Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shocking: Only 30.5% Of Married Men In Nigeria Use Condoms With Prostitutes

According to Prof. John Idoko, DG National Agency for the Control of AIDS. during a presentation on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis by the United States Mission, only 30.5 per cent of married men who engage in “penetrative sex with commercial sex workers use condoms,” and this figure was arrived at through research carried out on respondents. Ewww.
The study showed that out of the 1,396 and 459 married male respondent who reside in urban and rural areas respectively, only 137 had used condoms with commercial sex workers in the past six months prior to study and only 63 men used it at last visit.
About 62 per cent of new infections, he said, occurred among persons perceived as practicing “low risk sex”, including married sexual partners.
All I can say: Married men out there who engage in sex with prostitutes should really be ashamed of themself... Greedy human beings their kind. Women need to protect themself more nowadays. OkBye

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