Monday, May 21, 2012

Lagosians React: Woman Gives Birth In Commercial Bus

DAILY TIMES - Grace Obehi, a resident of Lagos, in the early hours of Sunday in Lagos, gave birth to a baby boy inside a commercial bus. An eye witness, Ifeoma Ogugua, said that Obehi entered into labour during a church service. Ogugua said that she noticed that the pregnant woman was restless in the church, "as she stood instead of sitting during the church service". She said she linked the pregnant woman’s restlessness to labour pains and decided to pay close attention to her.
"I followed Obehi, when she hurriedly left the church after offering, as it was apparent that labour had caught up with her," she said. "What baffled me the most was why she refused to call on anyone for
help when she knew that she needed one."

The two women then found an empty commercial bus along Aka Road in Okokomaiko, and the driver accepted to convey them to the nearest hospital.
However, the driver had to stop as labour intensified, while Ogugua tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr Obehi on phone.

She said she had to alert other women who were returning from church for assistance. The women rallied and each contributed a wrapper which was used to form a makeshift tent within which the eldest of the women, Iya Risi, helped in delivering the baby. Mother and child were then taken to a hospital for medical attention.

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