Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do Not Read This If You'll Curse and Riot.. You've Been Warned!!!

Still on the Presidential media chat, you won't believe these statements, BTW y'all should know I didn't make them up, infact, if you watched the 'Show', you will know this already.. Lol. While you're preparing to go to bed in Nigeria, enjoy reading.

"Without power supply we won't have internet penetration. We will be lost from the world - GEJ #PresidentialMediaChat.. Hehe! Keywoed: PENETRATION : )
"It is better for nine criminals to go free than one innocent person to be indicted" - GEJ #PresidentialMediaChat.
"If an Indian is working and light goes off, he will get his candle and keep working but Nigerians? they will curse and riot" - GEJ #PresidentialMediaChat
"We have improved telecommunication sector"GEJ #Presidentialmediachat.. "Let us take a call. HELLO! HELLO! Sorry we missed another call again"
So, now Good9t Nigeria/UK | Others! Hiya America : )

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