOTOS: LEE Magazine's June Celebrities Birthday Party

Fast rising actress,Halima Abubakar and award-winning dancer, Kaffy are not celebrity faces you seeall the time at social gatherings but they chose to differ this time, when theyshowed up at June’s celebrity birthday party at the entertainment hub, KogaLounge, an event powered by lifestyle magazine, Lee.

The celebrity birthday party is a monthly event organised byLee magazine to celebrate the celebrities in our midst. It is a day to encourage,recognise and sometimes pamper these celebrities. The event had in attendancepopular television presenter, Denrele, MC Ice Water, Adams of Soundcity, IfyOkeke, Dipp, Elenu and a host of others.
The monthly birthday party (MBP) started several months ago and it is fast gaining industry recognition as about the only platform thatcelebrate celebrities who daily give their all to the people
in different areas of service.

Speaking on this edition of the MBP, Halima Abubakar opined‘’the organisers of this monthly celebrity party are doing a fantastic job; itis a good thing to do. I thank them for taking this bold initiative tocelebrate people like us’’.

Award-winning dancer, Kaffy couldn’t hide her thoughts on Lee’s magazine initiative, she said ‘’first of all, I thank the organizers formaking us this lovely cake and also allowing us cut it inside the lounge. Manypeople just feel that a celebrity should take care of himself or herself, so Ithank them for taking good care of us, I really see them going very far in thisindustry’’.

The MBP has hosted many celebrities before now, theyinclude; Ace Comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka GCFR, amiable Nollywood Actress, BimboAkintola, Actor Funsho Adeolu, Comedian Omobaba, the list goes on.

Lee magazine is a high end lifestyle magazine and very muchyouth inclined, as the youths form the major part of the nation’s population,hence the most active.

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Pratik Sinha said...

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