Monday, June 4, 2012

Rebroadcast: If You Live In Abuja, Here's One Hospital You Should Never Go To, Details Here

I am hurt and I wish to spread this news fast. If you had listened to the network news in FRCN this morning, this issue was seriously broadcasted and analyzed by the Reporter. It was also broadcast Monday last week.
The Indian operated Specialist hospital in Karu Site, Abuja are Quacks, Fake, 419 and exploiters of Niger...ians. If you know anybody going or planning to go to that hospital, please stop the person immediately.

The hospital was built by FCT as Karu General hospital but all of a sudden it was leased to this killer Indians to operate as specialist hospital.Charges in this hospital is exploitative, only registration alone in N25,000.00.

In November 2011, my sister went to the Indian Hospital for Fibroid operation. The Indian thieves diagnosed her and said her case is very complex. She was charged a total of N700,000.00. On the day
of operation, she was taken to the theatre and was Open up. What do I mean. She was torn OPEN-UP and stitched back without removing any fibroid. When she recovered from the effect of the Anastasia, they congratulated her for successful operation and that lumps of fibroid had been removed from her. My sister requested from the doctors to see the lumps which is a normal practice in every hospital, the Indian thieves said the lumps had been taken to lab for analysis, that they will show her later. Till today my sister have not sighted the fibroid lumps that was removed from her.

From the night after the operation, my sister started feeling serious pains than what she had before. She complained to the Indian thieves, they said it will be okay and discharge after three days with the pains. She went home and had more pains than ever aside the torn wound. We decided in December 2011 to go for scan in another lab. The scan result shows that there are heavy lumps of fibroid in her and that there is absolutely no sign that any removal attempt had been carried out even though there is evident that she was opened up for surgery. We tried the scan in another specialist hospital in Asokoro, Abuja. It was the same result. My sister then disguised herself with another name and went for scan in the same Indian specialist hospital Abuja and they confirmed that she was open up but not an iota of fibroid was removed from her. My sister lied to the scan officers that the operation was done in Benin hence she will require a comprehensive report from the Indian Killer hospital and the they did a beautiful job in putting the whole report in black and white.

 January this year, my sister went for the same fibroid operation in another hospital in Asokoro, Abuja and she was operated successfully and the lumps of fibroid removed were shown, the operation was videoed and pictures of everything were taken and are well kept.

She has written petitions to Medical and Dental Council of Niger, Nigerian Medical association, Minister of Health, and we making effort to present it to the National Assembly. Many media reporters have interviewed her, Some have written already. FRCN has carried twice as main news item.

Investigation by media reveals that those Indians are quacks, they do not posses basic medical credentials. The Head of the hospital an Indian woman is not a medical doctor. The deputy is her son and not a medical doctor as well. A specialist hospital operating in a Nigerian Government Built Infrastructure do not have a medical director!

Nigerian Medical Council have confirmed that this Indians were brought during the former Minister of FCT and were horridly given temporary permission to operate without passing through the normal registration procedure by the council.



sadiya said...

Thank u so much for this wonderful piece. My friend's husband is also a victim, he had issues with his leg, the quacks doctor did a terrible job on him he's presently walking with crutches. The poor guy went to the hospital with his two legs and they turn him to a disable being,after paying almost 2.5m, the Nigeria government shld do act past as a matter of urgency. The large specialist is nothing but a death trap to unknown pple. They really just milking us dry.

kay said...

I wonder why people disturb themselves spreading fake news and rumour around because an Indian Hospital is here i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria. There are alot of Nigerian hospitals that performs very terribly, yet we keep quite, Indians have come to boost our economy and enrich their pockets, we are complaining, after all there are alot of Nigerian investors but are not willing to invest i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ our country, who to blame?

Anonymous said...

My mom was also a victim as they diagnosed with a fibroid and hurriedly asked for 750,000 to remove it. She was fortunated enough to be able to get it with just an injection that shrunk it somewhere else. She told me that it was a quack hospital. Nigerians, we are in trouble o!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG this amazing, so people have actually been victim to them...SMH for some people, development my foot at the expense of human life......

Berrykiss said...

Hi guys, thanks for dropping your comments. Its really sad to know they got legit approval to practice with government backing, we shouldn't wait till another life is affected with this sham, pls share on your networks too. Thanks. @Sadiya, I'm sorry about your friend's husband, I hope he walks again with his two legs, and soon too. Amen. @ Key, there are so many witnesses to this going ons for anyone to just dismiss it like you did. @Anon 4:25am Glad your mum made it without wasting that much money, please inform others. have a beautiful day friends

Anonymous said...


Hauwa B. Idris said...

