Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photos Of The Day: Tolu Toolz, Usher, Halle Berry, Drogba, NYSC + More

1. My man, Didier Drogba :D led Chelsea to it's first win of the Champions League Title on Saturday, the Ivorian star is still in the news but this time for his recent announcement that he will be leaving Chelsea Football Club at the end of June of 2012 when his contract expires after eight years with the club. Aww, some sad news there for his fans who worship him like a god, no? We all wish him the best whereever he pitches his tent.. Madt luv from here

2. Tolu Toolz Oniru, On-Air Personality at the BeatsFM has to be the hottest chick in town. Can you believe that figure? She has those badt hips on her and the hour glass shape.. Come on!!! Someone should crown Toolz Miss Endowed already, girls like her should not have to marry one man (no be curse o) or she should be kept at a museum for display so every man can feast their eyes on her anytime, anyday, everyday and all year round.. Lol.

7. Hmmm, this one I love gaan, her name is Oyindamola Ishola, close friends call her Posh. Posh is one HOT chick, no? I say she is!!! Oyinda works with Groupe Aldelia Limited, an Oil and Gas + HR Consulting firm, so y'all should know girlfriend is loaded (Lol), hit me up if you are interested.. Guys only, no homo :D 

3. Wow!!! Halle Berry at 45.. REALLY? I wish to look like this when I'm that age, though for a fact I know I'm going to be fat (LOL but true tho..) FAT is an understatement sef, I don't see how I can help it, but shall I not dream of a great shape and work towards it? I shall.  

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4. Usher breaks down in court, (pic shows him wiping tears off his face). Apparently, some wicked human being defence lawyer who represents his ex-wife called him a bad father to his children, this didn't go down well with the RnB legend who burst into tears like a baby, he exclaimed it was a hateful thing for anyone to say to him especially as he loves his kids and would do anything for them.. Yes o, BTW we are winning this one Usher my dear, Tameka has nothing on you. Yea, I said it! Heheh

5 Anyone would pity the young man in the NYSC shirt, he looks hopeless waiting by the ATM machine for his alloweee, me I say he go wait taya fa.. Hasn't anyone told him Nigeria is broke ni? Or he's waiting on the lord ehn? Okies o bet he should just stop embarrasing the government of Goodluck Jonathan already, pictures like this shouldn't get into wrong hands.. Think International Media.. **str8 face*

8. The last picture to the left is the woman Grace Obehi who gave bith to a healthy baby days ago inside a commercial bus in Lagos. I read somewhere that mother and baby are doing fine. Congrats to her again.

6. That hot ride is white gold-plated, belongs to some Dubai Sheihk.. Some people have madt money, I hope to join the club too in future.. I work hard enough : ) and so shall my prayers be answered. Watch this space for my achievement.

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