Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interesting Photos Of The Day, You Know You Should See These :D

2. Wow, Funke Akindele is now Mrs. Al-Maroof just like that ehn.. Ok o, may the rest of us have our own wedding in record time and may we be celebrated for it too.  Cos mhen, the spate at which these celebrities are getting married ehn, you would think the world is coming to an end. Congrats to her once again.
9. This grandma has some madt swag.. Someone should tell Whizkid to take note.. noone is gon be axing this mummy.. okBye
1. You gotta luv this picture, whoever said a bride can only ride in limos and exotic cars must have been smokin' weed.. gon ask the lady of interest :D Chick saved a lot of money on gas and wasted no time trying to be what she's not (tongue in cheek), she also saved ample time using the Keke Marwa, y'all know KMs easily manuever out of any traffic situation in Lagos, your big jeeps, Nissan
Muranos, BMWs, Mercedes and more have nothing on this .. I was wondering who walked her down the aisle tho.. Well, I gotta ask.. Winks. BTW, happy married life girl, whoop whoop!!!

6. Eww, scary thing that picture but cute at the same time. Pikin na child tho, if you have to diss this one, go and hug transformer : )
4. Presh formerly of the defunct KC Presh visited some motherless babies home just recently.....
His intention to put smiles on the faces of the children of Ijamido Children Home at Ota, the Saint Stephen Home for Orphan, and more was achieved (see photos). The brotha spent quality time with the children and donated (if you don't mind my mentioning all the stuffs) the following food items: bags of rice, beans, garri, some plantains, 50 tubers of yams, kegs of palm oil and kegs of vegetable oil. According to Presh, these acts of giving to the needy is a call to humanity and if he doesn’t obey, God would query him”. Okies, good thing hun. You haff done well.

5. Isaac and Nneka Moses hold 3months old baby Kamara Isaac Moses , their first child in 4yrs+ marriage. The duo run Goge Africa, the popular afrocentric TV program.

7. MAVIN things : ) identify all the pi:ples in the picture if you've got nothing important to do.. *assumes straight face*. Watch video of DonJazzy introducing the concept of MAVIN to Naija media.

Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart' has been named one of 50 Most Influential books of last 50 years.. I am very excited about this especially, goes to show some of us Nigerians rock.. LOL to some of us.. Heheh

Picture 3 is soul singer Ibiyemi,, she recently added another year. Happy birthday to her in arrears.

Source: MavinRecords

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