God Almighty bless you for this piece. I have been saying this but no one listened. Am solo glad your sister had the presence of mind to obtain good evidence. They did a similar thing to my friend.who died in February of this year . I don't believe they did any surgery on her, of course they opened her up but I don't believe they took out anything and we had to fork out over 800k. I am really so glad some one spoke up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Berry Kiss,
I remember this is old story that was in news somewhere in Feb & Mar. Now you got this old story and put it on the blog without knowing the truth and the end of the story. Let me put some facts in front of you.
The lady who suffered is not your sister. Secondly she filled a court case which she later withdraw it in month of April itself.
Lastly the health secretary from FCT has briefed the media about the same thing on 5th March. kindly see the link;

Berrykiss said...

Anon 5:31am for a minute, I thot you misunderstood the post, it's definitely not my story. I can see where that's coming from you now.. It was sent to me on BBM, a TV house aired the story yesterday and the person who sent it confirmed they opened the case again. It's my fault you misunderstood this, I never share stories here without links to their sources, this was an oversight, I would never claim this sad story as mine when I don't have a relation that went through the whhole incident. If you know me, you would know I wwould never do a thing like that.

Sadiya and others, perhaps you all also thought this was about me, please it's not. I only responded to your comments knowing fully well you were reacting to the story.

Anonymous said...

All lies and blackmail, typical of Nigerians. They are qualified Doctors with excellent equipment and cannot be compared to our useless private n govt hospitals that misdiagnose even the simplest cases. Many people have been treated successfully there, a few mishaps which I certainly don't believe and pple are posting rubbish. Don't go, better go to our so called hospitals if u feel they're better but don't discourage and lie to nigerians. Cheap blackmail. I've seen wonders performed there.

Anonymous said...

@ berrykiss thnx for the info. Indians are terribl. May God save us in this country.that anonymous guy tell us if ur a stakeholder in that hosp!

Anonymous said...

My mother is a victim. After paying over 5 million for three operations, she is bedridden. Avoid these killers AT ALL COSTS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anonymous said...

Gold said...
I dont understand why people are posting false comments about the hospital.
I am happy that this hospital is being opened in Nigeria , by the grace of god it has saved the life of my alsmost dead husband who was admitted in National hospital first and was left to die there until my friend told me about this hospital I hurriedly took him there and immediately the doctors started treating him , within a week my husband was standing on his feet. God Bless this hospital. And I beg to my fellow Nigerians to go there and see things for yourself rather than reading rumours

Anonymous said...

I am grateful to god to have this hospital in Nigeria , this hospital has saved lives and done miracles .My best wishes to the hospital and curse to the people who are trying to destroy the image of the hospital . May god give strength and courage to people associated with the hospital to fight against all odds .

Ibrahim said...

Ibrahim said

For almost 10 years I was not able to walk, went around all the hospitals in Nigeria , got three surgeries done on my hip but spoilt the case. My uncle who had been treated in this hospital and was recovered told me to go to this hospital I came here with my mother, the doctor saw my reports and the Xray he was shocked to see my spoilt case , my mother was crying and even I had lost hope if I would ever be able to walk again... Immediately the doctor stood up his chair came and sat next to me and told me that I will walk again very soon .. I was happy and confused also , he gave me all the details of the surgery I got admitted , all the tests were done I was fit for the surgery , My surgery was done next day . When I woke up after the sedation I found myself in the ICU. I saw my mother smiling at me and the doctor standing next to me saying that you are fine. I was recovering after two days my physiotherapy started I could not belive I was standing on my feet , i was discharged after 8 days and I walked towards my car without any crutches and today I am working without any pain. I thank this hospital and my support and best wishes are always there with u no matter what people talk God knows about the good work you are doing

Anonymous said...

You know we nigerians are like this.
We can not do anything, we don't want to do anything and we won't let others do any thing.
We blame each other. We response to false blogs and think we are developing.
Come on! we need to improve ourselves and stop wasting time on these blogs which leads the Nation nowhere.
Wake up Nigeria Wakeup.
Think great, Do great, not just beating behind the bush.

FCDA Investigation Team said...

Dear Readers we are from the investigation team of FCDA , please be advised that the case was a false allegation on the hospital and the case is closed.
The Hospital has qualified doctors and are registered with the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria .Also we have investigated the registartion fee of the Hospital it was never 25000.00 naira it is 1000.00( One Thousand naira only). Therefore I request everybody to please do not get carried away on the false comments being written by certain group of people and visit the hospital and see the facilities with your own eyes.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

I hv read all da comments abt primus hospital but am really nt suprise because no one is perfect n nothing is perfect too so primus cannot b perfect either...dis is my story out of lil. broda who is a sickler was admitted in primus dec. Lst year n was very sick.he was given da best treatment in d world..infact amng all da hosp. In nigeria only primus give him all d necessary attention,medication,n care a sickler needs...I cannt remember hw much I paid 4 registration but is nt up to 500k am sure...@ first I thot their charges are high but after being their 4 a week it was worth it..we were ask if we can afford going to india to c a cardiologist n we agreed we went n it was such a success..he was given sme drugs which he is still taking n uptll now no more sickle attack...infact wad d hv here is nothing compared to wad d hv in india...I pray dat we hv more gud hospitals in nigeria by nigerians like primus...nt only primus r expensive, d r oda hospitals here in nigeria dat there price is nt evn worth it I swear...

