Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rev. Chris Okotie Ends His Marriage, Announces Decision In Church Today.. Details Here

This is one of those crazy gist you hear and you're like wow! I mean SERIOUSLY!?!!!! Whats with Reverend Chris Okotie and failed marriages? Something is definitely wrong with someone cos what are you a *supposedly a man of God for.. apologies if you feel offended (I mean the person reading this) but truth must be told. How can ordinary human beings like us (eyes rolling) survive in our
matrimonial homes knowing certain religious leaders can't keep their homes together? Thing is, we all know as Nigerians, our first point of call in times of trouble (in the homes) is our pastors and Imams, what sort of advice will someone like Rev. Okotie offer to anyone now?! I'm not ranting, I'm just perplexed ni sincerely.. You don't give up on your marriage, especially not someone like you sir, you manage it to set good example, you seek God to bless it everyday, you do what you can, you don't and you never EVER say it's done with.. You have failed sir, I liked you alot.bhet now ehn I'm sad.
Here's what Linda Ikeji reported--->
Rev Chris Okotie's second marriage has sadly ended after only four years. The Head Pastor of Household of God announced in church a few hours ago after the last service that he has separated from Stephanie Henshaw whom he married in August 2008. He told his congregation that he wanted to be the one to break the sad news to them and hoped for their understanding. He also said there was no going back...that the marriage was over!
This is Rev Okotie's second failed marriage.

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Anonymous said...

It's easy for all of us to make comments, as we as human beings tend to do, without a bit more thought. I'm certain noone is more aware than the MOG what an effect this would have on people, christian and otherwise. First thing as people of faith (whatever faith that may be) is to know better than to pass judgements on servants of God. Yes, we look to them as examples(well most people anyway) and we forget that these people are far less celestial than we give them credit for and far more human. They have an unction to teach and guide, but even they fall. We've had cases of people who have come out to confess to being bisexual, amongst other things, and we believe that these people have found their way back to the Father. That's the thing about God.... He's merciful and will forgive them because we are all His children. And we 'most holy' of men had better be thankful for that because if He were anything like us, there'd be nothing left but trees on this planet. We tend to forget that no sin is bigger than the other... Even saying you are out when you don't want visitors is a SIN that God hates.
Now coming from another angle, who says this is even coming from the man's end? I believe that there are grounds for divorce in the Bible, and once those have not been ruled out, let's try not to offend God. Pray for God to direct His people, and for those who are married, pray for your own homes. Problems are not selective to any area, age group, class, religion or belief system. In essence, pray for your brethren and as my people will say.... So igba ti e.