Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Status of the Day: Why Men Think They Got Good Wives at Home

By Yomi Okunsanya - "Why is it that some men want 'tigers' in bed as girlfriends and 'good' girls at home as wives whatever 'good' girls mean .

You must think women are stupid. They play it exactly how they think you want it .

A 'good' girl for you has been a bad girl for someone else. That is why some men have nymphomaniacs at home thinking they are married to a 'nun' .  

E yan o tan ra e bi Iya beji . 'Good' girls ko.....

'My boyfriend would not marry me if he knew i was this good in bed, he'll probably think i have been around the block to be this good . So i always let him take the lead '

So tan abi o ku .....? Yinmu."

Hey, don't ask me to translate nothing.. hehe! Kai, fowl yansh don open with this, if you're guilty as charged, goodluck to you being that nun. Lol

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Anonymous said...

Not in all cases... but what u said is true in 80% of d marriage cases.