Raymond said...

I believe Mr Anonymous has received some money to carry out this campaign . I am a former patient. And they gave me the best hip replacement ....the other issue is the solicitor Veronica Shinaan who has gone against all ethics to habour the two indian doctor currently seeking unfounded redress. She is actualy habouring them in her house in Abuja

Anonymous said...

19 August 2011 Source: All Africa . com
Residents of Abuja with various ailments have continued to throng the newly opened Primus International Super Speciality Hospital in Karu, Abuja for medicare.
The hospital which opened its doors to patients last April is owned by New Delhi-based Primus International Super Speciality Hospital, India.
When City News visited the hospital yesterday, patients with traumatic cases and many others were seen seeking medical help from Indian doctors.
One of the patients, 16-year-old Miss Chinyere Emezie, had just undergone ahip replacement surgery.
The hip’s femur head along with acctabular cup were broken when she fell from a height at 12 years and had undergone three surgeries earlier, adding that her femoral stem, acctabular cup and head’s were implanted.
The girl’s ball and socket had been damaged by arthritis.
Chairman of the hospital, Mrs Achla Dewan, was not present, as she was said to have travelled to India. An orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in joint replacement in the hospital, Dr Kaushal Mishra, maintained that Miss Chimezie’s young age posed no trouble to the surgery.
She said the patient is the youngest Nigerian to have an uncemented total hip replacement with large ceramic head within the country.

Tunde Akinfe said...

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Preventive Healthcare- To sustain your performance level in various demanding roles, you need to remain fit throughout the journey of your life. For this knowledge of the state of your health is a must to take preventive measures. To screen any possibility of hidden ailment that can hamper your performance level and growth, the hospital conducts various comprehensive checks up that includes: Child Health Package - Youth Health Package - Men Health Package - Women Health Package, Student Health Package and worker health package.


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Dr Chioma Mbakogu said...

Primus has an excellent and professional approach. I am of the opinion that Veronica should stop poaching Doctor and running a smear campaign against primus. She needs to be professional about this . The Doctors should be sent back to India ASAP because they breached their employment contract, absconded and are commiting an offence against the Immigration service in NIgeria

Felix (abuja) said...

Primus has been providing free medical consultation in and outside Abuja that is how I got to know them. They have provide care for the masses.

Anonymous said...

Please what is the cost of an operation in primus. My mother needs a hip surgery and I need to know the cost of registration, accomodation etc since government hospitals are now on strike

Rahul Singh said...

Primus Hospital Provide the Treatment for Back Pain

My mother was suffering from the back pain for few years and after taking treatment from at least 7 to

9 doctors, she finally chooses to Primus. During this time her back pain increased as well as starting to

affect lower body part too. It affected their lifestyle as well as life too. It affected my professional and

social life too. After undergoing evaluation at Primus Spin Department, the doctor advised for

Endoscopic Disc removal surgery. And it’s hard to believe that within 15 hours of surgery, her life has

completely changed, there is no pain in the leg or back, she is able to sit, stand, and walk without any

pain. My mother is very thankful towards the doctors of Primus.

Deepak Bansal said...

Best Medicare I have ever seen

I would like to suggest you please visit to Primus Hospital for your medical issues. Right from the doctors

to the lab assistants, everyone is supportive and the doctors prescribe the best medicine to recover the

patients as soon as possible. My mother has a fracture and doctor's care to my mother in an excellent

way. The doctors listen to my mother in an attentive manner and provide her the best Medicare. I have

seen many happy patients every time I visit the hospital and cases which have gone from good to the

best just because of their doctor's attention.

Deepak Bansal said...

The Best Knee Replacement Hospital

I was suffering from the joint pains from last few years. After consulting dozens of doctors, some of my

friends suggest me the name of Primus Hospital. I cross check the hospital profile over the web. After

cross check the profile, I visited the hospital as it was my last hope to get well. I was treated by Dr. Surya

Bhan and he suggested me an operation. At present, I can walk properly after the operation. My family

is also happy that I can walk properly and run too. Thanks to Dr Surya Bhan and the Primus Hospital for

their uppermost care and treatment facilities.

Anonymous said...

I have a very positive feed back to give you all who are looking for any orthopedic treatment and I feel the best place to go for it is Primus Hospital. For any kind of joint pains, fracture of any kind any bone related issue the best treatment could be expected at Primus hospital. During a company football match I actually got badly hurt and was not able to walk properly as it was painful. I started with some home treatment and painkillers but never knew that I had developed a hair line fracture which was the cause of the pain. Thanks to the Ortho department at Primus Hospital. I also want to thank all the staff member who are there for their polite behavior.

Syed said...

It was really a great experience when my wife got admitted in the hospital for her delivery as she had completed her nine months of pregnancy it was really great to have a baby boy. Thanks to an everlasting efforts of care the doctors and staff member had for me and my wife.

Amit Kumar said...

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